And SOW it begins...

tepelus z6a SW MIOctober 18, 2010

Today I planted six jugs of Virginia Snakeroot seeds, and two days before two jugs of gas plant seeds. These two need to be fall planted, and I believe there are a few more seeds I still want that need the same thing, so I need to get on the ball and order them! But it has begun for me, seed sowing. My count for this sowing season so far: 8.


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WOW, ok granted this is my first official year to winter sow per say. I have always spring sowed and some consider that winter sowing but I always say that is spring sowing. Anything during march or thereafter I say is spring.

So we can start now on seeds that need to be planted in fall??

I thought we were suppose to wait till winter soltice, if we can get a jump start now I am all for it. Some of my seeds are in low quantity so I would hate to waste them so that is the only reason I am asking.

Have you done this before with great success??

So many questions, I am eager beaver here. Please do not take me the wrong way in questioning you. I am questioning in order to make sure I do not screw up.

Do your plants get so huge by spring time that you have blooms in your containers??

Do your plants germinate before winter time?? If they do germinate before winter time do you just put the top on the container??

Ok I think I bombarded you with enough questions for the time being. I am sure I will have more though, so be prepared. lol

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Carolyn, both types seeds Karen mentions do best Fall sown - they need a warm moist period before a cold moist period in order to germinate in Spring. The seeds for the two plants she has sown don't store worth a darn either, short viable. There is no possibility they will germinate before winter then have the seedlings lost to freeze.

So, what will work well Fall sowing depends on what you are going to sow, most annuals wouldn't be a good choice, and some perennials, trees, shrubs are, but it's not necessarily to give them a head start, but to give them all the conditions some seeds require to germinate.

I sowed cyclamen, dicentra scandens (bleeding heart vine), iris chrysogaphes a few weeks ago. Hellebores in August which will germinate in March.

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Ok awesome that was going to be my next question. So I should maybe start my hellebores now?? I just ordered a christmas hellebores or hellebore nigra seeds. Though I have some orientalis that I could sow today.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Yes! Get them sown, you're already running a little late. Minimum of 45 days moist warm is a must before they experience a moist chill, then they will germinate while still cool in late winter, earliest Spring. If you don't have at least 45 days of warm left outdoors, soak the seeds overnight, put them in a tiny zip lock with a tsp or two of moist sterile sand or moist vermiculite. Date it, and leave it on your desk until the initial time is up....then winter sow the contents of the bag, vermiculite and all, and put them outside for mother nature to finish.

If you straight winter sow helleborus, chances are they will take 15 months to germinate, or until they've had the warm/cold/cool periods and in that order.

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I was so scared you were going to say I was late. I will have to check my weather and see what it looks like for the next month. I guess I better get to checking to see if any other seeds require that also. I am thinking I better go ahead and sow my passiflora also.

Here I am so excited by the thoughts of starting and I can't wait and now I find out I am late. That is called the Carolyn luck!! lol

Karen, thank you so much for posting this or it looks like I would of really really been late. Morz thank you for such a quick response I really do appreciate it.

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I will be receiving some Armur Maple Seeds from one of our wonderful WSers,I am sure we do not have 45 days left of warm weather,I am in Illinois,zone,5
Will I need to soak the seed as you mentioned Morz?
Thank you,I have WSed in the past, but never tryed trees or shrubs.

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Looks like my weather is going to be good for the next month or so. Today was a little chilly at the high of 67 but it doesn't prevent me from wearing shorts. Tomorrow is suppose to be a high of 76. I guess that is one good thing about being in the south, we sometimes experience spring like weather in november.

My count is 7 as of today, when I receive the seeds I just ordered there is 2 more I know for sure that I will need to add to that count. Whooo hooo, Sow it has begun!! Thank you both, once again!!

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Carol, I know it's a tweak away from winter sowing norms, but it doesn't seem soaking will hurt your maple, & may help. I've got lotsa experience with hellebores, not as much with maples - the 45 days minimum is specific to what hellebores need and can vary with other types seed needing a warm moist period.

Clothiers - Acer ginnala , Amur maple ,zone= 2 , sow @ 39úF for germ. in 3 to 4 months

And, "Amur maple: Soak in water for 48 hours, change water each day, then can be sown outdoors in fall for spring germination." I'm going to guess that the length of the warm moist could be shorter or less important with these, I find the Clothiers site pretty darned dependable.

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tepelus z6a SW MI

You're welcome, Carolyn! :)


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Morz, I think I may be wishful thinking on my weather. Last night was really chilly. National weather says that our temps are suppose to be great. Local weather says something totally different. I think I may dig out the seeds of the hellebore I planted and do as you suggested with them. I found a post about hellebore and it seems that I have all the odds against me since I did not sow them fresh. I can only hope I didn't already screw up, oh well if I did I guess I can chalk it up as another learning experience.

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