Fertilizing Older Pecan Trees

Rhonda1961December 2, 2012

Hi !
My father purchased a pecan orchard about 5 years ago. He has close to 50 trees, but they are older trees. We live in Mississippi, so we have LOTS of hot summers, and the last 2 years, little or no rain.

My question is, while we have lots of pecans, some of the pecans have black spots on them. My father wants to fertilize them, but he lives on a fixed income, so we have to watch our costs.

We have gotten lots of information, but its been very confusing, with people all telling us different things... Can you tell me how to fertilize these trees??

Thanks in advance!!!

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I hope you all aren't thinking of fertilizing because of the black spots! Why are you wanting to fertilize them? What did your soil tests say?

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I never fertilize mine, I simply mulch the leaves back into the lawn and they produce just fine. Some of the small town feed stores do sell a "pecan fertilizer mix" though, it has added zinc which is supposed to help pecans.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you need to call your COUNTY EXTENSION OFFICE ... for 2 reasons ...

1) how to have a soil test done thru .. probably.. MSU ... the state colleges being the Ag colleges ...

and while you are talking to them ...

2) make an appointment with the state forestry guy who comes thru the office.. so that you can invite him to dads tree farm .. and discuss the soil test ...

my gut tells me.. that 50 year old trees ... THAT DO PRODUCE.. are getting all they need .. and unless you really know what you are doing.. you could screw it all up ...

to speak plainly ... trees are NOT children.. they do NOT need to be fed ... and that is all fertilizer is ..

if the soil test shows that something is missing from the soil.. other than water [darn drought] ... then you would amend your soil accordingly ...

make any sense???

i feel the the greatest let down of the web.. is.. frankly ... TO MUCH INFO ... hence the reason i suggest an onsite inspection with your Ag or forestry person.. crimminey.. its your tax dollars that pay him .. USE HIM ...


ps: when you dad calls.. does he yells ... HELP ME RHONDA... into the phone.. lol ...

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Zinc is most common deficiency, particularly in older pecans. Ken's suggestion above is sound, even if he can't hear!

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sounds like scab a fungel disease. pecans need lots of fugicide and insecticides. at least mine do. planted in 1875

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Thank you for the responses. After doing LOTS of research, and listening these answers that have been posted, I think I know the proper questions to ask.

The small black spots that are in some of the pecans, are caused by " stink " bugs. At least that is what we call them where I live!! Our orchard is fenced off, and we have fields on 3 sides of us. The farmer plants soybeans, corn, on alternate years.

The yield on these trees is fantastic! Especially, for the last 2 years, and this is after dealing with drought. So as mentioned above, I sure don't want to mess anything up.

If we could just get rid of the blasted stink bugs, we'd have no problem. Now, anyone know how to get rid of those??


P.S. This is for Ken, " Why, Ken.... yes he does!! " :)

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Baw baw bawm......Rhonda, I just did asearch for 'stink bugs on pecan trees'. It does indeed appear to be a well-known issue. I gotta think there's a wealth of information at all those sites I just peered at on the page. Not saying don't ask here-just that the answeres ye seek can be found at google!


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