Idyll 279-The Waning Days of Summer

vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)August 23, 2006

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

That a girl Sue, give the container queen a run for her money! Beautiful photo too!
I've been packing up mildewed books and taping up the boxes. Only about half done. Sheesh.
Also mowed some more because they said it would rain. Very funny they are... No sign of moisture anywhere. Things are brown. I pruned off the dead buddleia flowers and that at least is looking better.
Then I started squishing those revolting rose slugs. They're everywhere and my roses are skeletons. Yuck.
We have had odd power outages for the last two days. A real pain when I am trying to get things done around here.
Wedding stuff is sort of under control. Rings are made, the dress hemmed, the flowers ordered, a new(ish) car bought, etc. But I still need to get cat sitting better organized, get a haircut, pack things and also clothes for me, and other things too. I am not sleeping well. There will be funny tales to tell when all is done. ;-) They are very happy and excited.

Off to dreamland, I hope!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

LOL, Marie, a couple of plants in that container came from none other than the container queen herself. This is one of my favorite containers this year and it's thriving up against the north wall of my house.

Party preparations are in full swing here. Tonight I finished the garden except for some last minute tidying. I tried to find some cheap annuals to fill some gaps but had no luck. Is it too early for ornamental kale? I couldn't find any of that either. Now it's time to switch my focus to cleaning and food prep. One of my brothers and his wife are coming Friday afternoon to spend the weekend. I'll be putting them to work on

Other than that it's work. The workouts have been taking a backseat. After this weekend I'm going to try and go back to a full workout schedule.

Deanne, I hope you had a good birthday. I can't believe I haven't looked at the BD file since I sent it to you last month. It's a good thing Marie was on the


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Sue, beautiful container garden. And in pink? I'm hoping my "birthday records" are correct and Deanne's b-day isn't until tomorrow? I sure don't want to miss it!

Marie, you sound busy but excited about the wedding. Can't wait to hear about it. I bet the soon-to-be-newlyweds happiness is contagious.

T, forget about the house and garden and enjoy those babies! The housework will wait for you! Last year when Bella was a baby my garden suffered but now that she's a little older it's getting easier to get things done. They grow up so fast you've got to spend time in the moment and enjoy them.

Ei, what a great idea for a picture of Bella. I'm going to show Meg and I bet she'll think so too. I'm glad you're excited and happy about moving.

Honey, glad the books were a help. Have fun plant shopping!

Marian, I'm so sorry about the news of Tim's friend. I know you'll find the words to be of comfort to Tim. You're a great mom to care so much!

I'm tired and think I'm going to turn in early but wanted to check in here first. Looks like all is well in Idylland so I'll say good night, Eden

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GB, I meant to tell you how much I liked your evening pond shot. It has such soft colors and looks like a painting. I thought of you earlier this evening when I bent a thumbnail back and had to trim it to nothing. Hope yours are staying nice.

Honey it sounds like you are as bad as me for having so many projects going at once. No wonder your DH is afraid of bees. His was a terrifying experience. We had the bald face hornets building in the eve of our house way up high. I managed to spray with some far shooting spray and then squirted with the hose till it all fell down. I had to respray several times. Hope you find some bargains.

T , I was thinking how much I would miss seeing those precious baby faces whenever I scroll down the thread. I think you should add new ones to each thread.

Michelle, I grew sea lavender at the other house and loved it. It just doesn't do well at this place. Your bouquet sounds pretty.

Marian I hope your headache is better. My BP medicine says "do not stop taking suddenly", I do forget one once in awhile but usually only one day.
Your description of Marvins place sounds neat. I feel badly for them.

I had a day of many false starts. So much I wanted to do,but seems I just spun my wheels. I hope I'm more productive tomorrow.
We are going to Indianna this weekend to visit with DH's sisters. All five of them will be there. I am not looking forward to the drive as I am uncomfortable sitting for any length of time.

Nice container Sue. I'm going to go see what I can scare up for a card.

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

A bit early, but close enough:

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Count your garden by the flowers,
Never by the leaves that fall.
Count your days by golden hours,
Don't remember clouds at all.

Count your nights by stars not shadows
Count your years with smiles, not tears.
Count your blessings, not your troubles,
Count your age by friends, not tears....
- Author Unknown -

Happy Birthday Deanne! I hope the day was every bit as special as you are....Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Let's try that one more time...

Count your garden by the flowers,
Never by the leaves that fall.
Count your days by golden hours,
Don't remember clouds at all.

Count your nights by stars not shadows
Count your years with smiles, not tears.
Count your blessings, not your troubles,
Count your age by friends, not years....
- Author Unknown -

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone!!! What a lovely surprise to wake up to BD cards! How fun, how fun!

Eden, you are 100% correct. Today is my birthday. Did you know that the Last Day of Pompeii happened on August 24th? Interesting but totally useless factoid.

Sue that container is absolutely lovely! And I detect a Lena fuchsia in there? Beautiful! Do you know the name of that trailing coleus? It is one I don't have but think in need to have. Perhaps you could grab a cutting for me? ~~ I hope you have great weather and a great time at your party. Sure wish we could be there but as I said, this is a must attend wedding for us on Saturday. Ill have to have Doug grab a pic of me in the dress I found for the wedding. ItÂs pretty neat with a handkerchief hem and beads etc. IÂve been on overdrive at the gym to make sure it fits. LOL Originally I told Doug I didnÂt want to go out to dinner for my birthday because I didnÂt want to risk even gaining an ounce before the wedding but how silly was that? So anyway we are going out to CR Sparks tonight for my dinner. That is another place I need to take you to. I know youÂd love it.

Marie, what a pretty card, is that a bougainvilla in there? I donÂt know how you are dealing with that mildew. IÂd be pretty darned discouraged at this point. Although everything is relative, I saw a show about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina done by one of our local news anchors who lived there at the time and so many people lost absolutely everything.

HOney, how terrible that your DH had such an awful experience with the bees. ~~ I'm surprised you only have a few dinnerplates this year. I lost my 'Kelvin Floodlight' in the rains this spring along with the 'Thomas Edisons'. I need to replace that one next year as I'm missing it's lovely sunny face.

Norma, that is one gorgeous container! I love the look of the orange callibrachoa against the purple ipomoea. Do you know the names of the coleus in the arrangement? The splotchy one looks like a variety I have called Glory and I love the tall one in the back and is that an iresine poking up in the back of the arrangement? Those foreground coleus look familiar to me too! LOL They look terrific. ~~ I so know about having a day with false starts. I tend to do that at times where I just keep spinning my wheels and donÂt get anything done. I have a new mantra when working outside and that is "Keep to task, keep to task". I keep telling myself to stick to what it is I originally set out to do and not keep getting distracted by deadheading, watering, picking up the patio, etc. etc. etc IÂm very good at getting distracted.

Michelle, is that purple basil??? So gorgeous! I absolutely do need to grow that next year and it looks fabu with the ornamental kale.

Monique!!! Thank you, how thoughtful. You know I just love that container and it is my absolute favorite of all yours from this year. That ÂFlume coleus is bigger and better than IÂve ever seen that variety. It sure takes a bit of time to get going though donÂt you think? IÂm thinking of taking the parent plant of mine in the house instead of doing cuttings of it because it was so slow to get going this year. I canÂt wait to plant that out with the ÂBilly Green next year. ~~ How is Emma feeling? I sure hope she is doing better.

