Looking for seeds for Childrens Hospital

ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))May 7, 2013

For those who may not know: I run a plant sale to benefit Children's Hospital in Boston. It runs every weekend in May. I did 4 years in a row but had to take this year off for a lot of reasons including my mom's breast cancer. We are taking this "Down" time to plant some more perennials. We are not picky just any thing that you are willing to donate in what ever amounts you have. We do have a trade offer going in the seed exchange if you are interested in some annual seeds.. You guys have been great in the past and I hope you will continue to support this undertaking! Love you all.... we are looking for zone 5 perennials herbs and heirloom tomatoes

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I have amaranthus seeds if your interested

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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

Hi Mori1,
I am interested in any seeds I can get ! So yes please! Thank you! I will email you my address

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terrene(5b MA)

Hi Ontheteam,

I've got lots of perennial seeds. You can check my exchange list, and I've also got some that aren't on the list that might work well for the sale i.e Echinacea.

Do you want shorter lived perennials or biennials like Sweet William or Foxglove? The Foxglove is pretty much biennial (occasionally I get a plant that comes back for a 3rd year). About half my Sweet William has come back for a 3rd year and it blooms in May.

Also the Aquilegia McKana's Giants might be perfect for your sale - they're just sending up the blooming shoots now and they're gorgeous when they bloom.

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Hi terrene,

I'm Marlene who has been helping Michelle for the past few years with her sale for the Childrens Hospital. Her computer keeps going on and off the fritz (I'm not very technical as you can tell) and she called to asked me respond to your post. First, thank you very much for your offer. The following seeds would be most appreciated: The seeds you mentioned, Echinacea and the Aquilegia McKana's Giants. Also, Campanula rotundifolia; eupatorium rugosum (white snake); Polemonium reptans (jacobs ladder) and Aquilegia careullea (rocky mtn columbine).

If you would please send me an email, I can send you Michelle's address and get your address for sending stamps, etc. Thank you again so much for your contribution. If you'd like any annual seeds, please see my exchange list for seeds Michelle received as a donation from Ball Horicultural Company that she has not been able to use. Thanks!

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terrene(5b MA)

Hi Zahzeen I have the seeds you are interested in and probably some others from your want list. Not sure you want to grow Eupatorium rugosum, unless the seeds were the Eupatorium 'Chocolate', which has the lovely crimson foliage. The regular green foliaged species is VERY weedy - it's taking over the back yard, which might be good if you want an aggressive native for example, but not so much in a more cultivated garden. I grow it in a semi-wild area.

I will send you an email.

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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

Thanks for your help Terren!

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Hi Terren,

Thanks for the heads up on the Eupatorium rugosum 'white snakeroot'. When I first looked it up, the site I used mentioned it was poisonous but the white flowers bloomed from summer to frost. No, thanks for stopping me, we don't want anything aggressive. Would I be able to delete the eupatorium and add Rudbecckia hirta 'Irish Eyes'? I'm pretty sure that should be safe. I must admit I liked the idea of selling something called "white snakeroot". We had someone donate something called "monkeyflower" a few years ago and although no one knew much about it, it sold out because of its name!

Thanks again.

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terrene(5b MA)

Hi guys, It doesn't bloom from mid-summer all the way to frost, but it does bloom for about a month, maybe a little longer, and seedlings will naturally stagger the bloom. Blooms earlier than the 'Chocolate' (which I also have, unfortunately it probably cross pollinates with the green so I get an assortment of seedlings that aren't so crimson). It makes pretty "clouds" of white blooms, and the bees also love it. But boy oh boy does it spread! My experience with the Chocolate has always been tame in comparison.

I've got it growing in the back with a bunch of other aggressive natives like Sensitive Fern, Woodland Sunflower, violets, etc.

Did you get the email Zahzeen? I'm wondering if people get everything I send through GW??

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Hi terrene,

No, I didn't get your email and I would sent you one but when I go to your "my page" and click "send me an email", your email address does not show up. I had this problem and my problem was I hadn't set up my member page to allow other members to view my email address. Once I did this, other people sent me email although I'm not sure if they used the GW form or just copied my address to their own service. You might want to double check your member page.

I think for right now, we'll stay away from all invasives as best we can! Thanks so much for getting back to me.


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