Hens and sedum

LittleLithop(4a)June 24, 2013

I had little success, unfortunatly, with my first year of winter sowing probably due to bad soil and a bad spring but I still have faith! I did have some Shasta daisy, lupines, dianthus, aster, one sweet pea and one sunflower sprout. Oh well, I still plan on trying again next year. I did have great success with some sempervivum and sedum mixes. The only problem I encountered was watering them without washing them away, haha. They were finally large enough to handle and transplant this weekend so I made a mini rock garden. I had more then enough to add to my other rock garden. It's probably a bit over planted even though you can barely see some of them.
Rhetorical question; Do they start as chicks and become hens when they have chicks of their own or do chicks only come from hens? Which come first the chick or the hen? Lol

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Wow! You started Hens n' Chic's from seed, really Kool!

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Update: One year later. Everything made it through the tough winter we had fabulously! I winter sowed a bunch of stuff this year and had way better success with pro mix soil. These are the babies that got me hooked though. :)

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Glad you had more success with ws this year. Your mini rock garden is showing good growth.

For those tiny seeds and fine seedlings I mist with either a hand held mister bottle or use my watering wand which has a mist setting. Also can use bottom watering by setting the container in a small amount of water that will be drawn into the soil from bottom up thus not disturbing seedlings.

I have my best results using Pro Mix as well.

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Looks awesome :)

That one sedum you have there I tried to get rid of for years at the old gardens....Sedum album. Man that one would take over the earth if given the chance LOL! Now at the new place, the previous tenant planted the same in the original bed so I've been ripping and tossing away all over a gain HA! Every tiny leaflet that falls to the ground becomes a whole new plant pretty rapidly.

On a good note, she also had several other sedum that I also used to have and adore plus loads of H-n-C's. I've been moving some of each to a retaining wall filling in the cracks....gonna look so groovy when it fills in :)


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