Hazzard's Seed order arrived. I'm getting ready.

ladyrose65October 5, 2012

I got my seed order from Hazzard's today, delivery was very fast. They did send me a pack of "Cocculus carolinus" seeds for free. Anyone interested I will send you the pack. Warning: the vine plant is invasive!

Despite stress from school,getting psyched for upcoming season of WS'ing.

e-mail me if interested in the seeds.

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I just love that excitement of opening the envelope when ordered seeds come! I've not started purchasing any yet becasue I am still in "harvesting, drying and storing" mode for this year's seeds from my own garden. I've moved from paper plates to paper cups to save horizontal space on house surfaces and I am collecting LESS then I usually do. Hubby is happy not to be knocking over plates!

I like hazzards - -so many different kinds of seeds.Maybe I'll go take just a TINY peek over there....

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Nan, they have such a large selection its hard to resist.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Where is Hazard's located? Do they have a catalog or just online site? Reasonable prices; what about shipping charges?

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Pippi, just google Hazzard's seeds. Their site should pop up.

I would like to thank T's Flowers and Things and Swallowtail for such prompt delivery of my order during this storm. I got my seed order 4-days after placing the order. KooL!

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