Quercus x sternbergii & Quercus x introgressa

hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)December 3, 2013

These are two hybrids I've seen discussed here that I'd give a left appendage to get a hold of!!

Q. x sternbergii, a shumardii/buckleyii hybrid, was named for the famed Guy Sternberg. I emailed Guy once, and he indicated he no longer sells acorns due to the difficulty of keeping up. Can anyone here (Dax? IIRC has posted about this tree) tell me a source of this tree, or some acorns from it (I realize they'd be F2 & possibly recrossed w/something). Honestly I'd prefer just the acorns.

The other is the Concordia oak from a small area of Missouri...a three way cross of Q. bicolor, Q. prinoides, and Q. muehlenbergii...does anyone know a source for this one? Preferably acorns but seedlings OK too.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

I'm growing both from acorn this winter.

The good thing about sternbergii is that Guy believes it doesn't get back crossed with other oaks at his arboretum. It's the only oak I know of that he's commented that way upon.


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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

May I ask where you obtained said acorns?

Or would you have to kill me? ;)

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Any idea of it's pH preference? buckleyi is a CenTex native and is found ALL OVER the hills near my house. Shumard needs to be sourced locally to get the high pH ones. I'd also be interested in seeing how it did down here in SA.

It seems the Q. buckleyi are putting on a great show this year!

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What is special about this hybrid? I have Q. Bicolor, Q. Muehlenbergi, and Q. Prinus/Montana. Is the Prinoides different from Prinus/ Montana? I have heard of Q. Buckleyi, I think they are a more western oak. I am just curious.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

As far as Q. x sternbergii, from what Guy Sternberg's pics suggest, it has fall color that rivals Scarlet Oak, in a somewhat smaller tree. Has the good fall color (even for the South) of Q. buckleyii & the cold hardiness of Q. shumardii (good to zone 6, possibly 5). Q. buckleyii itself is probably a zone 7 plant at best, and Shumard is good through z5 but doesn't color quite as well in fall IME.

I'd also guess that it has better alkaline tolerance based on its parentage - even just from the buckleyii side since Shumard is more variable in tolerance...however...in the areas in Texas where the hybrid occurs naturally, I think the soils tend towards the alkaline side.

Q x. introgressa looks similar to swamp white oak, but is more vigorous due to its hybrid nature, produces acorns VERY young (I've heard as few as 3-4 yrs) & probably tops out a tad smaller (due to the Q. prinoides parentage). Plus, it's just pretty cool. For me at least, a lot of things I plant or want to plant...are just because I think they're neat, no other reason...haha.

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Q. buckleyi is growing in zone 5 Denver and where Guy is in zone 5 ILL. Guy collected the seed in downtown Dallas. There is a escarpment where variable red oaks occur which have similar characteristics of shumard and TX red oaks. Buckleyi also are used in zone 6/7. New Mexico.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

dricha - did Guy collect the hybrid seed in Dallas, or straight Q. buckleyii?

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Yes, He told me he collected it in Dallas.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Yeah, I haven't had a computer for a few days. I got all my acorns at a friends gathering at Guy's. The acorns were from mainly Guy and a friend of his. Best I can say I guess.

Sternberg oak is zone 5 hardy. It is as hairmetal stated a medium size oak and not a large-growing type like a white or bur or what have you.

In its juvenile years like most anything, it will grow more quickly, but I'd expect it to taper off and really slow down after the normal 10-15 years a tree is going gangbusters. The fall color is very good, maybe great some people would think. His trees and he has two of them are between 17-20 years old and I'd guess they are 25' tall. One is much more slender than the other; and one produces a much smaller acorn than the other does. In the wild this occurrence of these varied size acorns is natural...

Can't say I knew anything about x introgressa when I grabbed a few acorns. I asked what it was and it peaked my interest right then, so I thought I'd grow a few. I may have (3) I may have (6)... I don't know, I'd have to go and look. I might have (2) as I did give away acorns a week ago.

One thing I will say is that I sowed everything in band pots including tons and I mean tons of pecans and hickories and hickory related seeds, but now I have (2) boxes of rootmaker flats...... shoot, I really don't want to do everything over again. My second box arrived today......


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Quercus x introgressa is available from the Missouri Dept. of Conservation, it is listed as Concordia Oak.

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