Reseeding annuals.

token28001(zone7b NC)December 2, 2009

What annuals are self-seeders for you?

Larkspur, nigella, cosmos, yvonne's salvia, salvia subrotunda, rudbeckia hirta, castor bean (these are popping up even where they weren't planted), plains coreopsis.

What others? Poppies.

Any other annuals you've planted once and have them return year after year?

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Nicotiana, bachelor buttons, calendula, poppies, impatiens, balsam, marigolds, zinnias, there really are a lot more.

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Portulaca and petunias.

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The one that surprises me is cerinth(Honeywort.)

I regard it as annual in our zone 5. I got two seedlings
early, in places far remote from where they'd grown. I attempted transplanting and failed. In August a mass of seedlings appeared where they'd been in 2008. They've developed but I got my first bloom about Thanksgiving Day!!
I've failed on the one plant I attempted to pot to bring in
and fear that the bloom will be frozen before seeding.

This plant is worth growing for foliage alone. I love it
with my Elymus grass and salvias purple rain and Caradonna.

Sorry, I stole the thread.


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floodthelast(5 N. OH)

Nicandra, borage, sweet alyssum and hopefully tons more. I started so many annuals I'd never tried before this year. I'll have to update come spring.

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gardencrazy(6 Southern Ohio)

I had datura reseed itself 2 years in a row. The datura and zinnia are the only annuals I have ever grown in the flower beds. I always just put annuals like petunia and impatient into containers so I dont have to work so hard. Looks like I have been missing out on a lot.

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terrene(5b MA)

Lots of the annuals reseed, and quite a few perennials make seedlings as well.

Verbena bonariensis, Cosmos, California poppies, Sweet alyssum, Cleome, Coriander (makes pretty airy white flowers), Dill, Nicotiana, Melampodium, and I also get a few Yvonnes Salvia, Snaps, and Sunflowers.

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You're good at this. This was a great thread to start.

How's your weather today?

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plays_in_dirt_dirt(Z7A VA bordering NC state line)

I always have lots of reseeders, both annual and perennial: salvias, marigolds, vinca/periwinkle, sunflowers, Verbena bonariensis, petunia, datura, Nicandra, zinnia, Celosia, amaranthus, balsam, foxglove, blackberry lily, sweet William, ageratum, castor bean, mullein, tomatoes, sea oats, chives, BES ... there are others -- including germination of cucurbits and melons from the "kitchen scrap bucket."

Winter before last I was unable to winter sow and despaired over the coming lack of spring/summer color. I needn't have worried. I had reseeded flowers everywhere, including the paths. Quite a jungle, but I couldn't pull a single one! I even had flowers I had not planted, such as tall evening primrose. It just showed up and now it's all over the place with its lovely yellow blooms.

In my years of gardening before winter sowing, I had an occasional volunteer, but I think winter sown plants are so much healthier in every way, including seed production, that they volunteer as robustly as they grow.

Barbara in Virginia

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token28001(zone7b NC)

laagarden, when I find something I enjoy, I make it a point to learn from the best. That's why I'm here at GardenWeb. I tell all sorts of people about wintersowing. They look at me like I'm crazy, sowing seeds in the dead of winter and leaving them outside, what are you? Nuts?

It's raining here today. Great for all the seeds I scattered over the past couple of weeks. I've already started wintersowing too, just trees and shrubs. I need more of these to fill in an area where a giant oak tree fell over this past summer. Dogwoods, Japanese Maples, winterberry, etc. I learned from Trudi last year that winterberry can be wintersown. You just need to clean the seeds first. I collected mine from a native plant near my parents' house.

Barbara, I've already had tomatoes popping up in the weirdest places this year. Huge clumps of tiny toms have been seen in all the beds. I think something in the yard loved the Yellow Pears as much as I did. The frost yesterday killed them all off, but I'm betting I'll see others in the spring.

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lgslgs(z6 SE ohio)

Token - I think I'll win the reseeding tomatoes contest next year.

We just finished dumping the compost from our 220 tomato plants (the ones grown in the five gallon buckets). All of that compost, as well as the compost from the other types of veg, went into my flower garden.

There were quite a few fermenting tomatoes on the surface of those buckets. And plenty of frosted peppers on the surface of the pepper buckets. We fed the dried plants and any still hanging veg to the goats and cow - but I've got a ton of tomato and pepper seed that just went into the garden.

