newbie need help with my containers

mickiNovember 12, 2011

How many holes do I put on the top? and bottom? of these containers.

What are the recommendations on the soil mix to be used? I have some seed starting mix and would like to mix it with house plant soil mix, hope that would suffice.(??)

what is a good way to make holes in the bottom food tray w/o cracking it? I think a drill will work on top containers, what about food tray too? TY, would like to start preparing my containers today if possible, its 60 degrees here in the NE. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, TY in advance,


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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I have an inexpensive soldering iron that I use to make my drainage holes. The smell can get annoying, so I don't do many at a time. And I do it outside when weather allows. In those nut containers I would make 5 or 6 holes in top and bottom. In the larger tray, maybe 10 or 12 top and bottom.


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Potting mix/soil is recommended for winter sowing. I suggest you check the FAQs and also look on the website for growing medium recommendations. The link below will take you to the FAQ about potting mix. Some folks use professional growers mix, others use MiracleGro potting mix, others use whatever they can get their hands on. The trick is to lay in a supply well before December rolls around--the stores don't stock it when they've got holiday items taking up space. The key is using something that's recommended for growing in containers as opposed to a garden bed.

Here is a link that might be useful: What type of soil should I use?

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

I'm concerned about those almond containers and wondering how you plan on takeing the sprouts out in the spring. I'm also concerned with the thickness of the plastic and echo the soldering iron suggestion. That's all I use.

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albertar(z7 LINY)

If I were you I would find a way to cut those containers in half right around the middle a little more than half way. I say this because although they are great to let in light for the plants that you will get...its going to be hard to get those little seedlings out of those containers. The one with the black lid looks awfully small and not deep enough. Containers should hold at least 3 inches of soil and it will shrink over the winter. Look for either plastic milk/water containers 1 gallon size. I use them and also salad containers from Costco or your local supermarket. Put lots of holes for drainage. Hope this helps.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I've actually used the cake pans before, and I think they work fine. You have to plant something hardy that can go topless as soon as it germinates, because there isn't enough head room. Or, use it for spring sowing after most of the hard frosts are over.

I agree, though, that the nut containers are hard to work with. I've used them, as well, and have chosen not to use them anymore. Milk jugs really are the most user friendly.


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I second everything said above but I can also suggest the aluminum lasagna pans with the plastic lids you can buy in most dollar stores...they are very easy to prep. I also use a wood burning pen that I bought at Walmart to make holes in milk jugs or any other sterlite or plastic type containers I am prepping. You do need to do it outside though because of the smell.

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bev2009(6 IN)

And it's not just the smell, but the actual toxic fumes.

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TY all for your help, sorry its taken me so long to get back.
How about if I cut the tops off the almond containers in the spring? I really think I can make something of these.

I could cut them in half with more being left on the top and reattach them with pipe cleaners or twisty ties. I did not think they were too small to reach inside but I'll heed the advice of the experienced.

I will also start collecting more milk jugs. How many milk jugs/water jugs does everyone do? I think I'll start a question just on that.

I've found website and have been reading from there. I still have a few questions.

It is difficult to seperate the chaff and seed, I'll start a post on that too.

The salad/cake container is much larger than you think. From winnter sown I learned you can heat a knife and poke holes more easily into these plastic containers. I like the idea of the lasagna pans as well, this is even larger if I am not mistaken.

I have numerous seeds and am seperating them from the chaff now.

Have fun everyone.

Here is a link that might be useful: winter sown

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