Best WS options for a children's school garden?

emcd124(5)December 8, 2012

My son's school has a small garden where the children recess. The teacher tries to fill it with vegetable options that are easy for the kids to walk up and graze on, so things like peas, cherry tomatoes, or mini bell peppers.

I know that you can successfully WS cherry tomatoes...can you all think of any other vegetable options that can be successfully wintersowed and that are easy eating size for kids? I know there are things like lemon cucumbers or 8 ball zucchini that are easy eating size too, but those dont seem like good WS options. So I keep coming back to cherry tomatoes and nothing else...


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Do they have to be vegetables? I would think lots of milk jugs full of perennials that bloom the first year would be a good choice. Then, when ready to plant in the spring, the children can plant handfuls around their vegetable garden.

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Veggies are vital to school gardens--children should learn basic plant care skills so they know how to supplement their own plates. It's good that they know where food comes from--the ground, not the supermarket.

Cold season veggies are all excellent. Mesclun blends or leaf lettuce, spinach, peas, cabbage family plants, radishes, small-rooted carrots, beets, hardy perennial or biennial herbs all work well.

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