OT: The morning glory that won't be denined

strouper2October 7, 2012

I just had to share this story here because I knew this is one of the few places it'd be appreciated. LOL

So about 7 yrs ago I planted a morning glory that I grew from seed and I of course did so before I read up on the plant. Well the plant grew like a weed but I only got MAYBE 10 flowers from it. I looked it up and found that it preferred poor soil & this was rich soil so I pulled it out and went with a clematis. Well that was of course JUST THE BEGINNING and for the next 6 years I was pulling out little baby morning glory. Well I've moved from my mom's place & this year I wasn't there enough to fend the plant off and it finally won and get this IT LOOKS GREAT!!! The plant has all kinds of blooms & it's doing 1000 times better than the clematis ever did. I still don't see how the few blooms on that very 1st plant produced that many seeds but hey all was good in the end. LOL

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Each MG pod holds 4 seed, and nearly every one germinates. (*grin*)

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I thought for sure this was going to be about Star of Yelta. Oh my, that is one tenacious MG! The first year i shared seeds left and right, and when it overtook my yard the next year I decided enough was enough. I ripped it all out, and never shared another single seed of it. I was even afraid to throw out the seeds because I had visions of the dump covered in Star of Yelta MGs, lol - which I guess wouldn't be so bad!

Glad your plant looked great this year. You might want to watch out next year though, lol!


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Congratulations! a success story. You should post pictures. MG's are so beautiful.

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msbatt I'm sorry but that 4 seed thing has to be a complete and total LIE! Because I promise you that there's no way I got more than 20 blooms that 1st year and I know that I've pulled out at least 100 plants that very next spring. I was a little confused to say the least.
And digger this plant actually sits on my mom's neighbor's prop so if it takes over so be it. Right now it has to compete with the 4 O'clocks & the MINT! LOL

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Wow, that's a lot of competition, lol!


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seeker1122(7a ok)

I'm new to ws but belong to the OK GW. One of our saying is friends don't let friends grow Morning glory or Cane poleIf u have a garden.
I've got u all beat. I moved to a new place 9 yrs ago.
Wanted to spruce the place up my 1st spring I planted a packet of MG I'M still trying to get rid of them 9 years later. I won't use chemicales but I start pulling in Jan when there's a warm spell and even in dec last year our winter was so warm.
I weed eat them I mow them I dig them up to those who want them a 12 month 9 yr battle and they survive.
Yes so pretty but wow agressive.

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Although, on the other hand, I just can't get Heavenly Blue to grow for me. Never had luck with them. I would love to have them grow over my little white fence. Sigh... Keep getting those darn Star of Yelta, though, 10 years after sowing them one time....


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Saw on Victory Garden that spraying with vinegar will kill mg to the roots. Thank god I heard that one. I have them everywhere - but the year I put those in it was spectacular.

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