SHowing off my new garden fence :-D

pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)August 21, 2011


Does anybody have trouble with the WS Gallery & Conversation boards? I could not log in over there. It's puzzling.

Therefore, I am showing off my new garden fence right here. :-D

Is it pretty or what? It looks more orange than reality because the the photos were taken in early morning light.

My property is from the rain barrel to the vertical orange post = 34 ft. wide. lol

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Nice, but makes me want to look over top of it to see what's on the other side! I'm used to wide open spaces and where I am, one lawn runs right across the property boundaries from one yard to the next so they're invisible.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Mone, I love your fence and look forward to seeing your plantings growing along and over it.

My neighborhood also has open yards with a few chain link fences to keep dogs in that do not break up the openness feel of the spaces. I have no fence in my yard and use my neighbor's chain link fence along the back side of the yard to grow many clematis.

Asao, spring 2011

NOID, maybe Earnest Markham, summer 2011

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Thanks, Gardenweed & Bobby.

Immediately behind this fence is my vegetable garden. It is a bit below grade so it was drowned during the deluge we had last month. One night we had nearly nearly 7" of rain!
My vegetables are not doing well this year, but the rest of the garden is wild.

The garage was rebuilt this spring. The builder moved it 6 feet north leaving me with a new sunny space for vegetables.

I had dreamed of a cedar fence for so long. Finally, it became a reality. :-) My neighbor built it for me at no cost. I only paid for materials. lol
It's nice to get along with your next door neighbor, eh?

Love your Clematis, Bobby. I don't have these two. Most of my Clematis are purple or blue. I transplanted two Clematis behind this fence. I hope they'll grow bigger next year.

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terrene(5b MA)

Nice fence! Beautiful combination of fence and trellis. Are you going to plant anything besides Clematis?

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It's beautiful, and I'd love to see what you get trained over the top. How wonderful of your neighbor. I've thought about putting one up along my strip but then it would shade the sun from the east, sure be nice to block off the street though, originally was privet all along there. Finally I got fed up and had every bit of privet and yew out of here. The yew I waited quite a few years for the ground to heal.

I've already had one fence built and gone for the whole back yard, and it was cheaper back in the late 60's, the kind you see on ranches with posts and/3 boards across, 2 gates. It was pretty, but I had no time for gardening and what I did. I replaced boards, and then they got too expensive and I didn't have time to paint it those years. So it's gone, a shame.

Yours is natural wood which is a bonus. I can't decide if I like that vinyl stuff with lattice and however you want it or not.

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Fantastic fence! The price of labor was a large bonus. What fun you will have training vines.

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

Very nice, Mone


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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

:-) Thanks, everyone. I have not decided what else to plant next to the fence except vegetables & clematis. I may place a cedar barrel on the concrete sidewalk on the left of the gate and plant morning glory 'President Tylor'. The color should be striking. :-D

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LOVE your fence mone!!!! What a beautiful background for your beautiful garden.

I have several plants from you and I think of you every day when I look at them. I hope you are well and happy!

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It very pretty! You're going to have fun being creative with the fence.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Thanks, ladyrose & october17
I am thrilled with the fence. Still looking at it everyday with pleasure. :-D

I am well this year, october17. Thank you for the well wishes. I am quite happy with things in general.

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PVick(6b NYC)

Hey pit! Your fence is beautiful - garage is looking good too!

Can't wait to see it covered with plants!


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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Thanks, PV. The garage and the fence set me back months... lol

Hey, the storm is not so bad, huh? Not as bad as predicted.
P.S. My son found an apartment in Soho...must be the size of a closet. I'll have to come check it out this winter. :-P

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Very pretty fence, Mone! I am already picturing what you will do with the clematis on it. Good job. Is that the back of your property? I remember the photos of the front and trying to picture where this section is in relation to the front door? Oh, you did a garage too. That's great! You'll have lots to do to stay busy for awhile with new plantings.

