Collecting Celosia Seeds

lblack61(z5 NY)September 27, 2007

How ripe is ripe with them?

I have some flower-heads that are drying up and I see little white things (that must be the seeds). But I'm not sure if I should wait until the entire head is dried up or not.

Any advice?


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The seeds ripen at different times. The lower ones will ripen first. You should see a little black seed within the dried florettes. I leave the plant in the ground and shake or rub the seeds onto a paper plate as they ripen.

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lblack61(z5 NY)

Thank you for the info, Karyn :-)


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I rub the dried flowers between my hands and let the chaff and seed (black seeds) fall into a bowl. If you blow into the bowl the light chaff and seed will separate. This should be done outside because it is quite messy. Most of the chaff ends up on you.


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trowelgal(Kansas Zone 5)

Hi Linda,
If you want the Celosia in the same place you can relax. They reseed so prolifically that I pull out about 3,000 "extra reseeds" each spring. If you want to gather seeds I do it like this...I take a paper lunch bag over the bloom and while I hold it tightly at the base of the bloom I lean it to the side while I shake it and tap it. You will hear the ripe seeds fall inside. The seeds are black and look like shiny poppy seeds.
Next year I am going to only grow them at the very back by the fence because they get so tall that they hide everything else. Good luck with yours.

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I have found that the seeds on my celosia are very hard to collect. One thing I did try that worked well was spreading a sheet on the ground under the plants and gathering the seeds(looks like seed ticks lol)each evening.

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I just love it but it smells like skunk!!! Plant in the back of a border where you can enjoy looking at it and not smell it.

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