2014 winter sowing update

dspen(5b/6a)July 19, 2014

Hi all, this was my first year for winter sowing and it was a great success for me. I did have a few jugs that did not sprout and I just put them aside, as advised, and kept them watered. Now there are a few that have sprouts. Glad I did not dump them!!

I think one of my biggest successes were the poppies. Lots of them are blooming now. Bee Balm did great, as well as the flax and rudbeckia I had volunteer petunias come back. They are doing fabulous!! I may purchase seeds and winter sow them as well.

I had problems with hollyhocks, delphiniums and coneflowers. It may have been old seed, just not sure.

If I figure out how to post pictures, I will put some up. I am really proud.

Already thinking ahead to next season, I have lots of garden space to fill :)

Anyone want to share their successes or failures?


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phyleux(Z6 WPA)

Congrats on your WS success. It really is a great way to start your seeds. I've been doing it for 6-7 years now. Already thinking about what to WS this winter. I WS some purple coneflowers a few years ago and they have really taken off.

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Congrats on your success! I read about winter sowing this summer and can't wait to start :) But NOT ready for winter quite yet. Have alot of fall planting on the agenda!

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WoodsTea 6a MO

Also my first year. I wintersowed a couple of dozen wildflowers. So far I've had blooms on two of them:

Asclepias tuberosa (low germination but plants have done well after early transplanting to garden)
Ruellia humilis (lots germinated, some are still in pots)

Others have been doing well but won't bloom this year:

Baptisia australis var. minor (just starting to really put on growth now in garden)
Baptisia bracteata
Allium cernuum (slow growing, still potted)
Aquilegia canadensis (slow growing, still potted))

Some that didn't do so well:

Callirhoe involucrata (complete failure)
Dodecatheon meadia (complete failure)
Tradescantia bracteata (complete failure, probably not planted early enough)
Carex pennsylvanica (just a few seedlings, very slow growing, still potted)
Psoralidium tenuiflorum (only one germinated. It's doing okay in the garden now, but very tiny, which I think is normal)

Overall I've been fairly pleased and will plan to do this again, but with less species.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Hold onto the delphinium container. You may have sprouts after it cools this fall.

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Let us know if the tuberosa milkweed returns. I'm in zone 6b, it did not return for me this summer.

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