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Matthew Condon - Indiana.Matt - IN, Zone 5/6(Indiana Zone 5/6)October 30, 2011

Ok, so I posted this on the maple forum on Oct 26 and have not had any responses. I thought I would try posting it here. Can any one answer my questions?

Has anyone winter sown maple seeds?

I would like to winter sow some.

My Japanese Maple has been producing seeds for a few years now, but this year the seeds have stayed on the tree all summer and are still on the tree. I guess they have always fallen off mid summer...I'm not sure, I have never seen them fall and have never found them on the ground.

When and how should I harvest the seeds?

When and how should I plant them?




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If they seem dry I would harvest them and try winter sowing them! What's to lose? Are they in a little samara like the regular big maples? Can you get the seeds out of the outside coating? I would try sowing them both inside and taken out of the little wings assuming they come in those little wings. I would do it now and not wait until winter because sometimes trees need both a warm and a cold period. I have not done it myself but if you have a lot of seeds you have nothing to lose!

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pawneepapa(6a KS)

I have read that you should soak the seeds in water for a day or two and then put them in the fridge (in a ziplock with potting soil) for about 100 days before you want to plant them. I have also read that winter sowing can work but is not as reliable as this method. I have not done it but I have been wanting to try. Any chance you could send me seeds if I sent a SASE?

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