Don't Give Up Just Yet!

ladygladys(z5b/6a NEPA)May 1, 2014

I thought a few of my plants did not survive the brutal winter we had but to my surprise here are few I thought were goners!

Hollyhock-I really thought that not only with weevil & rust issues that there was no way this baby would be back!

Foxglove-I was holding out hope for this one since it grew so much beautiful foliage last summer but no flowers. As you can see I even left all the brownish dead leaves just in case. And by the Gods here she is with new growth!!! I will definitely be cutting the dead stuff tomorrow. Sorry for the blurry pic I was so excited

Balloon Flower-I never really thought I lost this one but boy do I get impatient to see it's appearance! Don't mind the food wrapper, all the wind and rain here has trapped a bunch of junk in my garden!

Now here are two that showed me that they were still kicking very early on.

Magic Fountain Delphinium


Now a question. Does anyone know what this is? Is it Gaillardia?

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Could it be Rudbeckia?
Whatever it is, it is very familiar to me - I have many around my plot, which planted themselves in the paths.
I will keep them and see what they turn out to be.

One of the ones I lost was a red rudbeckia which I LOVED. sigh.

I'm glad you had so much come back. I had a few come back that I thot were gone, but overall lost about half of my perrenials. I think that is cuz last year this was a new plot for me; if they had been established for a couple years probably would have stood a better chance.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I have been so lucky this year. My garden is also new, with not much well established. Fortunately, the garden is up against the road and was buried early in snow from the plows. I think that protected tender plants from the extreme temperatures. I think I only lost two lavender plants. They did not appreciate the heavy snow and wet roots. But, I have more lavender that was further from the road and didn't get buried. I'm sorry to hear of your losses. If you need seeds or seedlings, I'm sure many of us have lots to spare for next year. I also have zinnia seeds you could plant yet this year.


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So glad you didn't lose them. I thought I had lost hollyhocks or malva (wasn't sure which they were last season), but just checked and there are three right where they were in the fall. And even though my mature lupine still is gone, it appears that at least one seed took so I've got a baby right near where the mother plant was.

As for the unidentifieds, I've got a slew of them around my garden as well. They're either rudbeckia or gaillardia or a weed -- I'm holding off on pulling them just in case. I'm hoping that the wind, rain and snow we had blew a bunch of the seeds around then gave them enough of what they needed to grow. :)

And what a difference a week has made for my sprouts. I definitely have astilbe coming up as well as jalapenos and cherry bomb peppers. No sign of the bell peppers, but I've got eggplant and that's never been a good ws plant for me. The tomatillos are thriving, and most of the tomatoes are getting true leaves. Maybe the cold, rainy spring wasn't so bad after all.

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