Eileen, how lovely! That is such a pretty caladium and what a fancy frame, thank you for that and the poem. I believe I need to memorize it and recite it to myself whenever things get me down. I do need to remind myself to focus on the positive and let the negative things go. I need to remember things like five years ago on my birthday I weighed in at 312 pounds and was in chronic pain. Now IÂm fit and healthy and at a healthy weight. Now that is pretty neat! I feel better at 54 than I did at 34. That is also pretty neat. So what better way to begin my birthday than to begin with a nice long workout at the gym? After that I think IÂll putter about in the gardens, maybe take a few photos of what is blooming here. Have a great day everyone!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK Ei, I'm trying to count my blessings, but Plantar Fasciitis seems to be my issue this week. I was using the treadmill again and I suppose that is the cause? Anyway, I'm trying to stretch my foot and not overuse it....what a combination. Morning is the hardest time for it. I'll try to start counting my friends now! ;-)

Deanne, I'll be looking forward to seeing you in your lovely dress. I wish I had six months to prepare for fitting in wedding attire. Actually, I'll share this with you all from DD's wedding site, to give you the picture:
"What should you wear? I've been asked this many times.
Whatever you like. If you feel you should dress up for the occasion out of respect, do it. If you hate getting dressed up, wear something comfortable. If your partner insists that even though you are dressed to the hilt, they are comfortable in jeans and a clean shirt, let them be! If you think this is an occasion to wear that new outfit, we'll be sure to give you some feedback...

Keep in mind that depending on how long you are coming for, we are planning for campfires and a barn dance so you may want to dress according to that. See you there!"

Off to make more lists and try to focus.

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We're here to deliver Happy Birthday wishes to Deanne from our Grammie T. We hope it will be a wonderful day for you, Deanne.

Jake & Josiah (this is our first birthday card--hope we did it right)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Happy Birthday Deanne, I hope this will be a lovely day for you.

You can see the fertilized brug in the lower left foreground...:-)
I used the Landscape setting to take this pic. It shows everything better than the Auto setting that I was using.
I am having a dreadful time getting my pics to upload to my albums, both on PT and on Photobucket. I am thinking it is a problem with my server.

Believe it or not, we got another shower yesterday morning! This is SO abnormal! But I am loving it.

I am still not feeling up to snuff, so will TTYAL.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What a beautiful photographic thread this is...babies and gardens!
I've been dragging the hose around and squashing rose slugs some more. Made more lists too.
Norma, still working on the nails LOL! You made me wince about bending your nail backwards. Youch!!!
Marian, that is the prettiest photo yet! I love seeing how your containers blend in with the surroundings. Get back on track with the meds soon!
Onward with my day now...

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hi all! I feel that I am so far behind and out of touch with all of you. I promise that I will develop a better routine right away.

DD got moved in to school on Tuesday. The day went very well; the only glitch was getting the computer to talk to the new printer. Once I got over avoiding using the "virtual USB port" because I had very real USB ports, everything worked fine. And if that makes no sense to you, don't worry because this is stuff I never wanted to know. ;o)

So she's been busy with orientation activities, has leads on a couple of part time jobs, and in general sounds very happy. Mom is sleeping well at night!

Now I need to reconfigure my routines. With DH traveling about 4 days out of 5, I'm home on my own a lot. The upside is that if I leave the house in the morning with no dirty dishes in the sink, there are still no dirty dishes in the sink when I come home. The downside is when I wake up in the morning to a wicked thunderstorm and Sunrise refuses to go out in the rain without a human being at her side, I am the only eligible human being around. Well, I didn't get too wet this morning...

'bug, I have had issues with plantar fasciitis in the past and "I feel your pain." I hope you can get some relief before the wedding! I have finally realized that mine is triggered by a lack of good arch support, and I no longer buy shoes without putting my hand inside the shoe first to check the amount of arch support. I also have found that switching off between pairs of shoes periodically helps as well. Yeah, you guys were wondering were Dr. V. was at, weren't you?

I know there is a special occassion I need to acknowledge, but I hope to take care of that tonight from home.

When there are so many incredible photos, I always hate to acknowledge only one, but I have to do this! Monique, the ajuga beneath your fuschia pot is an absolutely stunning combination! Wow!

While I've been wrtiting this post I've had two phone calls from DD and she sounds so enthusiastic and happy it makes me smile. :) :) :) (Let's hope it lasts!)

We did have some good heavy rains this morning, served with a generous dollop of thunder and lightening but no damage in my area. Now it's pleasantly cool and breezy. Tonight's task is to pick all the ripe tomatoes in the garden so I can share a bunch at work.

The at-hand task is to whip the desk into shape - well, right after lunch, that is! TTYL and my best to everyone,

V. who won't be a stranger

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Deanne, I hope you are having a special day. How wonderful that you are feeling so much better physically and probably mentally too. I had to laugh at when I read that you chant "keep to task" I chant "stick to task, stick to task" - seriously. I get so distracted in the garden. Yes, that is opal basil. Actually the light green is from the same seed packet. Purple Ruffles is another nice one. They are very easy to wintersow. The picture is actually from the vegetable garden.
What a fabulous group of pictures for your day.

Marie, it sounds like things are falling into place for the wedding. Thats great especially since its just around the corner ;o) Did you find something to wear for the ceremony? Your DD has a great attitude.

Norma, I hope your trip goes well. It would probably help you to get out and walk frequently.

T, what a precious picture. I love the pale blue blanket that coordinates so well with their little outfits and what little gentlemen with their little hats. Can you tell I love babies?

Marian, how nice to get so much rain in August.

V, glad to hear that DD is adjusting so well to being away from home.

Not much new here other than trying to get the lawn and garden back under control. I cut back a bunch of stuff that was declining last night. I have also been asked to provide pictures for the wedding, which will be January 6, and since our pictures are totally disorganized, that is a challenge.


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Very, very happy birthday, Deanne!!


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Hi there!! My mornings have started in the car no later than 6am so posting would've been something like "hmfgnrsohtbvk I need more coffee."

First want to report on a Great conversation I had today with our HGTV marketing rep out of New York. Her office is right across the hall from the Programming Department. During the Q&A part of a presentation, I asked when HGTV would start paying attention to gardening, again. I pointed out that while gardening-related sales have risen 23% across the U.S. during the past 36 months, HGTV has dropped a lot of gardening programming and does this really make sense? Her response was that Scripps Networks, owners of HGTV, feels pretty much the same way and has hired a new President. The new person comes to them from Food Network and is a gardener herself.

During the meet and great, I pointed out that during the winter is a GREAT time to test new programming for gardeners. We talked for another few minutes and she seemed to truly listen, beyond that which would be professional obligation. At the end, she winked and nodded and asked for my email address to let me know of program premieres. Now, the thing I'll do is pass along that info and watch the programming so that it doesn't go away. A Gardener President of HGTV!!!!

WOW about all the gorgeous container pics. There's no favorite in this corner as I'd take any of them in a heartbeat :-)

T., the babies are so beyond cute! They did a fine job with their first attempt.

Weddings -- Have been thinking about Marie a lot and really like the clothes message from the wedding website. Only a great mom could have instilled the idea that a wedding is a celebration, not a show. That said, I love getting dressed up and will be awaiting Deanne's pics of her fabu outfit. The event that we will miss Sue's party for is a dress-down thing so that "elegant feel" we all love sometimes will be vicarious through Doug's pic.

Ei: I think on a different thread you asked about how I started trialing. The answer is simple: spend enough money with growers and tell them you'd like to give it a shot. LOL. Actually, there is a lot to it if it's done properly, but it's all fun and it's an absolute trip to see something come to market as a "new release" that's been in your own garden for three or so years.

Eden: Go for the petunias. They are inexpensive, easy, and provide great "pop" where other things won't work. I great design trick is to put trailing petunias in a container at least 20" at the lip and plant the same variety at the base. It ends up looking like a waterfall of color. All for about $2 worth of seed and 8 weeks under the lights. Bargain city.

