Rose Campion question ...

PVick(6b NYC)September 5, 2011

WSed this one last year and it bloomed really nicely this year. I didn't realize the flower stalks (?) would be so long; after the first bloom, it continued putting out flowers - still doing that now - but the flowers are much smaller.

It's difficult to deadhead the plant, since new buds form just below blooming flowers, so my question is this: if I were to cut it back before it blooms next year (best way to do?), would that help the plant to be bushier, hopefully with shorter flower stalks? I know this method works with other plants, but I'm looking for some verfication on this particular plant.

I need advice from all you rose campion pros ......

BTW, the plant is now pushing out new leaves at the base, looks good for next year. And I found that it never completely died back last winter, had a nice clump of green leaves thru all that horrible weather.

I'm really liking this one, really want to grow it well and keep it.



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As I recall, it is bienniel. The part that is blooming this year will die. The new growth will be the part that blooms next year. "Rose" doesn't like to be deadheaded as she likes to spread her seeds EVERYWHERE. I always liked this plant, but it can get invasive because of the seeds that germinate so easily. The pants themselves never get very big, But the seeds germinated in every single garden bed; even in cracks in the driveway !

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

My original 8 plants are still growing strong, planted 31 years ago, and the 8 additional reseeds that I left are there as well.
Any new seedlings are dug up and given away at my annual plant swap in the spring.

cutting it back will make no difference in it's growth or height for next year.

The best way to get the seed heads though is using a brown lunch bag to catch the seed pods and cutting them off individually with a pair of scissors.
That way you get the seed pods and leave the new buds to bloom.

Those new leaves at the base are normal and just feeding the plant to thrive through the winter to bloom next year.

My neighbor always thought that they where biennial as well, but she only has the original 6 plants I gave her 25 years ago and she always deadheads them the way I described above.


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PV - I WS rose campion last year too and it bloomed this year. I love the silvery velvet foliage as well as the deep magenta flowers. I watched mine like a hawk after hearing how it reseeds and cut the seedpods off as soon as I saw them turning a tan color. I harvested a ton of seed. The plants took a break from blooming in the mid-summer heat but put out a few more blooms toward the 3rd week of August. I'll be interested in seeing if it pops up anywhere else in my yard next spring.

I traded for some 'Angel Blush' rose campion and received a sandwich size ziploc with about 2 tablespoons of seed in it if you'd like to grow a companion color with yours.

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PVick(6b NYC)

I've been half-heartedly deadheading all along; it's an unwelcome job, snipping each with a small scissors, so not to nip the new bud below. I love the velvety feel of the leaves, like lamb's ears (the animal and the plant).

gardenweed - did your 'Angel Blush' bloom this year? Is it like the magenta (growth, habit ...?). I was looking this afternoon for some white; I'd like to grow them with the magenta and maybe something bluish or yellow in the pot as well, some kind of grass or ornamental millet or such.

Ha, planning next year's pots already .......


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bev2009(6 IN)

My rose campion started out pink in the spring, but then the rest of the flowers were white all summer. Is this normal?

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

I have been growing Rose Campion for several years and they are biennial. I am a 'deadhead Queen', so I deadhead everything. It's the first thing I do in the garden every morning. By doing so, my Rose Campion bloom until the end of summer (saw a new bloom just today). If you catch all the seed, you will have no plants the following year. Most gardeners are not able to do that, so they seem to be perennial. Because I always have only a few left, I sow them every year, just like my hollyhocks and sweet williams. I always let a few go to seed for collection, and throw the others in the green bin. This year I was lucky enough to get white and angels blush seeds, so I am looking forward to having all three in bloom next summer. I have sown them in drifts, so it should be interesting. I also have another Lychnis (Flo Jovis) which is perennial and has a spreading form - very pretty pink flowers.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

PV - I harvested a small amount (for me) of white Lychnis for you. Just send me your addy. I generally have more, but most of my huge white patches are in year one this year. Next year, I will have tons for everyone.

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PV - I ordered Angel Blush rose campion seeds from Hazzards last month then got 2 tablespoons of seed in trade so I've got plenty if you'd like some. I haven't grown the plants yet--they're on my 2012 WS list. I left a few seedpods on the magenta plant that bloomed this year so I'm hoping it reseeds and more plants come up in that spot next year.

I normally don't deadhead because I want to harvest seeds from most of my perennials but if it'll give me more RC blooms, I'll deadhead them next year. Right now I have enough seeds to both trade and WS. Now that I've seen how pretty these are, I want to plant them in other beds, replacing things that haven't lived up to expectations or else fizzled out.

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I agree that this particular plant is a real superstar that does not get enough attention - hardly ever see it in gardens around here. I let some self sow, start some each year and have at least a small patch of it in each of my beds. Some I deadhead, some I never get to, soem I collect seed from for trading/ giving away (especially to a friend who has a horrible deer problem - they seem to be the only thing the deer won;t eat).

I also have the flo-jarvis that northerner mentioned and just love that too (shorter plant, paler flowers) I definitely do not get the smae level of germination on the seeds I've gotten through trade to sow, but I am slowly building a grouping of them in two places.for me they do not have the length of bloom time that the rose campion odes, but they really are very petite and pretty when they are blooming.

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PVick(6b NYC)

I do hope the new leaves at the base of the plant mean it will be back next year. I thought it was a perennial, and did not sow any this year, though seed heads are falling back into the pot.

Flo-Jovis! That's the one that tiffy had edging some of her beds - soooo pretty. That looks like one that would enjoy a pot - going seed hunting!


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PV - Hazzards Seeds sells one named Lychnis flos jovis nana Peggy that grows just 10" tall with pink flowers. Let us know if you find the seeds anywhere else, okay?

Darn, looks like I just added another seed type to my 2012 list and here I was trying not to WS too many containers in Year Three.

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bev2009(6 IN)

I stopped to admire a backyard in town and the elderly owner came out and gave me a tour. He had a rose campion that was done blooming and he couldn't remember the color. He said the original plant came over from Sweden in 1900 with his grandmother and it was very unusual at the time. He let me take a few seeds. I am hoping it will be something different.

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PVick(6b NYC)

I just read that the leaves were formerly used for lamp wicks, hence the name lychnis, which is Greek for "lamp". Gardening really is such an expansive subject ...

gardenweed - Specialty Perennials has the flos-jovis; Gardens North has a nice selection of lychnis, but no flos-jovis (I have to stay away from that site, there are too many temptations there!); Jelittos, B&T World, Secret Seeds - looks like most of the places that have flos-jovis are not in the U.S.

With its many variations, lychnis is one plant you could get lost in. Help me!

Thanks for the help, folks, and thanks for the offers of seeds, too!


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Hello, after I gather the seeds, should I plant them in the beds where I want them next year? Or, do I only plant seeds in the spring? Thanks, Betty in Cornelius, NC

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Betty - welcome to the winter sowing forum. Most of us on this forum sow perennial (and other) seeds in winter using recycled containers. They go out in the snow & cold in December, January & so on. It's in Mother Nature's hands when they sprout but she's got a pretty impressive track record up 'til now.

Here are some of this year's containers in my pot ghetto. I took pictures of these in the snow but we had a snowfall total of 8 ft. this year so you can't really see them in those pictures.

Baptisia/false indigo sprouts:

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