Winter Soltice Celebration

dem_paDecember 17, 2013

What seeds will you be winter sowing on Saturday?

Seeds of Remembrance - In honor of my Great Aunt Johnny Jump Ups

Seeds of Life - (Fruit or Nectar) American Persimmon trees

Seeds of Trees - Golden Rain Trees

Seeds of Faith - Seeds that are at least six years old


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Once my first seed order from Swallowtail arrives (which may be not until after Saturday, but we will see), I shall be planting these:

Remembrance- "Soulmate" Milkweed. Anything that attracts butterflies reminds me of my one best friend who passed away tragically six years ago in a car wreck the summer before senior year in high school.

Life- "Milkmaid" Milkweed, since the Monarchs lay their eggs on milkweeds.

Trees-I don't have any tree seeds, but for that, I shall plant either "Blue Globe" Globe Thistle or some "Pretty Betsy" Jupiter's Beard. They both look like a miniature tree or remind me of the structure of a tree.

Faith- Veronica "Sightseeing Mixture". I haven't had much luck with WSing Veronicas/Speedwells. So, I shall plant them and have faith that I shall see sprouts when the warmer weather arrives.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I will observe solstice by sowing various clematis seeds. My garden beds are too full and I have many plants still in holding beds so won't be planting different seeds for each part of the celebration, only the clematis seeds.

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I put out 4 jugs today for solstice too... the beginning of the wintersowing season!

Remembrance: Zinnias (my great grandmother's family name was Zinniak)

Life: Lady in Red Salvia (for the butterflies and bees)

Tree: Mimosa

Faith: Seeds gathered here and there - or "what I did on my summer vacation"

Glad to join the tradition with all of you. And a special "Thanks" to for getting me started on all of it.


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Happy Solstice to everyone ! I participated, a little....

I found a few minutes for me in what was a really busy day with way too many interruptions and sowed my helleborus foetidus seed that arrived moist packed this week.

I really wish I were clever enough to make that significant somehow, but what can I tie stinking hellebore, aka bears foot hellebore, to so I can announce some kind of meaningful connection ;)

I wanted it, I like this plant, what else can I say. In my former garden it was blooming for me by Halloween and still looked good in May and I didn't bring it with me when I moved. Also the deer don't bother it, so the helleborus seeds became my little bit of celebrating this afternoon.

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I like reading your solstice meaningful connections. Altho I have not yet done any planting I did receive a surprise in the mail,
Sweetgrass seeds.
I don't remember ordering them, maybe they are a sample. Sweetgrass is regarded as sacred by Native Americans, and I do remember writing to one catalog company and asking them if they carried it.
It is said to smell like vanilla.

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