***HELP - Cherry Laurel Shot Hole*****

happy123(8b)December 16, 2007

I planted a bunch of 7 gallon cherry laurels at the end of September. I accidently conducted overhead watering (A big NO NO for cherry laurels) a couple of times in the span of 2 weeks as I planted all of them (about 40 trees total).

Now of course the dreaded shot hole has shown up on leaves. Some trees are worse then others. It has been relative dry in SC due to the drought but the leaves still are wet every morning due to the morning dew. I cant tell if the shot hole has peaked. Of course I do no more overhead watering.

I search on the internet and found an interesting study using various fungicides with "Fore" being the best.

I want to hold off using the Fore if I can. Will this shot hole clear up on its own??? I think the problem was exasperated due to the stress of the new planting as well, which made the cherry laurels more vunerable.


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You should also be aware that shot hole, particularly with the evergreen laurel members of the Prunus family, has a bacterial component, Xanthomonas sp., that is typically more prevelent and rapacious than the fungal pathogens that cause shot hole. Treating with a fungicide like Fore will have little to no effect in conrolling the bacterial factor.

Unless the shrubs have been heavily damaged, the shot hole tends to be a mostly cosmetic disfigurement and does not produce the same loss of foliage as it can on deciduous members of the Prunus family. Avoiding the overhead irrigation and practicing good garden sanitation wil help but damaged foliage will always remain damaged until it is shed. However in areas of high humidity, especially during the late spring and summer months, which one would expect in areas like SC (drought aside), the problem is likely to be recurring.

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