Pine tree plantations herbicide

treenutt(8)November 1, 2013

Does anyone have any idea what the timber companies use to spray their pine tree plantations to keep competition in check?
Its something similar to round up but it doesnt kill the pine tree. I planted roughly 400 loblolly pine over the years and having some more planted this winter.

I planted 12 loblolly near the house which I mulched and they are 3 times the size of the ones growing in the field and plus I watered them frequently.


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Well, yes and no. The answer depends a lot of the specifics. The link below should get you started on an understanding of the variables, and it will give you information on specific chemicals used. You can google the names (generic and brand-name) for additional related articles or more info.

Here is a link that might be useful: UF/IFAS Extension Service on Herbicide Prescriptions for Forest Vegetation Management

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

BTW, your situation seems very different than what foresters have to deal with. I'm not sure trying to address the problem in the same way, or with the same tools, is necessarily the most effective way to manage 12 trees in your yard.

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nick_b79(4/5 Southeast MN)

This might be helpful. A pretty dry read, though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Herbicides Registered for Pine Management in Florida �

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i dont understand why you need to spray weeds AND trees ...

properly diluted round up or generic is all you need ...

unless you plan on doing this from an airplane????

my guess.. is that the field trees are not getting the supplemental watering that the ones closer to the house get.. so they are taking longer to get established ... hence the reduced growth rate ...

how many acres are the field plants on????

all that said.. if the ones in the field are alive.. and growing fine.. though slower ... perhaps you are trying to fix something that is not broken .... and trying to find an easy way to do it .... this is when i usually screw things up ....


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I am not concerned what so ever with the "12" trees. They are growing great. There are no concerns really. I just want to see the same growth or similar as the 12 trees are getting. The areas I want to spray are small pine plantations that I have planted (roughly 25-100 tress per plantation). I dont do anything to these trees. All I want to do is reduce the amount of competition. The plantations are barely higher than the grass and it makes it hard to id them. The weeds have actually grown higher than the trees. I under stand that given time the trees will eventully out compete everything, but by then I might not have any left. Especially for the kids who like to ride 4-wheelers around the farm. and sometimes myself with the tractor. So I guess there are some concerns.
With this said that is why I cant use roundup. The trees arent high enough yet. Trust me Ive tried.
Does this clear up some issues?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

not really ...

why cant you use a hand held pump tank.. and simply spray a two foot circle around each plant at very low pressure ... and be done with it ...

my question is.. why does it need to be an overall application...

farm brings to mind round up ready crops.. and i am not familiar with such in regard to pine.. call your Ag or extension office.. and see if they cant help;. or guide you to a state forester ...

its the way you want ot do it.. that is the issue ...

otherwise.. its a brilliant idea... regarding reducing competition .. etc ...

in early spring.. as the ground cover is starting to come awake.. simply make a circle around each tree.. putting the nozzle near the tree.. and spraying away from the tree ... and i bet you will kill 90% .. i wouldnt go for 100% kill ... its not worth the time invested on perfection ... though in z8 ... perhaps you could do it right now ... the zone is too foreign to me ... [here in MI .. the snow would matt down the weeds.. making spraying easier ... does that not happen for you???]

yes its not the easy way ... but really.. what other garden excessive can you get in winter ... or whatever you call winter.. in z8 .. lol ... [probably something along the lines of you have to pull out a windbreaker on some days.. lol]


ps: i use hundreds of gallons of generic RU per season ... there are spraying tricks.. if you do get to this point.. i could elucidate how ... but i am not wasting my time.. if you arent interested ...

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