Flying seeds

dr.liz(7 NJ)September 16, 2013

I was out strolling in one of my garden beds, where I happen to have Thalictrum growing. It is a lovely, delicate plant, and a great one for self sowing. The plant is settings seeds, but the stems are not fully brown and the seeds still look green. However, lots of them were falling to the ground or flying off when I touched the plant.

I grabbed the stem and ran my hand along it, easily coming up with a handful of seeds that were still a little sticky. .Actually, I think these are the seedpods, each of which contains a tiny seed. I broke open a few just to have a look, and the seeds inside still look pale green .Is it safe to gather them now? They practically fell off in my hand. I would like to deadhead the plants or I will have a million seedlings to pull next year.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Pale green doesn't sound ripe. This is t. cheldonii but is pretty typical of most thalictrum (and the best close-up I could find).

You might want to bag some and see if they don't stay on the plant longer while changing in appearance (i.e. square of nylon stocking + twist tie). Mine are not ripe yet on two varieties in cool summer Z8b at least.

I don't think you need to worry about pulling a million seedlings :) I've had them self sow but not to the point of being a nuisance....a few to pot up for friends and another a few to discard.

Here is a link that might be useful: photo thalictrum ripe seed

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