College prep is in high gear and DS actually went out and bought fresh sheets!! ("Who are you and what have you done with Kyle????") I made the mistake of pulling out some Kindergarten pictures without a handy box of Kleenex so on the way to the bathroom had to admit to he and Rich that I got overly sentimental. A Mom's perogative .... I'm being very, very good and not stocking up on underwear and instant oatmeal for him to take. Though I have the day off that he leaves, I've not been invited down but Have been asked to stay near the phone in case he forgets something. What can I sneak out of his bags ;-)

Rich still hasn't been able to get any decent work projects and the latest economic indicators are that remodeling/renovations are taking a back seat in people's budgets. Not good news, at all. We have an awesome opportunity to flip a house but he doesn't want to get in the middle of that and then get a contract. So, home he sits playing his drums and cleaning like a madman. Financially we're not at the point of complaining and it Has been really nice to come home to dinner.

I have all of my plans made for moving/dividing and arranging plants from the three nursery areas. Finally!! I'm so excited about going into Year 3 that when I found a coleus I'd never seen at the conference center today, I grabbed a cutting for a container that I've been saving for "when things start to come together." Whoopee!

The sun is starting to set and I want to get in a quick walk and weed before the mossies are out in full force.

Best to everyone -- Hi to everyone not previously mentioned.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

well, there's a saying about best laid plans...

Deanne, let me wish you a very, very happy birthday and I will post a card tomorrow. I got a great photo, but there are too many silly technological hurdles between me and the uploading process right now, so I will have to post it in the morning.

Hi Martie! Thanks for your efforts to get gardening back in HGTV. I was thisclose to breaking down and getting satellite TV so I could watch the gardening programs when they all went away. If they come back, I may have to change my mind. After all, I have all this time on my hands now - wait, why am I eating dinner at 8:45 pm?

I am going to try to get through a bit more than just the comics in today's paper. Tomorrow morning, I will catch up on the last thread.


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Just dropping in to wish Deanne the happiest of birthdays. I owe you a card tomorrow. Between the rain and Bella I just couldn't get to it today. You sure got some beautiful ones from others. I've really enjoyed looking at them. It's getting late and I'm tired so talk to you all tomorrow.


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Hope I got this correct:

Martie, I'm very excited about your HGTV news. I'm taping Gardener's Diary shows every Tues and Thurs morn right now and watch them on the w/ends. I would welcome more gardening programming.

Hi everyone-gorgeous photos for Deanne's bday!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Very quickly as I'm scheduled for some software training in less than half an hour. Nick has some sort of abcess on his neck so I have to call the vet and see if I can get him an appointment. Naturally it's supposed to rain tomorrow since I'm having a party. Good grief! I don't think I'll ever catch a break with that.

Happy Birthday, V! Hopefully I'll have time to zip you off a card tonight.

OK, the vet's open-gotta run.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

And another HAPPY BIRTHDAY Veronicastrum !

Have a lovely day.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Sorry I've been remiss --

I hope it was a great one, Deanne! Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

And now for V -- I hope it's one fun, fun day..Happy Birthday!!!!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning!

First, a Canadian Sunrise for all my friends:

And now, a belated wish:

Happy Birthday Deanne!
Hope it was a lovely day!size>

size>Marie, the terra cot pot and the plants in it are the ones I purchased at Lurveys with you and Lynn. The terra cotta pot is sitting on top of one of the ceramic pots that I found at Canadian Tire in Kenora. (If you use empty pots to elevate other pots, your DH never notices that they are empty!) At the very front of the photo is a Miscanthus 'Gold Bar', the first variegated miscanthus to steal my heart.

Thanks for the all the lovely photos! Monique, you were dead-on right, posting your card exactly 1 minute into my birthday! So far, the radio has been cooperating by playing some of my favorite songs, like "Ripple" by the Grateful Dead, "Jessica" by the Allman Brothers, and "Good Things" by the BoDeans.

DD has a second interview today for a job in one of the music offices. Cross your fingers!


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Happy Birthday V!!! I hope you have a wonderful day (and that your DD will find out she got the job--that would be a lovely present).


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

For V - Hope your day "Glows with the Gold of Sunshine"

Grateful Dead - Ripple
If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine
And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung
Would you hear my voice come through the music
Would you hold it near as it were your own?
It's a hand-me-down, the thoughts are broken
Perhaps they're better left unsung
I don't know, don't really care
Let there be songs to fill the air

Ripple in still water
When there is no pebble tossed
Nor wind to blow

Reach out your hand if your cup be empty
If your cup is full may it be again
Let it be known there is a fountain
That was not made by the hands of men
There is a road, no simple highway
Between the dawn and the dark of night
And if you go no one may follow
That path is for your steps alone

Ripple in still water
When there is no pebble tossed
Nor wind to blow

You who choose to lead must follow
But if you fall you fall alone
If you should stand then who's to guide you?
If I knew the way I would take you home

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

How funny...I changed the CD in my car this morning to a Grateful Dead greatest hits track. Ripple, Friend of the Devil, US Blues, Touch of Gray...just a few of my favorites. At least we aren't choosing "Touch of Gray" for the BD

My brother and his wife should be here at any time. I was going to bake whoopie pies but I'm afraid my brother will eat most of them before the party. It must be a childhood memory thing but all my brothers are wild about whoopie pies and I'm about the only one who makes them from nana's original recipe. The rain has stopped for the time being and Tom is cleaning the fountain. Keep you fingers crossed. I really want to have an outdoor party just once.

Enjoy your day, V!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A quick good morning all,

Well it started out cloudy and threatening rain and now the sun is out and it is looking to be a lovely day. I hope the weather in CT is doing the same for Sue so she has a party without rain!

I'm about to leap into action adn get my containers all watered then get myself all dolled up for the wedding this afternoon. This is going to be a great day. We've been looking forward to this wedding for a while. Our niece is a lovely young woman and the groom is the son of folks who grew up in my old neighborhood. Really nice people. As it turns out my BIL is Greek as is the groom's family so it makes it even a better match. Happy day, I'm hoping the sun stays shining for them today.

Have a great day everyone!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good drizzly morning! LOLOLOL (that's maniacal laughter BTW). Supposedly the rain is supposed to stop this morning and we're expecting cloudy skies and a high of 78 F. If that happens I can live with it. We only have about 25 confirmed for the party so there will be plenty of room both inside and out. Maybe I'll even have a bit more time to socialize with everyone at this party.

Last night my brother and his wife took us out to dinner. We decided to try a Mexican/Southwestern place in Hartford called Agave. The food was excellent-especially the cheesecake. According to the menu it was the best in Hartford. I can see why. It's a tequila bar and if that's your thing they have 50 different kinds. It's always fun to get out and try something new.

I've been taking some garden pictures this week and will post a few after things die down around here. Unfortunately, I'm not getting alot of winners. The rain yesterday blew apart the huge Agastache 'Blue Fortune' I have in the patio garden. I'm tring to figure out how I can fix it without making it look worse. Leaving it alone may be the best course of action and then tomorrow I'll hack it to the ground.

OK, I hear my company stirring. Time to get moving.


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Well Sue they say for your garden to look it's best for a tour you should water that morning. So if the rain clears up your garden should look great. I've got my fingers crossed that the sun shines on your party. Enjoy!

I have Bella again all day today and am trying to get ready for the garden club tour of my garden Monday. I also need to come up with something to serve them. I'm thinking iced tea and texas sheet cake. You can never go wrong with chocolate.

Happy Birthday V! Hope it was a great day for you and that dd got the job! Still haven't had a moment to get cards together but they're coming soon!

Deanne, have a fabulous time at the wedding.

I've got to run. I have about a million and one things on my list to do today and it's raining here.


