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jadefiredragonJune 11, 2013

First of all I'm kind of new to forums in general so I wasn't really sure where to post this.

I am currently converting an old 10x20 horse shelter into a greenhouse. I want to use it primarily to grow herbs and leafy greens, along with maybe some carrots and peas if possible. My dad wants me to make it heat efficient enough that he can have tomatoes through Dec.

Now, I'm nothing if not an experimenter but I also hate wasting money on things that aren't going to work. Therefore, I would like to know if anybody has any information/suggestions/ideas/experience with any of the following:

Double walled:
6 mil plastic sheeting on the outside with duplicate sheeting on the inside - 3" air way between them.
The reason for this is the same concept as the condensation free cups you can buy now, keep hot things hot and cool things cool.

Any thoughts on whether or not double wall will block too much of the sun? (I will be adding full spectrum lighting) I have the plastic already so this one isn't a matter of cost

Shingle/Mulch flooring
I saved all the roofing shingles and want to lay them down as a weed barrier with about 2 inches of mulch on top of that.

Ideas or comments welcome

Reflective foil:
Bottom half covered in reflective foil (emergency blankets) to keep heat in while still allowing light to penetrate from the top half.

Other idea is to use them sort of like a drop curtain, pull them up for the night, drop them back down in the morning. (I have a box of them that I got on clearance)
Worth the effort?

Growing over a tank: Okay, this is the real odd one and I hope I can explain it efficiently enough . . .
I've read several sites that recommend having barrels of water in the greenhouse to help keep the air warm and moist.
I have a 3x8x2 galvanized stock tank and two tank heaters. I also have a few dozen 3x4 industrial wire shelves.
What I want to do, in theory, is to set the water tank in the middle of the greenhouse, set the wire shelves on top of the tank, and place the growing pots on top of the shelves.
A single tank heater keeps the water from freezing, but put both of them in it an my sister and I have used the thing as a low temp jacuzzi.

Will this keep the plants warmer, sitting on evaporating "steam" or colder, like when you walk outside in the winter with a wet head?
Other info - Roof is clear pvc paneling, greenhouse has two vents/windows at opposite ends, radiant heat lamps hung from the ceiling, spray tanks used for watering.

Thanks in advanced for ideas/comments.


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You may have better luck in the greenhouse forum. Here we plant seeds in winter without a greenhouse.

Here is a link that might be useful: Greenhouse forum

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