another question!

tomerrol(z7atn)November 10, 2011

lol, when I was in school, you can see why my teachers "loved" me! All the questions I ask! but I have a question about when the best time to put that ws seedling into the garden, when it has the true set of leaves, or maybe when it first sprouts? I did not find this in the FAQ section. I know this may take in consideration if the garden soil is warm enough also.



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You can plant anytime after it has it's true set of leaves. Some people don't get them planted until fall (or even the next year). Not that I would ever do that. yeah right.
I've even planted annuals out that have been exposed to freezing temps. They're tough little buggers.

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I've seen comments about first set of true leaves or second set of true leaves but for me it comes down to when I have the time and when I feel comfortable handling them. Tom, you've seen my pot ghetto & sprout photos but I'll post others if it'll give you a better picture.

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thank you Duane, for the info..Eileen, I still bring up your pot ghetto pictures and study them and just hope I can do 1/3 as well. any pictures you post are great and very informative.
thanks to you both

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Thanks Tom - glad they're of use to you. I also use non-garden type implements when removing seedlings from the container bottoms, including a kitchen pie server to divide & lift sections of them out of the milk jugs, spoons of different sizes from infant to soup, and have also cut the sides of the milk jugs away to make removal of sprouts less disruptive to the roots. With the spoons, I take a good-sized amount of the surrounding potting mix along with the sprout, poke a same-size hole in the receiving container with my thumb, gently set the sprout in it and firm the soil around the plug.

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that is a great idea Eileen. I would think that removing the sprout is very much the most important part of ws, it would be terrible to plant seed, nourish it to sprout, then kill it by not properly removing it from the jug to the garden. A vey important point you have made. better get me some spoons and table knives!

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