Gearing up!

girlcat36(6 ish)December 3, 2012

Gearing up for wintersowing! The weather in New England was very mild today(60 degrees?), so I dragged all my WS jugs out of the shed to scrub them in anticipation of the Winter Solstice. I used antifreeze jugs last year; I washed them out very well to be sure there were no traces of antifreeze left, and they seem to be sturdy enough for another winter. My sister had about 30 empty antifreeze jugs left over from winterzing her RV. I was a little iffy about using them, but ended up being fine.
Of course, I had intended to clean those jugs immediately after they were emptied of seedlings in the spring, but that never happened. I'm so glad I had a nice warm day to scrub them out!

I just recieved my first seed catalog in the mail last week, too.

It's on! :)


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Does not feel like December here either but im still getting ready as well.

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