Not having a good summer with my annuals?

ladyrose65June 24, 2013

I don't know if it was too much rain, but my zinnia's, tithonia, coreopsis and stock are not doing nothing, I've pinched them back twice in an attempt to spurt some growth? They are still little.

My big winner is my first perennial coreopsis "Santa Fe" this summer.

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ladygladys(z5b/6a NEPA)

I think it has to do with the cold spring we had. My tithonia and zinnia are about 2-3 inches tall right now. They love warmth which we are finally getting a constant week of now. Hopefully they will hurry up and grow already! You are lucky you even got a stock sprout-I had one and it is still a baby! I went and bought 2 pink ones from Walmart. One of them has already croaked. I guess I don't have good luck with them.

I have a feeling we may see some great fall blooms!

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terrene(5b MA)

Hi Ladies, agree with Gladys, the heat-lovers and tropicals seem anemic with cooler temps (although I like the cooler spring temps).

I was really worrying about the Tithonia 'Aztec Gold', tropical milkweed, and morning glories which were planted out in late May. They were hardly growing! Meanwhile I'm going crazy putting down slug bait trying to keep them from being eaten alive with all that rain and slugs.

Too early apparently! But it has finally warmed up in the past week and they are perking up. Course it makes sense, I don't direct the Zinnias until the soil warms which is usually June 1st, but this year was even later.

I was still out planting annuals last night! Some more tropical milkweed and Salvia ws seedlings.

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My annuals are just starting to take off. The strawflowers and bishop's lace are blooming, as is the stock. But the stock, which are supposed to be 3 ft tall, are just about a foot tall. Then again, they're a spring and fall bloomer so I'm hoping they were just too late to the spring party and will take off over the summer and put on a show in the fall.

A few of my perennials are surprising me -- the dianthus (first year) is blooming already and so is the baby's breath. Both packages said they take almost a year to bloom. Maybe the wild temp swings this spring has confused them. They went through some real cold after they sprouted. And all the rain has made almost everything happy.

Your coreopsis is very pretty.

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Oh thank goodness, I just thought it was me. The only thing that has bloomed is my orlaya grandiflora which I am letting go to seed so I have more for next year. The mexican sunflower is barely 4 inches, the celosia, strawflower and verbena are just sitting there. I still have a statice, nigella and salvia to plant, hopefully before July ends.

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