Storm was pretty mild here too. Still windy out there, but in gusts and the rain has slowed down a lot.

Our daughter is moving into her second apartment in the city this week too. Small, exactly..... and not cheap either. Congrats to your son!

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gonativegal(zone 5a)

I love the fence and I can already picture it dripping with lots of clematis.

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stlgirl(6a MO)

Love it! Haven't been on gardenweb all summer. Now with this cooler weather I am starting to plan what I want to do next year. A new fence has been on our list for a couple years now. Love the unique style of yours. Curious how tall is it? I can totally picture something like this here in my yard to create more privacy.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I desperately wanted arbors so much like yours, I searched and searched for photos, but frankly nothing was anywhere near as nice as yours :) What a super fence!!!

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Thanks, everyone.

Yes, prairiemoon, it is at the back of the property facing the alley. When the new garage was built, the builders moved the garage 6 ft. north. I ended up with a very nice garden space and room for a beautiful fence. :-)Amen, re apartments in the city. The rent is outrageous, but young people love it there.

Many neighbors have given me compliments and some want one like it.

stlgirl & GGG, I combined features from various fences I found online and came up with this one. :-) I love the simplicity of Japanese designs. So here it is. :-) The bottom and top of the 4 ft. sections were built shoe and sock style rendering the panels rock solid.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I'm so glad you added the heights, I would not have guessed the fence itself was only 4ft high. It looks taller. I can't wait to see it next year. I never heard of a shoe in sock method, that gave me a smile, and I am imagining how that is done. Looks like there is a board on the bottom that the verticals rest on and then a facer board added to each side of the bottom and the top. Very interesting.

Our daughter is completely moved in and loves her new apartment. Yes, she really does love living in the city, something I never had any motivation to do. Where do you garden? (g) There is always a lot going on there and she lives close to a few friends.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

prairiemoon, lol.
That's how I explained to my neighbor when we were discussing the design. My neighbor understood me perfectly and built the fence accordingly.

I love the scent of the fence. The cedar smells nice especially when the sun heats it up. I need to attach an antique garden gate knocker that I brought back from Ireland. :-) I'll probably hide it inside the fence, though.

I garden in Chicago, prairiemoon.
NYC can be exciting for young people, but give me Alaska anytime. lol

I will go check out my son's new apartment this winter. He sounds happy and enjoys his job. I am satisfied with that. He's been traveling on business, Dublin, London and he is going to Hawaii in a couple weeks. Man, where can I get a job like that??

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I wonder if the cedar fence smells like the cedar mulch when you put it down? I love that smell! But like a Christmas tree, it sort of fades over time I suppose. I think you made the right choice to go with the four foot height. When you have a smaller property the higher fence can make it feel too closed in I think. I put up a four foot picket fence on one corner of our property with a gate and I find I go in and out of that gate more than I do the other side of the house that has an 8ft fence. The back of our property faces two properties whose back lot line intersect in the middle of mine, so that expands my view some and gives me a lot more privacy. So I used a post and rail fence there to increase the sense of space. Sometimes that's been a good thing and sometimes not, like when a neighbor parked an old truck on the back of his property for a couple of years. (g) It's gone now thankfully.

And adding that arbor will give you a little more privacy but still allow you to view what is beyond the fence. Ingenious. I can't think of a better design decision for that space.

No, I meant, in general, if you live in the city, where would you garden, meaning that would be a reason I would like living in the city less, because the gardening opportunities are smaller. I think I knew you were in the Chicago area, are you on a suburban size lot or a city lot? I know it's small. We're on a suburban lot but it's smaller than most in our town. About a 1/4 of an acre I think. Sometimes I think even that is too big for me to keep up with. (g)

Alaska, huh? Well, I can see the attraction, but at my age, I don't think I could cope with the unique challenges. When I was younger, I would have very much liked a 'pioneer' experience. I suppose Alaska is not that as much as it used to be though. GORGEOUS part of the country though! I've never been, but would like to go some day.

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