How's this for gritty mix?

JobenApril 3, 2011
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Come closer...

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Nice! It looks very much like mine, except I also use perlite and granite chips. Very nice, though! Your plants will be very happy!

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Very nice coloring Joben!

As Jodi, I also use perlite and granite in mine too.

I see bark, great looking might I add, pefect size, and I see what appears to be Turface. What else is in there?


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I see that some of you experienced gritty mix users have substituted perlite for the turface. Do you use the same ratio? Would you recommend this for any plants? Perlite would be so much easier for me to obtain and lift! Thanks for your help.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Hi, Julie - Perlite is a more suitable substitute for the granite in the gritty mix. To get about the same water retention as the gritty mix 1:1:1, bark:Turface:grit, use about 4:3:2, perlite:bark:Turface.


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thanks Al! By the way, I am the Gritty Mix failure person. I want you to know that I kept at it and with your help, I think that I'm on the road to success. I used a wick, more drainage holes and put the pothos in more light than it was accustomed to which can be tough in the Pacific Northwest in the winter! :) My third try pothos is looking good. Thanks again for your help and encouragement. I also have big containers full of 5-1-1 just waiting for my seedlings but we've had POURING rain/sleet so I guess I need to wait awhile longer. Thanks again!

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I use granite chips and perlite IN ADDITION to the turface and fir bark, not instead of. The turface is the main moisture retentive ingredient, with bark following close behind. The perlite and granite chips just add to the volume.

Personally, I tweak my mixes from batch to batch, depending on plant type, pot size, where it will be located, etc... and I keep in mind the purpose of each ingredient and the overall concept of the medium.

For those of you new to these mediums, I would follow Al's sage advice... on ratios, ingredients, etc...

I tend to do my own thing... outside of the box, so to speak... but I've had quite a bit of experience, and the indoor environment I have to contend with is a little different than most.

As you become familiar and experienced with the various mediums and ingredients, and you see how your own plants fare, you'll get more comfortable trying to custom mix for a specific plant, perhaps... or you'll need to substitute because you can't locate something, or you just don't have it on hand at the moment... or whatever the case may be.

What I'm saying is... I don't necessarily follow the exact recipes, basically because I know what characteristics I'm looking to get from a particular batch I'm mixing.

With time in, anyone can create their own personal mix that works best in their environment, for their specific uses... but I think the key elements to keep in mind are the concept of the mixes, and what purpose each ingredient serves, what it brings to the mix. You'll know how much of which ingredient to add for extra moisture retention, or for a looser mix, or whatever end result you want.

Happy Gardening!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

You're welcome, Julie. I remember you .... ;o) Pat yourself on the back for your tenaciousness and resolve! You'll be glad you didn't give up. Lol - my last boat was named 'Tenacious'.


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Mike, it's 1/8" Desert Gold gravel. I'm not sure if it's granite. The vendor only stated that it's "crushed rock".

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