Winter sowing milk containers

esteban_2009(6)December 25, 2013

Hi Folks,
I shall start making my winter sowing milk containers this weekend. Do you folks recommend placing small air holes in the top half of the container?
Also, how many tomato seeds per gallon container?

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

You just need to remove the cap from the milk jug, and that will be enough ventiliation, IME.

I usually sow my tomatoes a bit more thinly than other things, but that is because I don't grow as many (i.e. 15 tomato plants vs. 150 zinnia plants, lol). And I keep my tomatoes separated by variety.

So, I may plant 4 to 6 tomato seeds of one variety in one jug, then another 4 to 6 of another variety in another jug, etc. But that is just for my ease of planting later, and again because I don't grow that many. (I plant at least 4 seeds for each variety to assure germination of at least one seed).

I assume you can put as many seeds as you'd like in a jug - I've seen tomatoes self seed in very large numbers in one little spot, like where a tomato may have fallen and been left in the garden, and all those seeds in that little 2-3 square-inch area germinate!


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Dee, thanks for the very informative post. Just what I wanted to know.
I definitely plan on putting different varieties in different jugs and marking them well.
Take care,

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I don't winter sow tomatoes because in Z5, they don't have a long enough growing season. Those and peppers are the only things I start indoors. Everything else will be WS in milk jugs.

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