Wintersowing Blackberry/Candy Lily

lizbest1(5)July 22, 2013

I wintersowed Blackberry Lily the last 2 years and only got 1 seedling each year. I wintersowed Candy Lily for the first time this winter and got none. Can anyone out there who's had success with these seeds please share some tips? Thanks!

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I have found the best way to get more blackberry lily in my garden is to let the seeds drop to the ground (I don't have mulch) and lots of babies pop up the following spring. When I collect the seeds and WS them, I get a couple of seedlings... but when I just let them do their "natural" cycle, I get more.

But they do of course WS, yes, because that is how I got them in the first place.

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I got my first liliy after 3 seasons of trying. I'm Psyched. It looks like a bulb so I'm thinking it should multiply fast, by diving the rhizomes.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

Liz, the candy lily takes awhile. I got sprouts the first year, but if I remember it was a late sprouter. After I transplanted it was very tiny that year and the next, although were there was one spike of green the first year there were two or three the second, but still no blooms. They didn't come till the third year, but then wow -- lots of blooms and even more seeds. I grabbed a handful and saved them last fall (2012), but didn't sow them because the original is now getting quite wide and I don't need anymore. So if you'd like some seeds just let me know.


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Caryltoo, yes, please! I certainly will try again with Candy Lilies, I saw a picture from another poster on this forum last fall of them and had to have them. I'm in zone 4B/5, I put them out as one of the first containers I did in late December. Do I need to put them out later, closer to spring? I still have last season's container, hoping to see some really, REALLY late sprouts but absolutely nothing from the candy lilies.
The one blackberry lily that I got from wintersowing winter 11/12 looks like it's going to bloom this year, I'll do as suggested by nan6161 and let them self sow.
Do I need to leave the wintersown seeds on or very near the surface? I've been covering the seeds by at least 1/4 inch because of the seed size, is that what I'm doing wrong?

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In my experience once you have one you will have plenty! I have them coming up all over my property! I pains me to pull them out but they would take over if I let them. I have a half acre and they are in the back. Still I find them coming up in the front!

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I have large beds dominated by peonies with very little that blooms later in the summer/fall. Since blackberry and candy lilies die back to the ground every year they seemed to be a good fit to add color in the summer to what's turned in to a sea of peony shrubs--boring green after early summer!

The single blackberry lily that sprouted last spring bloomed this summer! It's such a pretty thing, hard to believe it could get to be a pest. I'm going to do as suggested and let it self-sow, there's very little mulch in the area it's planted so hopefully it'll do well. I'm certainly going to keep trying for the candy lilies, too. Maybe this next wintersowing season I'll get one to sprout.....

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

Liz, I honestly don't remember how I sowed the seeds, but I probably poked a 1/4 inch hole then covered -- it's how I do most things unless the instructions say to not cover and I got no instructions with my seeds.

The lilies are done blooming already and now the stalks have large green pods on them. I expect I'll have a ton of seeds real soon.

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qbush(6, NE MA)

Excuse me, are you talking about Belamconda chinensis? I also find Leopard Lily for common name.

I have found them popping up in the gravel walk near my nursery bought plant, and transplanted them to better area. Despite my casual handling they are thriving, so I decided to try growing from seed. Since they choose the gravel I assumed they needed a cold stratification to germinate.

In mid spring I placed seed on a damp paper towel, rolled up, and put in plastic bag in frig. Forgot about them for a month or so. When I checked, almost all of the had broken dormancy, (seed cracked, small rootlet showing) so I planted them in pots outside. As far as I can tell ALL have sprouted and are growing along. Very small, difficult to tell from grass, so I transplanted about 1/2 in July to an area I can keep grass free long enough to see if they succeed.

I don't expect to see flowers or the fascinating seed pods for a year or two, but that's the fun!

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kimka(Zone 6B)

It seems to me that they didn't like the soil too wet. The seeds never sprouted in wet soil. But after they sprouted, they didn't like to dry out.

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