Need help my Petunias are going to seed.

strouper2July 26, 2007

I need a little help with plants 101. I have some Petunias on my neighbors side and they are starting to go to seed and I'm wondering once they go to seed are they doomed? I cut off all the new seedpods that I found but two of my plants just came right out of the ground and one of the plants with brown pods is starting to show dead leaves at the bottom. This was my 1st year growing this many of my own plants so last year I probably wouldn't of even noticed the pods and figured something else was wrong with the plants. It seems kind of early to start losing my Petunias is there anything that I can do or is this just Mother Nature; bloom, go to seed and then die?


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They continue to bloom but not as takes energy to make seed. Everyday I go by mine and pinch out all the fading blooms before they make pods :D


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I cut my petunias back to a few inches and they grow back beautifully. Actually I just did that this morning. I prune many of my plants, especially annuals, as they start getting leggy this time of year.

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I never cut petunia's back. They don't get leggy because every time you pinch out the flowers (clear back to the stem...not just the petals) you are encouraging branching and more flowers.


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I mowed a row of petunias down a couple of years ago (they looked like they'd pretty much had it) and they sprang back to life with gusto. Got all green and bushy and kept blooming through fall.

While we're on petunias, do the seeds need anything special? I collected an envelope full from my mom's petunias yesterday and just dumped them out on a paper towel.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I don't do anything to my Petunia seeds. I leave them alone until everything dries up then scrunch up the pods and that part..whatchamacallit..that part that holds the pod... so that I can separate the seeds from the pods, etc. Nothing to it. :-)

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lblack61(z5 NY)

I usually trim my Petunias down just because I don't always feel like pinching them, particularly the way they grow in certain spots of my yard. They never seem to resent it.

I pinch the flowers on certain ones that I'm paying closer attention to and they just keep blooming. The ones I pinch are usually smaller plants than the others.
(This is just what I do, not for any special reason, not because I know some rule...I just do it. Neither activity seems to hurt the plants at all).


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