It's going to be funny to see how many sprout. Good thing I enjoy hoeing!


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The things that reseed for me are johnny jump ups, datura, and tomatos.

The datura that reseed does not get big enough so I bring my plants into the crawl space for the winter.

It seems the squirls and chipmunks like to eat the seed more than looking at them.


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My baby blue eyes come back every year and of course amaranthus

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forgot my biggest reseeder... perilla


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token28001(zone7b NC)

I scattered seeds from your perilla all over. Should I not have done that? LOL!

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Amaranths (purple kinds) and cleome tie for first in the "reseed like gangbusters" contest in my back bed. Big ones: I have had many sunflowers reseed and small ones: just love the way alyssum keeps recycling!


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Cilantro reseeds, garlic chives reseed (egad!), tomatoes reseed, lettuces will reseed, pole beans reseed here too. I find the trick to getting pole beans to reseed is to just let them lay where the seeds drop. Don't push them into the soil, just let them sit on top--when the weather's warm enough they sprout and send a root down into the soil. Garlic reseeds too, but sometimes they make little garlic bulbils on top opf their stalk which just flops over and the garlic bulbils root and grow where they drop. Dill reseeds, bronze fennel reseeds too and can be pesky. Winter Squash reseeds and so do hot peppers. I've never been able to get sweet peppers to reseed.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Yes to all of the above.
-Kiss-Me-Over-the Garden-Gate - Polygonum orientalis
-Chinese forget-me-not -Cynoglossum amabile
-Jewel Weeds - Impatiens capensis
-Johnny Jump-up -Viola tricolor
-Snow on the Mountain - Euphorbia marginata

token, you'll be sorry you scattered Perilla seeds in the garden.
I have tons of Perilla & Jewel Weed seedlings to pull out all summer long. I love the colors, though. That's why I planted ONE Perilla few years ago. Birds planted the first Jewel Weed for me. It is great for compost though. I just drop the plants where they are.

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Token - - remember when you came to my house? There were seedlings all over the place - Oh, they are fine in the beginning, cute little purple leaves peeking through the other seedlings - but you know what happens when they get big.... :0) So, now you know you can just "lift and shift"... that's what I do all spring.

Don't forget to come and take that hibiscus this spring (if you still want it - plus the other shrub (can't think of the name of it - uh oh losing my mind - that is in my holding bed - I'll think of it later.

I also have some rose campion seeds (white) and some already grown seedlings ready to bloom this coming summer - so if you are around, call us.


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token28001(zone7b NC)

Thanks Carrie. I'm not sure when I'll be back in Charlotte, and I have some seeds for you too. Shoot me an email with your address again if you would. I know you'll want to sow some this winter.

I'm hoping for lots of reseeded perilla and amaranthus. The few plants I got from you were huge. They'll be used to fill holes again. I did pull the perilla once it turned green, but as I said, I shook it over the beds, assuming there were ripened seeds. It was like rain falling. LOL.

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Yep, once you plant Perilla there should be no need to plant it again. I had some in containers of mixed annuals on the back patio 4 years ago and have never had to plant it again. In the spring I dig up some volunteers to add to the containers and such. Then during summer I pull out some here and there in the ground around the pond to help keep them in check. Also when they start to go to seed, I try to de-head as much as possible to keep the re-seeding in chcek too.


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Remember, Tom - whatever may for some reason reseed for you - I may have lots of extras for you - so let's also keep in touch this spring in case you need more seedlings.

I deadheaded a lot of my perilla because they were too close to the grass - but I still should have plenty in other areas (I hope)...

Caryopteris is the shrub I have for you.


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plays_in_dirt_dirt(Z7A VA bordering NC state line)

After reading about the reseeding power of Perilla, I sowed mine in a pot. I enjoyed it for one summer, but no reseeding in my garden, sad to say. I was hoping to get a few renegade plants so I could collect seed for others.

Carrie, after you set aside seeds of white rose campion for token, will you have any left, hint, hint? I have magenta and really like it. The gray-green foliage is nice, too.

Barbara in Virginia

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I take my perilla volunteers and plant them in pots surrounded by plain-jane geraniums. It's a nice combo.

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I have straw flowers (not Winter Sown) that reseed like crazy for me much to my surprise.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I was surprised that annual verbena self seeded for me. In the fall I take the dried up plant with seed heads and shake them wherever I want new plants the next year.

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