brian_ouimet(5 Ont)December 8, 2012

Is it to early to put my winter sowing pots out yet here in zone 5 Eastern Ontario. Thanks

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terrene(5b MA)

Brian, the only seeds I have sown this early in the season are trees and shrubs, and a few perennials, that require months of cold stratification. Actually need to start getting some sowing done, I have lots of tree seeds this year!

Otherwise, it's probably not too early to sow and put containers out, but personally I don't like to do it any earlier than necessary. There is a slight chance if you're too early, that the seeds will sprout during a warm spell. Also, the potting mix can get icky - green slime growing on top, etc. if the containers are sitting outside for months.

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It is definitely too early in NW IL (also Z5) because we are getting weeks at a time of temps in the 40's. I see new little seedlings germinating in the ground and lots of established perennials are still getting new growth. I would wait until the end of January if I were you.

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I would wait, but someone help me out on this, you can sow Delphiniums, Columbines, Larkspur, seeds with hard shell that need stratification now. I'm in Zone 6b, it 63 degrees now. I would wait. We had a warm spell run thru last winter and some of my seeds came up (Nigella, Clarkia & Tidytips) they did survive.

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moonphase(z7 Ga)

most start on the soltice but I wait until all the xmas decorations and the tree is packeded away,my house put back in order and the first of Jan,hopefully the cold we're having now will get really cold,then I sow 15-20 jugs a day if possible.I'm starting now to prep my jugs.I am really looking forward to it.I need salvias and dianthus.will get my list ready right after xmas

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Brian, have you started its time!

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