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Quick fly by from here before we head out. I was dreading rain as the crowd we'll be with is much better off outside ;-) Hooray, Sue!!

Rain has perked everything up considerably. The corn is now measured at 9' tall.

Best to everyone!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'm taking a break from cleaning up the Alchemilla on my back hillside garden. Thanks for all the beautiful cards and wonderful wishes! I must have asked for rain for my birthday because, boy, did we get rain! I had left a copper wine bucket out on the deck, and it's not a great rain gauge because it gets wider at the top. When I came home from work and stuck a ruler in the wine bucket, it measured 5 1/4"!!! And we got another downpour later that evening. So conditions are a bit swamp-like at the moment, and garden work will probably end about noon because the humidity will become oppressive.

The good news is that this rain won't get to CT tonight! It was a slow moving system that just sat in certain places for a long time.

Sue, I hope your party goes well! Deanne, enjoy the wedding.

V. the mildewed one

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Not only am I eager to see Deanne all spiffied up for the wedding, but I hope to hear all sorts of wedding details. I want to make sure I know all the things to do and NOT to do for our big day next week.

Got my hair cut today and so did DH.

And Sue, how's the weather??? Do we get a photo of you too?

Today we threw away the basement carpet and underpad, then the couch that was down there too. DH has been washing the walls and ceiling. 3 fans are going as well as the dehumidifier. The books are out of there at last. Next wiping down the bookcases and vacuuming the dust and mold. Then we'll need to figure out a plan. The window well needs serious attention. I figure cure the problem before painting, new floor and refurnishing. This could be a year long project...:(

We are working on converting me to using a new mailer and it is a brutal task....

Eyes are bothering me so I'm off the computer for now.
Still thinking of Cynthia and missing her.

Hope it is a great weekend for all!~

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Good Morning, Rain here but that's a good thing. We need it. It's supposed to clear up later today and I have indoor things I can do until then. Brad has the day off, David's working a double shift so we won't be seeing much of him today and Bella's home with her mom until Wednesday. I'm going to grab a shower and then clean the kitchen and eventually the bathroom. If the weather clears up we'll throw something on the grill for dinner and maybe rent a movie tonight. It looks like it will be a nice quiet day around here. I'm waiting to hear about Deanne's day at the wedding and see her in her new outfit and hear how Sue's party went. And did she promise us some garden pictures? Marie, it sounds like cleaning up your room is turning out to be quite a labor intensive project. The wedding will be here before you know it. You must be getting excited. It sounds like it is going to be a really unique and wonderful event. I miss Cynthia too! Well, time to get this day started. Have a good one all!


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YAAAAAAAAWWWWNNNN!!! It's that kind of a day. Overcast and cool and damp. Comm'on Deanne and Sue!! We Want Pics!

Yesterday's excursion was interesting and could bring a lot of major changes to the household. Rich has been thinking on and off about heading to New Orleans and seeing what he can do down there. After talking with several folks yesterday and coming to true grips that the economy is going to get worse before better, he's made his decision to give it a shot. All applications, regulations, warnings to contractors and homeowners, etc., have been printed out. The hardest part will be the week he'll go down by himself to get everything in order. Finding a place to stay long-term is presenting challenges, but there are a bunch of non-profit places that will put licensed and experienced contractors up in exchange for 5 hours of volunteer labor a week. They collectively cook, etc., and it sounds like a good place to start.

Of course, being away from my husband of just two years knowing the dangers that are there is scary. I am, however, a big girl and love him enough to say: "Have at it if this is what you want to do." I think there's more to this than just the financial prospects; I think there's a certain amount of "calling" involved to help with a passionate skill in a place that's been sorely neglected.

So, I'll have a son in Japan and a husband in New Orleans if all goes according to plan. The gardens will only benefit as there won't be much else to pay attention to!!

On a much less serious note, am going to tackle some weeding, dividing and moving this morning before the rains get here. Yanking weeds is always a good way to exude some pent up anxiety. Those suckers better watch out today!!

Not much else to report. Very much looking forward to meeting Deanne next Friday -- PLEASE email me your phone number so I can at least hear your voice before we meet :-) Now don't know if Rich will be joining me, but that's the way it goes around here.

Off to crawl around in dirt ....


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hi Martie,

I am really impressed with your joint plan. I know how difficult a decision this is and also how difficult it will be to be apart. But being an old Peace Corps gal, I know what the committment aspect of it all means as well. I know several people who have thought about doing this, mostly for financial reasons, but NONE actually stepped up to the plate. You should be very proud. It will change you both. I hope there will be some smart way to meet often in between. Perhaps there is an Idyller in between? ;-)

Muggy and drab here today...which is fine because I have packing and such things to tend to.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Happy Birthday, Deanne!!!

Happy Birthday, V!!!

Had to use older photos. My camera computer port isnt working.

Well, its raining here, thank goodness! Perhaps by tonite Ill be able to raise my arms above my head and open my hands up! The 5 x 5 hole against the foundation is dug, and all the clay from that hole and the 3D x 6 diameter planting area in front of the courtyard is now out and disposed of. I moved a 3 dia azalea to the back, shifted a few astilbes there to accommodate it, moved the iris and a knockout in the front (it is unhappy) and removed some sod. After amending the remaining soil, we planted 9 Buxus Green Mountain boxwood. I also removed more sod and extended the pear tree planting area.

My pot ghetto as also grown a bit. I still have 14 Buxus Green Mountain to plant and bot a Tiger Eye Sumac, a couple new ferns, Patroit Hostas, Obsidian Heucheras, Hakonechloea Aureola and another Azalea Silversword.

I found a gorgeous Weeping Norweigian Spruce for half-price, but havent put a deposit on it yet. It will go in the hole in front of the foundation after the wall is waterproofed, hopefully sometime this week after the hole dries out. I ordered 5 yds. of 50-50 soil mix topsoil and peat -- for delivery late this week.

My Brugsmansia Charles Grimaldi has four blooms on it! THANK YOU, Eden. Its gorgeous.

Marie, I wholeheartedly recommend hiring an environmental clean-up company to spray your basement before you go any further. They have special chemicals that will kill all the mold spores and make it safe for you. Please, please dont expose yourself anymore to the mold. It can make you seriously ill.

As for your DDs wedding, it sounds like it will be a one of a kind fun-filled day! I cant wait to see pix of your MOB outfit and the wedding party. Weve attended a couple of themed weddings and we just loved them.

Deanne, we want pix of you in your new dress, too! I hope you have a great time.

Sue, I hope the weather clears up and you have a fun visit w/your DB and SIL.

V, it sounds like you feel really comfortable w/DDs move away to college. Its an adjustment to be sure, but it will be great for her.

Martie, thanks for putting in a word at HGTV for us. Great long post from you! I love that petunia idea. Hmmm.
Re your DH and work, there are still very many areas in Florida needing contractors. I do admire both of you for your thots on New Orleans.

Im so inspired by everyones bday cards. The containers and combos are spectacular!

Well, I have to shower, buy and cut up some fruit for our dish-to-pass at todays subdivision picnic. DH is already over at the park working on set-up. Hopefully, the rain will stop and there will be a good turnout. We have a covered pavilion w/tables, but the kids wont be able to use the rides and games if it continues to rain.

Gotta run. Hi to all. Hope its sunny in your neck of the woods.


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Just taking a break...Martie, wow, what a life changing decision for you and dh. My neighbor who is a drywaller (?)left his family here and went to Mississippi to find work last fall after Katrina. He comes home to visit when he can. I hope you and Rich are able to fit in lots of visits! How long will Kyle be in Japan, is it just for a semester or a whole year?

Honey, those dahlia pics are beautiful! Glad you're liking your CG brug too.

