? on Yvonne's Salvia

ellenrr(7a)October 31, 2013

I got about 10 seeds from someone, 2 germinated. I planted them among zinnias, thinking that both would grow at the same rate. wrong. The zinnias outstripped the salvia, result that the salvia remained in shade all summer, and barely leafed.

I left them there, thinking, the roots would be getting strong and I'd have them next year. Now I think this was a mistake. anyway, with the first frost, the few leaves there were were frozen, and I'm wondering if there is any surviving plant.

My plan is to leave them alone and hope for the best. but I am discouraged by how pathetic they look!
I know these salvia are perennniel in my zone, cuz I've grown them before.

any comment?


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I didn't know they were perennials anywhere. Here, they sprout and sit for quite a while. Maybe longer day lengths trigger them to grow and bloom. Not sure. But they always perform well for me in my whiskey barrels and large pots,

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I've never any of mine over winter here in Oregon zone 8.

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terrene(5b MA)

Yvonne's is a tall cultivar of Salvia splendens, native to tropical Brazil. It is a tender plant hardy to zone 10+ and grows as an annual. Highly doubt it overwinters in zone 7?? Mine die as soon as they are hit with frost.

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yes, I think you all are right. I think I was mis-remembering. Maybe they re-seeded.

anyway, I pulled out the plant and it was a goner.

hope to get more seeds from some of you in the Spring!

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