Non-invasive member of Paulownia?

kaourikaDecember 17, 2009

Need some authentic tree ideas for a Japanese influenced landscape :D Is there a member of that asian genus Paulownia with the "impossible to kill" hardiness of the Royal Empress tree / Princess tree / whatever, but that WON'T get invasive or have the potential to become an ecological disaster?

I'm zone 6 (or 5 by some maps). Very hard to grow anything non-coniferous in this particular spot, which is why I need lots and lots of hardiness. Below freezing winters, often dry or even droughty summers, rock-filled clay for soil, and wildlife that likes to eat anything it can down to the ground.

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Unlikely - all the species are closely similar in terms of seed dispersal behaviour.

Catalpa would probably be your best choice, the genus occurs in Japan as well as N America, and Northern Catalpa C. speciosa would be as suitable as Japanese C. ovata. It will also take your winters better than Paulownia.


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