It sure is quiet here on the Idylls. I hope since I have time to check in today that more of you post. Just this moment the sun has broken through for the first time today! Hope it's the same at Honey's place for her picnic! I'll check back later...


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Phew, another party come and gone! We were very lucky on the weather front-the rain held off until today. Everyone seemed to have a good time. We had way, way too much food but you don't want to run I sent a bunch of it home with guests, we ate it for lunch today, my brother took some and the rest will go into work tomorrow. One lesson I learned about a summer party was if you're having mostly non gardeners you don't have to spend much time spiffing up the gardens. Even though everyone was complimentary, only a few people ventured off the patio to look around. They were probably all secretly thinking I was a

Martie, how cool about Rich wanting to go to New Orleans. I hope that works out for both of you.

So, with the house clean and the garden all deadheaded and weeded, what does one do with a rainy Sunday afternoon? My brother, wife and dog just left. In a few minutes we're going to run down the street and be nosy at our neighbor's open house. It's too early to go for my walk and besides that it's pouring, I can't think of any shopping I need to do...maybe I'll clean up my desk-now there's an idea. Sitting still is not one of my strong points.

Later folks,


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi all.
Our son, Tim has come and gone. He arrived around 5PM yesterday, and left after our dinner at the One Stop on the way home from worship.He was by himself this time. He had came the night before to visit the friend that I mentioned. He seems to be coping with it much better than I though he would.The friend is 'very' religious, and believes he is going to overcome the malignancy. Tim and I are doubtful. Marvin's wife is accepting his faith, but is also preparing for the worse.

We got another shower yesterday morning...about 3/10th". More is to the west of us, and I heard thunder in the distance.

I had an interesting experience at the One Stop. A very elderly former neighbor was there with her daughter and son in law. She lives not far from Little Rock now. They told me one of their relatives from Idaho, that was my best friend in high school, would be there soon. Sure enough, she and her husband came, and we got to visit again. I had last seen her about 3 years ago at the One Stop, for the first time in many years. They had all gathered, this time,for the elderly woman's brother's 100th birthday!

Well, the rain has arrived. I'd best shut this machine down.

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I'm ALMOST done with the housework. Just need to finish up the bath. I took a break and we went out to grab some dinner and the two glasses of wine I had have effected my motivation to complete housework, lol. Looks like I've got Sue's luck and I'll have rain possibly for my garden viewing tomorrow evening. It did get me to tidy up the garden and clean the house though so all's not lost.

Sue, glad your party was a success and the rains held off for you. Interesting observation on people only glancing at the gardens. I would imagine most people don't even know what they're looking at, lol.

Marian, good that you got to visit with Tim and that he's handling his friends illness well. I guess in a case like Marvin's his wife is right to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. You just never know...
Neat that you got to visit with your friend too. I always wonder when you mention it what the "One Stop" is though. Maybe a store/restaurant?

OK back to finishing things up here. It's getting late and I've been procrasting more than not today.

Where's Deanne with that photo and a report on the wedding I wonder?


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Eden, check out this link. Scroll and you will find a definition of the Compton One Stop.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Tonight's story from V., by way of my college roommate. Nancy has two Golden Retreivers. The older dog always has to carry a stuffed toy in her mouth when she goes for a walk. They were out for a walk last week and something ran right in front of the older dog. She dropped her toy, picked up her new "toy" and turned around to show it off, pleased as punch. Yup, all three of them got sprayed by the skunk!

It was a nice, quiet weekend here. I got some gardening time in, DH and I went out to a Thai restaurant for dinner on Saturday, and I got the house tidied today. Laundry's all done and I'm ready for a new work week.

This week's challenge is to coordinate getting the two kids home from their schools for the long weekend. So close and yet so far, as the saying goes. DD's friend may drive home, but she's waffling. DS maybe could get a ride or take the bus to DD's school (it's only one hour west) but he needs to know the plan to make his plans! I'm just hoping I don't have to drive to both schools. :( Oh well, it will be great to see them both!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

HI all,

Just time for a quick post here. We had a great time at the wedding yesterday and I'm a bit stiff today from all the dancing! LOL Anyway, we didn't get too many pictures because the light was really bad and we weren't anywhere we could get a pic of the bride in the church. Bummer, but the happy couple is all married and all is well. OUr niece was absolutely gorgeous. What is is about brides that makes them the most beautiful women in the world?

Here is the promised pic of me in my new fancy smancy dress with my dear friend MJ(bought fancy smancy dress on sale for $25.00, Woohoo!)

OK it is getting to be past my bedtime so must hit the sack soon.

Sue, glad to hear your party was a success. Isn't it the truth that most people hardly look at the plantings and secretly think you probably have a few screws loose? LOL

Eden best of luck with your garden tour. Please let us know how it goes.

Nitey all


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Ricks son and fiancé were here for dinner. Later his DD and SIL came over too. It has been an absolutely fabulous weekend weather wise. Much was accomplished yesterday and I feel more in control again. I have been enjoying more hummingbirds than I have ever had in my garden. They are just loving the red King Humbert cannas that Ei sent me.

Deanne, you both look wonderful.

Marian, how fun to run into your high school friend.

Sue, thats what made the IU3 so much fun for me is that you gals "get it" Of my company today, the guys looked at my brick work. Although, Ricks son keeps asking me if I know how many different kinds of plants that I have. (Im sure he wants to use it to measure my craziness) LOL

Martie, that sounds like quite an adventure for your DH. I hope it works for you both.

A couple of pictures from the garden with the new camera. This is the tropical area that is meant to hide the trash can area and I am quite pleased with it. There are 2 psyocarpus 'Diablo' there that will be a more permanent screen. Another project for this summer that I haven't gotten to was to install the bricks.

I just can't get rid of these morning glories, but I did get a kick out of how this volunteer is growing around this vintage chair.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

You know, sleep is highly over-rated. So here it is 4:30am and I am about to send DH off to Ottawa for the day...and then everything starts rolling early here: dog food delivery, cat sitter visit, plant waterers and rabbit feeders...and on it goes.

DH has been fed and his car came to pick him up for the airport. Charlotte got her first walk of the day, the litter box is changed. I am now about to proofread a copy of DH's songbook he has prepared for the wedding - 20 songs to sing around campfires...and Elton John's Your Song for DD in particular.

Of course there's still packing to do, but I wanted to respond to at least a few of you!
Deanne, I can tell what a fun day it was by your expressions! The two of you look wonderful. Is Doug able to dance these days?

Honey, I'm working on DH to get the basement work done right. He can be so difficult! I think I may be winning this one, but he's not happy about spending money. I told him that I know he could do it himself but that his time is better spent on other things, which is true. The cleanup we have done has already been a good start. We'll see once we return from Alberta. Today I'll try to make an appointment with our contractor who is a competent guy.

Eden, how jealous I am of your having both the inside and outside done at the same time! You and Sue and now V are incredible! It will never happen here, but I do hope to be "more in control" as Michelle puts it! I sure hope your visitors are the kind who "get it" when they see your amazing gardens. I am thinking of your Mom and hope she is managing OK with her treatment.

Marian, I love it when happy things occurr by surprise. Meeting up with your HS friend is just one of those things. They do happen more than you might imagine.

OK, that YAAAAAWWWWNNNNN from Martie is catching!

Later, I hope!

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I could be in Scotland this morning and not know the difference. Everything is green, green, green with a windless fog. True peace and quiet ....

Well, Deanne and MJ!! Are you both glowing 'cause of the bargain or because you just look like models standing there?? (And, secretly amongst friends, did you take off your shoes to dance? I love wearing shoes like that but tip over if I do anything beyond walk :-)

Again, Sue, if you throw a party anything close to the standard you set in your garden I'll never miss another one!! Glad everything was dry.

