Phlomis Russeliana

vic447(4)December 31, 2013

Has anyone tried to WS this, and did you have any success with it? Thanks in advance :)

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I haven't sown it, but it sounds like a great candidate for winter sowing, that's what I would do with it if sowing the seeds....

Clothiers: "Phlomis russeliana, Sow at Max. 41F, germination irregular, often several months"

I don't know what your level of experience is, but irregular germination means do not expect all seedlings to appear at the same time, they could germinate weeks, even many weeks, apart. Sow in something sturdy, it may not be as temporary a container as for some things.

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That sounds like a great resource,thank you !
As far as experience I have been WSing a few years , 20 to 30 a year, but none of those jugs taught me patience LOL. Maybe Phlomis will !!

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You might want to do a bit of online research for this one. GA-3 is recommended to trigger germination by J.L. Hudson. A simpler method using something you probably have on hand would be a 24 hour soak in hydrogen peroxide solution or citric acid. I tried sowing these last year and had no success. If I was trying it again, I'd soak them first and probably nick some first or rub them between coarse sandpaper and then soak. Out of about 50 seeds, none of mine germinated.

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Thanks , I will try this as well. Would that be straight hydrogen peroxide or further diluted? This will be new for me.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I just did a bit more of quick research on the seeds, Clothiers, RHS, PlantWorld Devon, Seed Site, PFaF database B&T world seeds, TM out of print database - none mention any special means other than some time for germination, not soaking or nicking either....

I wonder if your seeds were fresh, not sure how long these would be viable, I didn't see that information (but typically if short viable, its mentioned)

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I got my seeds from my sister's plant last fall and winter sowed them. Her plants had several dried seed pods full of seeds. Nothing came up and I finally gave up around June. I have a J.L. Hudson catalog and they recommend pretreating this particular seed with Gibberellis Acid-3 which I have personally never ordered or used. In the back of the catalog the other pretreatments that are sort of similar are listed. The two simplest are the citric acid and the hydrogen peroxide.

When I looked hydrogen peroxide up on line, the recommended soak is half hydrogen peroxide, half water for 24 hours. Seems easy and cheap enough. I've ordered other seed packets from Plants of the Southwest that have this on the packet as an instruction for unlocking dormancy in certain difficult seeds. I also read it helps prevent damping off especially when sowing indoor (good to know). When its a hard seed, it often helps to nick them and then soak. Can't hurt either.

Anyhoo--- thats what I'd do on try #2 if I had any seeds. Its a bit dismal to have 50 seeds planted and not a single one germinates. I even planted about 30 in a marked spot in the ground since I had so many seeds. Nothing came up.

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Just one more bit of information. The reason for the acid or hydrogen peroxide soak is to simulate a bird eating the seed. The acids from their digestive tracts is an aid, if not essential, for germination with some types of seed. Last year I bought some Lantana horrida seeds and wrote in to ask about sowing it on the Texas Forum. One person posted who only had 2 out of 100 germinate. Then another person wrote in and said where the birds roosted and dropped seeds, they germinated very well. So, I soaked mine in hydrogen peroxide 24 hours and then rubbed them between sandpaper to scarify them, like a birds stomach would do. I had 10 germinate out of 100 in a couple weeks. That's at least a little better success than just 2 and I think it probably helped.

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lgslgs(z6 SE ohio)

I winter sowed phlomis tuberosa with good success. (Lovely plant!) Not ruselliana, though.

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I think I will try one jug of just seeds, one jug soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide and knicked, and just for fun one jug watered with a crushed Lactaid pill. If it helps my tummy break down lactose maybe it will break the coat and feed the seed. This experiment is the direct result of -20 weather, a glass of wine, and some pizza :)

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P. tuberosa is supposed to be easy, no pretreatment needed.

vic, you will have to report back to tell us what happens. Good luck.

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