Eastern Red Columbine/Indian Pink

tomerrol(z7atn)October 22, 2011

good morning everyone! I am needing some seed for Eastern Red Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) and Indian Pink (Spigelia marilandica). I am planning on turning a wooded lot (1/4 acre) into a woodland garden. And of course I'm still working on my cottage garden too. But these two are going to be my start. although I do have some azalea"s I can transplant in the woodland garden. I'm already laying down sawdust for the paths and laying out plants and shrubs on paper. I will be looking at some ferns too. I figure I can ws these seed and maybe have plants ready for the woodland garden next spring. So if anyone has the two above seeds or any other that would be good candidates for a woodland garden (it is not a deep shade, some dapple light comes through) then I would trade something that I have , just let me know. I dont have alot to trade since this has been my first full yr at gardening, but who knows I may have something someone wants.



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Tom - you might want to also post for the seeds you're looking for over on the seed exchange. There's a lot of activity on that forum.

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Hi gardenweed, thank you very nuch. I am still "feeling" my way around this forum! lol
I will do that today. How is the weather up your way? its getting colder here in middle tn, I have alot of gallon jugs and 2/3 liter bottles ready and plenty of seed starting mix. My first plant/seed swap in middle tn last saturday went really well, and met alot of nice people. Went back home with lots of nice plants and seeds. I can't wait until our spring may 2012 swap and hopefully, with ws'ing I will have lots of plants to swap and give away! and thanks to you I will have some really nice plants!
thank you again and have a great day

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shemeows(6 ID)

I've sent you a message regarding the Columbine seed.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Check with Bakemom and the newbie seed project. From what I've heard (and sent myself), she's got tons of seeds to share. Aa you think of other plants you might like to add, let us know and I'm sure this forum will be able to help out. I've got Joe Pye Weed seeds I could send, but I also know that I sent multiple packs to Bakemom for the project. So, try the project first, and then let me know if you want/didn't get Joe Pye.


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Thanks shemeow, I emailed you back, Martha thank you , I have the joe pye seed, but there several others I am looking for, but I am trying to figure out the seed exchange forum. I will see about Bakemom project, when she is ready. I did list some of the seeds I an looking for on my page of seeds I'm looking for.
thank you all for your help, I sure wouldn't know where to turn if it was'nt for all of you on this forum!

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If you haven't found the Eastern Red Columbine, I have two packs left from this year's garden.

Let me know.


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Thank you Don. I believe I will have some coming from shemeow. I really do thank everyone for all the help on this project. I believe this woodland garden project is going to be an interesting one, and along with the cottage garden I started last fall I think I will be very busy. And with the ws that I plan (have 56 gallon jugs, about 35 2 liter bottles and bunches of water bottles so far!) and building more lasagna garden beds,I am being ask by friends "was I playing catch up?" I will be 70 years "young" next month and never garden because of my work since I helped my mom when I was a kid! But I am sure having fun now! lol

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Gardening will keep you young.


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