Large Industrial Storage Rack

mary_maxJuly 29, 2013

I was at Costco today and saw a large (huge) industrial storage rack. It was quite large and I immediately thought how wonderful for storing winter sown milk jugs on through the winter. It was very heavy so high winds would not be a problem unless all the milk jugs blew off. Have you seen one at your Costco? I didn't buy it but I am thinking maybe I should. :)

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Mary, I've seen them and have considered buying one too, although I haven't yet. The deck at my other/former house was a modest size, and I kept envisioning that storage rack for all the cuttings, perennials and shrubs I was growing on in pots, pots of seeds over winter.

At one time they had one in stainless designed for inside a kitchen too, but it was a little pricy...

I'm just plain not organized here yet with my new gardens so I still haven't picked up the rack. I have room on a patio, room alongside a cedar garden shed, and all my plants that I've grown or dug up and potted are in three wheeled&tiered carts from Fred Meyer ( all three cheap and beginning to rust some, I think they were meant for the laundry or bath), also in an assortment of pots and planters lined up all the way down one side of the driveway.

Let me know if you buy it, it certainly looked serviceable to me. Of course here it would bring some of those pots up to deer's nose level, but they find stuff no matter what I do with it :)

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I have not seen one for myself but I can visualize how it roughly looks like and I think grabbing one is a great idea. Not only can it be used for your food storage purposes throughout the winter, but it would also be great for storing other things whether heavy duty and bulky or not. If it is available in wood, I would gladly buy a few to store a few decoratives in the living room and a plastic one for the bathroom.

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I have a bunch of the stainless steel ones from Home Depot in my basement. They are around 80" tall with 6 adjustable 48 wide x 24 deep shelves. If I was to buy it for winter sowing outdoor use, I would install the shelves upside down, which would give the shelves a 1" lip all around - would prevent the milk jugs from blowing off or sliding off.

Before you buy, I would check the sizing in relation to milk jugs. How many could you actually fit on? I know the typical milk jug is about 6" square. But if the jug is slightly larger, say 6-1/4", you could only get 3 jugs front to back instead of 4. It could be the difference of getting 21 vs 32 jugs on a shelf.

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