I think people DO notice the plants but in the larger scheme of things. At the very end of a party here earlier this summer a snooty DW of a workmate whose obviously never had dirty fingernails sidled up to me and asked "just who is your landscaper -- I've got to have him!!" LOL Et tu, with a firm smile while relating the answer!!

Eden: Ky will be in Japan from January - June 07 as long as the program doesn't get cancelled. The ways of the world of late have struck fear in a lot of reciprocal exchange programs. The Osaka-based university will Not be sending students here this fall for the first time in 20 years. Very sad. It's a little ironic that his major there will/would be International Diplomacy. HAVE FUN at the garden viewing! You should have Bella perched somewhere in there with gossimer wings!! LOL (Yes, I know you have a break until Wednesday but it sure would add to the "feel" of the garden :-)

Honey -- You, too, do the petunia thing. I have it as a backdrop for a fairy garden and from ground level it is magic. No pics of this one this year and it's pretty much over, but it will be repeated next year.

'bug -- Get some sleep! Love the idea of a campfire songbook. Did Ei contribute??

V: - Good luck corraling the kids from school. If they're anything like Ky when it comes to making plans, it'll all come together at the last minute like all good college travel plans should.

Michelle: Your combos never cease to amaze me. I love the Morning Glory across the chair. If that's two 'Diablo' I'll need to resite at least one where I have it .. Thanks for the unintentioned tip!!

Marian: I search for places like the One-Stop when I'm on the road. Always the best food and company. Tim, his friend, and his friend's family have been included in my thoughts. My feeling is that if his friend really believes that he'll get better, who's to question that? Nature will take it's course and it probably makes him feel better to think he has some control where he obviously doesn't have much ...

Cynthia -- Where Are You???

Anyone I didn't mention -- Greetings!! Really wish you could all see this weather -- everything is so GREEN!!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning,

Goodness it feels like late September here this morning. It is 55 degrees out and it isnt supposed to get above 65 degrees today. It is cloudy and drizzly and we arent supposed to see the sun today. But as Martie said, everything is so GREEN. Doug and I took a nice drive yesterday and went to Manchester VT to check out the Orvis flagship store there. It was very nice but not really worth the drive. The sale outlets however, were worth the drive. I just love a bargain! LOL

Martie I wish you could have seen the mountains in VT yesterday. They were covered with wisps of fog streaming up the sides. It was lovely. Then when we drove by Dublin Lake in NH by Mt. Monadnock the whole lake was covered by fog. The lake water was warmer than the air temp. Even with the cloudy day it was a lovely drive. ~~ LOL about dancing in those shoes. The truth be told, I had to take them off this time because I wasnt wearing hose and was developing blisters. I did dance in shoes with the same heels for both Dougs and my class reunions last fall but after three dances I realized that Id have bleeding blisters before the end of the party so ditched them. ~~ Im so sorry to hear of the difficult decision you and Rich have made regarding his work. Doug and I have done that from time to time and it is hard but certainly feasible. He worked in Arkansas for a whole year one time and we usually did get to visit a couple times a month.

Marian, how neat you were able to meet your HS friend. What fun.

Honey, wow it sounds like youve been really busy there. Did you do all that digging by hand? Thanks for the BDay pic. How perfect that you gave me a Kelvin for my birthday. Im telling you, Im determined that no matter what Im going to have Thomas Edison in the garden next year. My Le Barons are looking mighty fine about now and Im very happy with them this year. They were in pots last year and didnt do that well. Also, Ive got a new one called Breakout that I know youd love. It is looking to be the size of Otto.

Bug, thanks for asking, yes Doug was able to dance at the wedding! I didnt think hed be able to but he had a good time. He is a bit on the sore side again today from overdoing it but his toe is definitely getting better and that ulcer on the bottom of his big toe is FINALLY completely healed up after over a year. ~~ I agree with you that Im jealous that Eden and Sue have their houses and gardens tip-top at the same time. Right now neither is looking its best here and to that end Ive got a lot of work to do today. With the weather we are having though I think it is going to be the indoors that gets attention. Im also thinking of starting to take some coleus cuttings from the varieties I cant live without and getting the lights going in the spare room.

Michelle, thanks for the pics. I absolutely love those tropical plantings. Those Diablos look great against the large leaves of the cannas and EEs. That morning glory is so sweet climbing across the chair. Love it!

V. Oh my, I know it isnt really funny, but Im LOL over that golden retriever and the stuffed toy! What a mess! How did she manage to get them all cleaned up and I sure hope she wasnt sprayed too badly.

Cindy, are you finally getting some of this rain??? If not it looks like your whole area will get rain in the next couple days. I sure hope so. How are you doing? We havent heard from you in a bit. Hope you can check in.

Saucy, OK where are you? I hope it isnt more computer woes and it is just getting the children back to school.

Oh yes, I wanted to show you all this pic, so who do you think that lovely girl on the right is??? Of course it is DD. I was so struck by the pose because sometimes it is amazing how alike we look. One time a lady in town stopped her and asked her if she was my youngest sister. You can see why.

All right. Ive got to get out of here.

Later all,

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Morning all....
I have an appointment at an arthritis clinic this morning, so can't linger here long.

V, funny about the dog and his 'new stuffed toy' LOL.

Deanne...yep, you and MJ are quite spiffy looking. :-) But I agree with Marty about the shoes. ( I don't dance, but I couldn't even walk in those,lol )

Michelle, your yard is lovely, both in these pics and the ones on the other thread. My volunteer morning glorys 'finally' came up, and just may succeed in blooming before a frost. I can't imagine why they are so late. I enjoy their flowers.

Marie, don't overdo it! Be sure and pace yourself. :-) Neither the inside or the outside is 'tidied' here. :-(
The interior of our house is looking more like the Munster's every

Martie, we are having fog also, and the drizzles continue. Boy, you will really be suffering from the 'empty nest' syndrome, with both your son and your DH gone. I admire your DH for what he is going to do. We feel the same way as you about Marvin's chioce to believe he will overcome this challenge.

Okay, I'd better get cracking!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Good morning well, I see lots has been happening here.

Deanne you & friend look marvelous all dolled up and yes, DD definitely looks sisterly to you! Im sure shes not so fond of hearing that (my own DD gets it every so often) but its a great thing for us isnt it?

Well, no real rain here its so incredible rain to the north, rain to the south, rain to the west.... it all fizzles & froths away... I believe I did see a few drops this a.m. on my car but you wouldnt know it from the dirt dryness of the flower beds. Its really discouraging. Ive thought about buying some stuff for the fall but figure it will all die if we dont get some good douses of rain, so better save the $$ for spring.

Martie I commend your DH what a wonderful idea to do esp if hes feeling footloose re the economy in your area at present. I hope you enjoy the quiet for a bit & hopefully hell get home to visit soon.

Honey you amaze me thats an amazing amount of work & holes to dig how did you do it without any contractor helping? Wow .... bedrock is bedrock w/ all that builder trash that compacts around foundations. Great photos of those dahlias you inspired me to try the T. Edison this year and its been blooming up a storm (thru no help from me) one of the few things looking good in the bed.

Michelle youre really getting very tropical in your plantings! Actually I love that morning glory draped across the chair - & youd never know it was being thuggish!

Gardenbug sounds like youve gotten most things under control for the big day you should be leaving shortly for that arent you?

V you made me laugh about the dog & her soft toy thats exactly what my own little one does but I had to stop her taking them outside because they usually end up lost along the way... thank goodness shes not managed to retrieve anything live on the leash instead... eewsprayed by skunk is horrible had it happen 1 time to another dog Ill never forget that as long as I live!!

Well, another humid, 90ish day here in the great metropolis theyre making more sounds about possible showers but so far theyve been 100% wrong for about 3 weeks; so Im not feeling real optimistic!


