Finally, planting out!

tempusflitsMay 14, 2013

Warm, cold, frosty, now hot. Finally today I returned to planting out. I planted for three hours, after which I napped three hours. Winter sowing, it keeps us from having to buy a gym membership.

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Congrats! I'm still weeding. What have you planted out?

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Nice! I have lots of tiny, barely there 1st leaves but nothing big enough to transplant. Think between 40-50% of my containers have tiny specks of green in them! Hope you post pics to encourage the rest of us who still have several weeks to wait!

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Today was also my first "big day" of planting out. I have learned to get the beds filled up with sprouts before the serious weeds begin! I planted:

Malva, fever few, cosmos, laventera, perennial alyssum (had planted out a ton of annual last weekend), amaranth hopi red, sweet william

Lots more to go. And yes, I agree, the exercise was good. I am sore tonight but it felt so good to work hard and stretch and MOVE after a sluggish winter!

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Everything I set out was tiny. I hope I didn't plant them too early. They included: columbine, bachelor's buttons, pinks, alyssum, balsam, and one, unknown bunch of hos. Their ID tag disintegrated over winter. Actually, I lost a lot of tags but was able to identify most of them by their true leaves.

In my first round, before all that cold weather put planting on hold, I put out chamomile, shasta daisies, more bachelor's buttons, and black-eyed-susans.

ladyrose: I also have a few weeds to tackle.

Elizabeth: One day you'll turn around and those specks of green will have leaped up on you!

nan, after planting I came in and took a nap! But yesterday I transplanted hostas, too. So maybe it all caught up with me.

What will you all be setting out?

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

Ive planted a few things out, but more awaits.. Im still trying to harden off Toms and peppers as well.

Columbine is a really late germinator for me and slow. But my BB's are early, I planted those out like two weeks ago and they can take frosts so no worries there.

I have zinnia, mgs, ruds, asters and some herbs to go out still.. Nothing fancy for me this year.. just some fillers and common stuff.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

Got a few things out yesterday -- zinnia, laceflower -- then it started to rain. Wanted to get the Bells of Ireland out, but only one is ready to go. This was by far my weirdest jug -- the one came up early and I thought that was it. Then, a month later, five more sprouts showed up. The late bloomers are just starting to put out true leaves.

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The weather has been so crazy, I feel like Im a month behind! I started my first flower garden from scratch this year and boy howdy do I feel the burn! I made a small raised bed out of cinder blocks and tilled a 15' by 7' area and planted out a bunch of herb seed babies. I have rosemary, basil, cilantro and thyme in a small box and I planted a bunch of lettuce around the outside of the box. Then I started a bunch of wildflowers from seed in my small container garden about a week ago and they are starting to sprout. I also planted hollyhock, black eyed Susan, echinacea, Shasta daisies and two different African daisies and some chocolate mint! Since dealing with this long strange wont- ever- go away winter, my pepper plants I started are more like 11 weeks old instead of 6-8 weeks. I FINALLY got them outside today. I really feel like having them in for so long without transplanting them into a bigger pot has stunted their growth, but I will say they are thoroughly hardened off and strong little guys. Now that they are outside I'm hoping they will take off and grow like crazy. All this delay made for a large build up of stuff to go out immediately, so no gym membership for me. I'll just go out and hoe another row! Happy gardening all!

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I just planted out a few things day before yesterday too:
Butterhead lettuce, Tatsoi Mustard and Sunflowers :)
All were just at the 1st true-leaf stage. Everything else sprouted is either just too teeny tiny or too tender and there is still a possible risk of frost over these next few days. I'm getting sooo impatient already!
Surprisingly Sunflowers are tough little guys when it comes too frost and cold :)

Happy planting out!!

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I planted out today, I am trying to work with the rain. I planted 'blue boy' bachelors button, coreopsis plains, calendula, 'new hybrid' delphiniums and about 42 gladiolus.

I am in sore, to say-the-least.

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I have enjoyed reading your adventures! I think winter sowing is such a great obsession.

I'm on hold right now with my planting out. I think temps in 80s might be tough on my tiny sprouts, so I'm waiting until they drop back into the 70s. First too cold, then too wet, and now, too hot. It's been an unusual spring.

In the meantime, I've been refilling tubs with fresh potting mix and sowing some more lettuce and radishes in them. No real rest for the wicked and I love it.

Happy planting!

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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

I planted out poppies a week ago, then salvia. And a few calendula.

I'm getting beds ready for the rest. Had to dig out this enormous root/weed. Have no idea what it was. It extended about 4 feet by 4 feet and 2 feet down. So got rid of that, and then had to add a lot of soil. Then realized the bed was way too big, so am dividing it into 2 or maybe 3 beds. My seedlings are not growing very fast. The weather this week has been only in the 60's, sometimes even '50's in the day, and cloudy.

Nevertheless, I've got some strawflowers ready to go.

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