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dorothy4981December 27, 2010

A few weeks ago some folks were having difficulty getting into the Exchange Forum. Apparently someone was able to get technical assistance. I have been trying for several weeks to change my email address to no avail. I have sent messages through the usual contact source. Any suggestions.

BTW I also tried to register using a different name and could not accomplish this either.

Dorothy M (Meadows)

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Dorothy - did you use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page? It's the last link, center of your screen, in the green ribbon at the bottom of each page. I used that when I was having trouble a couple weeks ago and not only did they get the problem resolved within minutes, they sent me a confirmation/apology email to let me know I could try again.

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terrene(5b MA)

Coincidentally, I just contacted GW admin this afternoon regarding this very issue. I changed my email address about 6 months ago and the change worked fine. With the new login system, it has changed back to my old email address! On top of that, I tried to send myself an email and it didn't go through to the old address. I also have to put my zone in manually every time I post!

This is all getting really annoying. If my email doesn't work, I can't do a seed offer on the seed exchange, nor receive emails from other GWers.

I can't offer any advice other than to use "Contact Us" and alert them.

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Thanks for your suggestions - Apparently my updates did go through as they are showing properly now.

One last nagging problem to go ...
get my rear in gear and winter sow!

Dorothy M

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