Winter Solstice Celebration and winter sowing

mnwsgal 4 MN(4)December 7, 2011

Every year I join other winter sowers as part of the winter sowing winter solstice celebration as shown on We sow four sets of seeds to honor Remembrance, Life, Mother Nature and Faith.

I like the celebration as it marks the beginning of winter and the winter sowing season. I like being part of a group throughout the world which celebrates these beginnings. I like picking out special seeds for each; remembrance, life, mother nature, and faith. It adds an extra thoughtfulness to the act of sowing.

Sometimes I winter sow more than 4 containers but usually I only do those containers and wait until later to sow other seeds. The first few years I needed to start in January as I was winter sowing hundreds of containers. Now with fewer containers to winter sow I wait until February.

Do you or have you participated in the Winter Sowing Winter Solstice Celebration?

Here is a link that might be useful: Winter Solstice Celebration

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I hadnt planned to start planting till jan this time (last year was my first experience) but after reading your post I've changed my mind. Four special seed choices...
Mother Nature

Imagining how many thousands of seeds are being sown on that special day makes it all more meaningful. I'll have to go through my seeds and pick something special for each one.

I look forward to hearing what others have chosen for their Solstice seeds.

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atravers(zone 5)

There is something about this celebration that's very special. It makes me stop long enough during this busy season to take time to reflect. I haven't posted much over the years - I still have records from my first winter sowing on 12-21-03 and the beautiful stand of Lady's Mantle that resulted from that sowing. But even today as I was taking a walk with some colleagues at work I was thinking about the maple seeds underneath my feet that would make great contributions to my mother nature offering in the solstice container. I'm in need of some California poppy seed for my remembrance of my California grandmothers. Off to post this on the exchange page. Happy solstice sowing and so many thanks to Trudi and her fabulous work.

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I hadn't intended to actually sow on the solstice, but now that I've read this thread, I will definitely sow 4 containers. The solstice has always been celebrated in my culture, though I admit I have not been the best at carrying out those traditions since I became a mother.

Life - Canterbury Bells - In the town I grew up in, the local church always rang the church bells when a wedding happened or when a baby was born in town. Bells symbolize the beginning of life to me.

Mother Nature - Siberian Iris - I threw all my Siberian Iris and Blue Flag seed pods in one bag all mixed together. This will be the opportunity to see what survives!

Remembrance - Moonbeam Coreopsis - This original plant came from my grandmothers house. She has since died and the house has been sold - so saving seed has been the only way I can get more of my grandmothers gardens.

Faith - Luminaria - aka Money Plant. Though my family has not suffered through this multi-year recession, it has taught us that money is not as important to survival as once thought. You need to have faith in your own abilities. By growing luminaria, we will always have plenty of money!

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Last year was my first year for Winter Sowing and I planted on the Solstice. I know Butterfly Weed was one of the seeds I planted. I have a few ideas for what I want to plant though. They will all be perennials, that's the one thing I'm sure about.

Life-Butterfly Weed or some kind of butterfly host plant seed (Milkweeds, Rue, Fennel, etc.)
Remembrance- Not sure about this one yet but it will be some kind of butterfly nectar plant, for my best friend who died in a car accident back in high school.
Mother Nature-Joe Pye Weed or Boneset
Leap Of Faith-Some kind of flowers that I've never grown before, which are quite a few lol. I'm thinking Cardinal Flower, but like I said, not the definite kind of seeds I'll plant. Stay busy, everyone! Happy sowing!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Thanks everyone for your inspiring ideas. I will have to think of these 4 categories, as I had not known of these before. Great idea and I hope that more people are inspored to do so.

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Life: Black Knight Butterfly Bush
Remembrance: Rose seeds for my beloved Rose friends
Mother Nature: Daylilies
Leap of Faith: False Indigo

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Each year I find solstice sowing more meaningful than in previous years. After the horrible & devastating weather events of this year took their toll on my little garden, I realized I had some major challenges to face in 2012. I sowed:

Life - Apple tree seeds
Leap of Faith - crocosmia for the hummingbirds & butterflies
Remembrance - dogwood to replace the ones lost in the October snowstorm
Mother Nature - Japanese red maple to provide shade for the next generation who will garden here after me

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Sowed on Winter Solstice 2011

Remembrance: Aquilegia flabellata for Mom
Mother Nature: Caryopteris 'Worcester Gold'
Life: Heliopsis 'Lorraine Sunshine'
Leap of Faith: Meconopsis betonicifolia

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