Left over seeds from Dec last year!

syman(5)June 3, 2014

I have some Perennial seeds that I did not winter sow...It was inside the house, in a kitchen draw...Now, should I go ahead and sow them in the ground..or should I freeze in the refirigrator and sow them outside in Aug/Sep ? Any advice?

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Not enough information -

Seeds for which perennials. Some will store better and not lose their viability as quickly as others.

Do they have a dormancy that needs to be broken, by a cold moist chill, or would they germinate if you direct sowed. Freezer really isn't helpful, although if a cold moist chill is required before they will germinate, your refrigerator (not freezer) will work.

But, if they need a few or several weeks of moist cold before being brought back to warmer temps to germinate, you could be looking at late summer or early Fall for seedlings. Then what, where will you keep tender seedlings that haven't had time to grow any kind of root system over winter in a Z5...

So again, which perennials, you could ask here and one of us may know, or you can look them up on Clotheirs database to see what temps the seeds may need to germinate and an approximate time frame

Here is a link that might be useful: Clothiers

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I find that very few perennial seeds fail to germinate after years in the frig. That is assuming that they are in plastic bags and don't dry out. I never freeze them though.

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