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Morning all. Its supposed by cool and rainy here today. Everything here is very GREEN too.

Cindy, I hope you get your much needed rain so you too can be green.

Deanne, the resemblance is remarkable between you and your DD.

Martie, I meant to tell you how impressive the size of your corn is and I know corn :o)

Eden, how are treatments going for your mom?

Not much else from here.

Enjoy your day.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Whew! I finally got caught up on the last couple of threads. I won't try to comment on all I read, but at least now I understand why Marie is throwing out half of her basement.

I spent some time on Saturday deadheading a particularly nasty section of the garden. There's much more to go, but it is making such a wonderful difference that I am encouraged to go on. I was going to work more tonight and was just a teensy grousy that my MIL invited me to dinner, but it has been pouring all day so it won't be a good night for gardening. MIL is concerned that I'm sitting home alone with nothing to do, while I am trying not to think too hard about the list of things that won't get done while I go for dinner! I know she means well.

Cindy, I wish I could send you some of our rain. As Ei mentioned, we can sympathize because our drought was so bad last year.

Deanne, was Doug in any way involved in producing your daughter? Sure looks like a clone job to me!

Eden, I saw the photos of Bella the beautiful! She looks like she'll be talking up a storm once she gets started! A real sweetheart, and how great to have a photographer friend to follow her through your garden.

Martie, have I said how nice it is to see your morning posts again?

And there was a brief return of Saucy! Saucy, c'mon back again!

DD the ambitious auditioned for choir, but because of her already-busy schedule, the only choir she would be able to rehearse with was the top choir. Can her mother say that I'm a little relieved she didn't make it this time? I think she has enough to keep herself busy with.

Last fall as I was planting the last of several hundred bulbs, I vowed that I would take a year off this year. So far I'm sticking to that vow. Of course, it's only August.

BUT! I have a shrub question! Microbiota decussata, to be specific. One of DH's summer projects has been to build an elevated site for our lawn swing so that we get a better view of the pond from the swing. He has built a "raised bed" if you will from railroad ties. The finished bed will be about three feet tall, and I am thinking of using the Microbiota decussata as a groundcover for the back of the bed, so that it spills over the back wall. I seem to recall that Tower Hill had some planted like this? Anyone have any comments on this? will it grow slow enough that I won't have to be pruning it under the swing all the time?

I'm also picturing a tiger Eye Sumac on either side of the bed on the ground level. A nice mounding shape that will blunt the effect of a large box suddenly rising out of the ground.

Marian, sorry to hear about Tim's friend. I just read an article yesterday about Art Buchwald, the columnist. He went into hospice early this summer expecting to die within three weeks from kidney failure. He recovered, has gone home and is writing again. Prepare for the worst but expect the best because every once in a while, it really does happen.

I do feel like summer is calming down now. I have a couple of special projects at work that really have re-energized me, and I have a meeting scheduled tomorrow to talk about "expanded opportunities".

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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I didn't even think about turning the computer on until after dinner...and it took me this long to read through all the posts I missed :)

Yes, Deanne, the first day of school and return from vacation has my head spinning....couldn't remember my name, much less GW!

I missed two birthdays! Happy Birthday Deanne and V! Deanne, you and hubby share the same date...sure I've said that before. I love it when he's older than me every year until Thanksgiving rolls around....I tease him endlessly.

We had an awesome vacation. Printed off the pictures last night (with the new computer, I bought an all in one from Home Shopping :) and got to relive the smiles.

Sue, I think that non-gardeners notice, but they feel least this is my theory.

Sarah made me wonder how Babs is doing at school...she got a new school nurse this year.

Jake had a good first day at school, but boy....are all twelve year olds so spacey? He's in la-la land. I just want to splash him with some cold water every few minutes.

My garden is huge and messy. The horse manure I mulched with last spring (not this past spring, but the one before) has produced some monstrous plants! The cosmos I plant every year are over 7 feet tall this year....ridiculous....I can't see the flowers :)

Maybe I'll snap pictures when it's prettier out....still stuck in a fog here.

I'll check in tomorrow. I'm having trouble catching up.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ahhhhhhh! The Arthritis Doctor prescribed Tramadol and acetaminophien together for my pain. I took them as soon as I got home. I am pain free! What a strange feeling! Now if it will just last, with no ill side effects. He diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and Osteoartritis. He sent me for more x-rays and blood tests. I am to go back in two weeks for the results and analysis.

Saucy, I was afraid we had lost you again! LOL on your 7' cosmos. I had no volunteers this year. I wonder if the deer would have eaten them. I like cosmos, both the pink/white/red kinds, and the orange and yellow ones. I'd love to see some pics.

V, you are so right. Nobody really knows the outcome of someone's illness. There are frequent unexplained recoveries.

Michelle, you probably wondered what other thread I was speaking of. I got you mixed up with Sue's thread. That's what happens when I post in haste...:-(

Deanne, before I read your post I thought both pics were you! What an amazing resemblance! Lovely daughter.

Martie, I didn't know it, but Nolon told the One Stop owner that he would be there Thursday for his birthday, and she could have a small piece of cake for him. She will, too. She has been a friend for many years. We have never tried that hamburger mentioned in the article. :-)

Did you check out any of the other info? I am seriously thinking of taking one of those hot air balloon flights. I've wanted to do that for a long time. Nolon says he is not interested in joining me. I am sure I can find a partner .

Ah, Cindy...I sure know how you feel. The rains normally circle all around us too. This is SO unusual. I think we have had a total of at least 5 inches this month. When I came home from town I noticed a differant smell indoors, and it dawned on me that it is all the moisture that we've had. I hope we don't mildew like Marie's basement!

I'll have to mow again. The grass and weeds have exploded! Tomorrow is my 'Day in town', so it will have to wait 'til weds or later.

Honey, has all the construction/distruction been completed at your home? I hope all is back to normal.

Marie, the Doctor also prescribed Trazodone to help me sleep better. He said to only take 1/2 of a pill 2 hours before bedtime. (Oops, I would have forgotten if I hadn't told you this!) I hope you aren't wearing yourself out with all your preparations and basement cleaning.
Actually, surprises happen more frequently that I expect them too. :-) I am always saying " It's a small world".


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Good morning, all.

Hectic morning with Rich in full swing filling out paperwork and gathering documents. We're finding out why a lot of folks haven't actually headed to LA or MI -- the infrastructure is nowhere near ready to have residential reconstruction start. His mind is set, and he'll continue to work through the hideous bureacracy. If LA or MI doesn't work at this point, he'll be looking at Florida which IS actively entertaining residential license apps at this point.

It seems that right after Katrina and Rita, a lot of hacky "contractors" began ripping folks off. People became victims twice. Thus, the credible guys need to do a ton of documentation and work -- far more than normal to get a license. But, as I said, he wants to do this and is navigating through the system to do so.

How I wish I could send some rain your way, Cindy. We're expecting another inch today and while it's welcome, we could certainly stand to share.

Our tomatoes have come in gangbusters all of a sudden. One of the neighborhood kids things we're all going to turn red :-)

V -- Did I say how nice it is to be back? LOL Glad DD didn't make the top choir. That would be a lot of pressure for a freshman.

Deanne: Who's who, again???? ;-) Friday can't come soon enough.

Marian: Pain Free ... what a wondrous relief that must be even for a moment. Happy Birthday to Nolan if I forget.

Another drowsy day but must get motivated to go conquer the advertising world. LOL

Best - Martie

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone,

Well, as Martie said we are expecting more rain today but CT is supposed to get the brunt of this system. WE are only supposed to get .25 of an inch if that. Just enough to keep the Nashua Garden Club people from being able to take photographs outside this afternoon. They are supposed to come to bring my award for the container contest and take photos of the container. I asked which one it was and the woman I spoke with couldn't tell me so I still don't know. LOL

Marian, great news about the new meds. I sure hope you've found a permanent solution to the arthritis pain and that you don't have any side effects from the medication.

