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tomerrol(z7atn)October 4, 2011

I have collected some seed from my red hybiscus plant. I have searched hybiscus from seed and it says I would need to nick the outer layer.

Has anyone ws hybiscus seed and do you really need to nick the seed and if so just how did you do it? I have tweezers and I have dremels that would might make the job easier. If anyone has done this, is there a better way?



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tomva(7-central virginia)

no need to nick,they do fine wintersowed.I've been working for 2 years now on a confederate rose hibiscus got it about 4 ft tall now but no blooms this year maybe next year.Some hibiscus's I have wintersowed have bloomed the first year from seed.I like to wintersow the rose of sharons also..

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A great deal of seed-starting information that's out there is geared toward more conventional methods (i.e., growing under lights or in a greenhouse) and doesn't necessarily apply to winter sowing. Nicking or scarifying seeds is one of them. Both Hibiscus syriacus/rose of Sharon and Hibiscus moscheutos/hardy hibiscus are excellent WS candidates in my experience. My hardy hibiscus plants came up healthy again this year (their second) but haven't bloomed yet. They're borderline hardy in my zone but since there are large clumps of them growing north of where I am, I'm guessing the hardiness zone information is about as accurate as the germination recommendations.

I also successfully grew Cornus florida and Cornus kousa--native dogwood and Japanese/ornamental dogwood trees--from seed via winter sowing. Germination from both was 100% and they've grown to 3 ft. in height their second year. Guess I should take a couple of photos now they're getting some size to them. I'm growing them in containers while I decide where to plant them.

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tomva, got to see that confederate rose when you get it to bloom. bet that will be something! gardenweed, you are right..I keep forgetting that ws is entirely a different horse, so to speak. lol, I was wondering how I was gonna hold that little seed and nick it! I know what would probably get nicked..my finger! Each time I visit this forum, or ask a question, I get more excited about ws seed. The same thing happen to me last yr when I started the lasagna garden beds. To me thats the only way to garden and now I have 2 neighbors that are building lasagna beds. just wait till I show them WS !
thank you tomva and gardenweed for your help. you both are a great asset to this forum as are every one here

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These are all winter sown plants. No nicking

Mixed. I have collected at least a pound of seeds if anybody needs seeds.

Lady Baltimore.



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Don, those look great! I only have the red for now, but it has really bloomed good this yr.
thanks for shareing the pictures.

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Don - that yellow is gorgeous! Looks more ivory than yellow but that could be the light/camera. Thanks for posting the pictures!

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I had a neighbor (he has since passed away) who did research on plants for cooperative extension and he had given me rooted cutting of hardy hibsicus about 10 seasons ago. They grew and flowered and were beautiful and I started collecting the seed. He said - "Don't try to grow them from seed until I give you some acid wash stuff to weaken the seed shell" and I had no interest in going near any acid wash! So when I learned about WSing, I WSed them and you knwo what - - they germinated. The process of winter sowing these seeds provides them with the right elements to soften the outer hard shell. The freezing, thawing,freezing, thawing weakens the shell and the sprouts pop right out!

I just collected tons of seed today (about a 1/2 cup full) and plan to send them to Bakemom for new WSers. There is just something about a new WSer getting a sprout and then by the end of the season getting a HUGE 8" across flower that brings a smile to my face!

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Hello, I'm new to both Hibiscus and gardening in general. I have what looks to be seeds on the outside of some of my flowers, are they what I should collect? When should I collect them? You all seem to know what you're doing! I would really love to be able to grow them from seed.

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

Not all hisbiscus produce seed e.g. I have a beautiful large red one that does not produce seed. Anyway, the seed capsule forms at the base of the flower. When the flower petals drop, it continues to ripen into a tan papery pod that contains the seed. Be sure to get it before it splits and spills the seed. They are hard, round, dark brown and can be stored in a small bagggie when completely dry for sowing next year. Just pay careful attention as the flowers mature so you don't miss them.

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re northerner_on: Thanks!

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Very easy to collect and WS - enjoy Meripirate!

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Thanks nan-6161!

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