I've got growth!

lizbest1(5)May 5, 2013

Watered my containers today and had around 50 with some growth! Still just teeny tiny but I was beginning to doubt......Now we just need some real spring weather here in CO instead of snow every week so more will sprout! Ended up with around 450 containers (30 more sown after May1) so I'm still barely at 10% germination right now but we haven't had any nights even in the 40s yet, more sprouts to come....

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

Congrats. Hope spring comes your way soon. We just started warming up here a couple of weeks ago, and it's still in the 40s most nights. My tomatoes don't like it -- only a few have formed true leaves even though they sprouted a month ago.

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Liz - -450 containers will be A LOT of plants to get in the ground! You must be so excited but I caution you not to spend too much time admiring your darlings as they appear (and they will!!) but instead use this too cold spring to make sure your beds are ready for the massive plant out.

Ask me how I got this wise :)

I love watching the sprouts pop up much better than raking, weeding and edging!)

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terrene(5b MA)

Congrats on finally getting sprouts! As I recall, you were the individual winner in the container count with 420 containers.

I agree with Nan, my winter-sowing eyes were always bigger than the garden beds I had ready for all those seedlings. At first you want to save every sprout, but then you learn to be ruthless, cull the weak ones, plunk and run, expect a certain mortality out in the garden (lack of water, slugs, or poor genetics). And occasionally a container or 2 never got planted.

WSing makes it easy to grow more though. :)

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