Balsam Hill Christmas tree

gardengnome777December 30, 2013

We ordered a Balsam Christmas tree last year 2012 at one of there end of year clearance sales. It was after Christmas so there was no need to open the tree and it was simply put into the attic. This Christmas we opened it and it had approximately 12-15 bulbs that had been broken one of which was a "safety bulb" that could not be replaced. This made the lights on 3 branches not work. We called and they told us that end of year clearances only had a 60 day warranty, even though they sold the same trees before that "not on clearance" had 3 year warranty's?? They went on to tell us if we wanted to buy a replacement piece it would be $150. I think the tree was only $250 on clearance!! Amazing, we will never buy another one!!

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I am going to answer this because I won't get this one wrong! This forum deals with real, hopefully living trees.

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