OK to put jugs on covered porch?

Lilyfinch z7 mid tnDecember 23, 2009

Im sorry if this is a silly question, i seached faq, and lotsa posts... I have a covered porch(not enclosed or warm, just protected from snow), I feel like its the only place i can safely put jugs. I have a large backyard but my puppy is way too rambunctious, i thought about fencing it in with the folding garden fence, if the porch isnt an option. I can also line my driveway with them, but DH isnt thrilled at that. Thanks again! :)

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

I wouldn't put them on a covered porch. You want the containers to be exposed to the weather. This will help them get the moisture they need.


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disneynut1977(5b, Sunset zone 42)

Ditto what Dee said.


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token28001(zone7b NC)

I keep mine in the yard too, but I think Carrie360 puts hers on a covered porch because of the rabbits. I hope she stops by to let us know for sure.

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Mine are on a covered porch for exactly that reason. What I do is place them on one side of the porch where they will receive light and some rain.I place the containers in kitty litter pans so that I can bottom water when they look dry.

To keep the doggie from getting into them, I surround the outer edge that he can get to with porch chairs, table, planter boxes that he can't pull and the large rubbermaid box with dirt in it. A barricade, if you will.

Happy gardening!

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

Thanks everyone! I suspected the porch wouldnt be a good idea.
My porch dosnt really get any rain because there is a forcynthia hedge that goes around it. Soo, i think ill put my jugs in cardboard boxes to keep them all together, then try to put the folding fence up around it, tho the ground might be frozen. Ill put them in the middle of the yard, where the grass is dead from an old veggie bed. He tends to play more around the fences, and in boxes he wont be able to knock it over. Does that sound ok? Ill make the boxes shorter than the jugs to let more light in?

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PVick(6b NYC)

I suppose my balcony could be considered a covered porch - the floor of the balcony above serves as the cover. It's open on all sides, but doesn't really get much rain or snow, unless the wind is blowing it all in or my WS containers are near the railing. I haven't had any problems with my WSing this way; the containers certainly get all the cold they need, and I don't usually have to worry about water until the weather starts to warm up. If it snows, I'll just scoop up whatever falls on the balcony and toss it on the containers.

It should be just fine to keep them there.


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token28001(zone7b NC)

I just realized, this really isn't very different from my hoophouse, aside from the temperature swings. I'll have to check moisture levels. If you do that, a porch should be just fine.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Yeah, I guess what I should have said that while *I* wouldn't leave them on a porch, if it's the only/best alternative for you, then just make sure they get enough water. It's not like you won't have a single seed germinate if they are on the porch, lol. Do what you need to do and adjust accordingly! Don't sweat it! And don't make it so it's too much work for you - this is supposed to be fun!

So make your own procedure, adjust where you need to, and have fun!


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April 3rd
From Wintersowing 2009

April 26th
From Wintersowing 2009

This were my bottles on three sides closed balcony from last year. I sprinkled them from top every few days. It was not hard because I placed my bottles on balcony in the beginning of the March and I had first sprouts on 10th of March. So it was more like peeping and spraying fun :). This year I will do the same except I bought a better sprayer :). Later when bottles become to dry, I bottom watered them. I also had some problems with good light so I had to turn around bottles regularly, but nevertheless I had very good results this way :)


Here is a link that might be useful: More photos

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Cardboard boxes aren't going to work well as they get wet and the cardboard softens and rots. See if you can nab some milk cartons or mail buckets (which will need holes stabbed into their bottoms for drainage).


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I put my jugs on the ground under my back porch last year - facing south, and the porch floor is about 15 feet up. So they get light and air and cold and a little rain, but not much. I used the miracle grow moisture control potting mix (for help with moisture) and watered now and then when it was warm. It worked great! I put them there because with our sloping yard and windy location, I coudln't think of any other place they wouldn't be prone to tipping and blowing and look too trashy for DH to tolerate. :- )

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