Saucy, glad to hear you had a great vacation. LOL about the seven foot cosmos. I guess the gardens liked the manure.

V, so what kind of expanded opportunities are you looking at? ~~ I completely know what you mean about going out for a social event when you'd rather be home accomplishing something that needs doing.

Hi Michelle, you must have sent the cool and rainy weather this way.

Marie, when do you leave for the wedding? Soon I believe. You are going to have to take lots and lots of pics for us.

OK time to get off my duff, get to the gym then get the containers spiffed up for their photo shoot later. I'm crossing my fingers that it won't be raining when they come.

Have a great day everyone,


PS Cindy, I'm willing some of this rain to head south for you.

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Good morning!

Still dry as can be here....brown, crunchy and blah looking. I cannot remember the last time that we had measurable rain. We're suppose to have a couple of overcast days with temps not quite reaching the 70's and then back up into the 90's for the weekend. I'm tired of this summer.

Babies.....they are doing fine. Both are at 8 pounds now (already). DD is feeling perkier (she got some of her pre-pregnancy jeans on the other day--always a sure way to perk up a new mother). The babies are still not allowing them more than an hour or two of uninterrupted sleep each night....but the new parents are getting use to it, I guess. The boys are 'spitters' so they can't lay them down after feedings and they need to always listen for sounds of gagging. Not condusive to a sound sleep for the time between feedings. I'm still helping most days. This week, instead of being there from 10 a.m. to 7 or 8 pm, we're going to try noon to 4 p.m. Thinking that will allow her to shower and take a nap, if possible. She is on antibiotics for mastitis and was feeling horrible a few days ago so I helped her out on Sunday while her hubby and Jim did some work on the new house addition. I'm getting nothing done here for the past 3 weeks.......but I'd have it no other way. I love helping her out and holding those babies! I'm tired though.....I cannot tell her or anyone else here that, but I'll snivel to you guys. ;o)

Yesterday Jim took a vacation day so we worked on getting our firewood cut, split and stacked. After the day became too warm to do firewood, he decided to use the excavator to dig a ditch alongside the driveway to, hopefully, divert the rain run-off alongside the driveway instead of cutting into the driveway and carrying the gravel away. Sad thing is we won't know if it is sufficient or working until the heavy rains come and then it will be too late to work on it more until next summer. My job was to pick up the big rocks that he unearthed and get them back into the ditch so that we could mow between the ditch and the pasture fence. My back didn't like the job a bit. lol

Saturday DD#1 and Jamie came over. DD & I went out into the woods looking for blackberries. We didn't have to go far away from the house to fill our bowls with berries for cobblers and pies. I was stung by a yellow-jacket (bee) 3 times so sniveled a bit for the rest of the day about that. I'm not allergic so nothing more than a little bit of swelling and pain. Now it is red and itchy. No big deal but I'd rather have not had the sting nor need for sniveling. ;o)

I've been trying to read each days' postings and keep up with what has been happening for everyone. I have enjoyed the lovely garden photos shared and the birthday cards that were put up.

This is an extremely self-focused post..I am thinking of all and certain particulars come to mind but I hesitate to begin mentioning things as I'm sure to forget a few and don't wish to slight anyone. Best that I just not begin rather than screw it up by leaving someone out inadvertently. ;oD

My best to all!!

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Marian, Thats great news. Not that you have all those things, but that now maybe you have the right meds. Hopefully without side effects. I hope you do take the hotair balloon ride. It is an awesome thing. I gave Bob one for a birthday present one year and went along with him. We both enjoyed it.

Happy belated birthday V. I kept thinking I would get a picture up for you, but haven't made time yet. I'm thinking about you anyway.

Deanne, you asked about a couple of coleus in the container in your birthday picture. Those happen to be a couple I don't have tags for. I have several I would like to ID. I have quite a few I want to overwinter. I hope I'm up to it. I would hate to have to buy them again next year and I do like them. Do you overwinter your Euphorbia Diamond Frost? If so how do you do it?
Your DD cetainly does look like you.

Saucy, I'm glad you had a nice vacation. I'm glad I don't have to do the get the kids off to school thing anymore and feel for all the mothers that do. But enjoy them while you can, they grow up awfully quick.

Cindy, any rain yet? We have had enough to green things up again, but the humidity has been oppressive. Today is supposed to be cooler and less humidity. Maybe I will feel like getting something done again. Yesterday I was a bit worn out from our weekend trip. It was good to see everyone, but good to get back home too. We are homebodies.

Eden did it rain on your garden tour?

Martie, I hope things work out for Rich. Since there is much about those areas on the news today, it certainly looks like there should be plenty of work.

Anyone who grows Caryopteris Snow Fairy(I think Babs does) How much shade can it take?

Will just say hello to everyone else since I want to get outside and get busy.
Have a good day all. N

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T, You have a right to be tired. I do understand your not wanting to say so though. Good to hear the babies are doing well(except for the spitting of course). We are waiting for cooler weather to cut wood. We certainly have enough downed trees to work on this year. The last couple of weeks have been terrible for the seed ticks here. I can't walk out side without getting some on me. We have never had them so bad here. Maybe its because it was so dry here this summer. Hmmmnn berry pies. I'll be over. LOL

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We are only supposed to hit 75 today. Last evening I worked outside in jeans and a light jacket. I planted out a few things from the pot ghetto. I think there only 4 shrubs left to find homes for. I really dont like to carry pots over the winter. I also have started a little transplanting and dividing. This cool weather is perfect.

Tomorrow night Rick goes to the hospital for a sleep study. I have been nagging about sleep apnea, so we will find out if it is just snoring or something more. It is a fairly common problem, but is hard on you if you have it.

Hi Norma, did your back take your trip OK?

Where is Babs these days? Im wondering how the new job is going?

T, it sounds like the new parents are settling in and getting used to it all.

Eden, how was your garden tour?

Marian, I hope that you continue to feel well. Good health is such a blessing. Its something we take for granted until we dont have it. Happy birthday to Nolon on Thursday. Today is my former boss birthday, he is 86. He is in excellent health, gets around well. He brought donuts from the local cafe for us as his tradition.

Deanne, I hope the rain stays away for you, but you should have ideal light for the photo shoot.

Speaking of photo shoots we were asked to pose for some photos at the Minnesota Arboretum. They said to watch the website to see if they use us. My SIL is getting into acting as a career. She has been in a commercial and is doing some voice over work also. My little niece who is 8 was along with her mom one day and was asked to be in the commercial with her mom. She didnt think it was too big of a deal until she found out that they were going to pay her.

Hi to everyone else and missing all those who are absent.

Enjoy the day

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hello everyone,

I just got one huge job about of the way and feel great about that for the moment. Now to get six or seven other things knocked out.

Had a nice dinner at MIL's last night and helped her weed a bit. ;) She tends to let things grow if she's not sure what they are. She's got a new shrub that is getting dwarfed by two volunteer mulberries that are over 6' tall - and she tried to yank them out by hand! She swears they were not there last year, so she is going to have the landscaper who planted the shrubs take a look at them to see if they came along with the shrub.

We had yet more rain last night and it's very cool today. I've now worn long pants to work two days in a row - can't remember the last time I did that! When I walked out with the dogs this morning, the air smelled swampish. Better to be wet than too dry, but I can do without the extremes, thank you.

Martie, too bad the jerks make it hard for the good guys, but I give your DH a lot of credit for pursuing it.

Norma, thanks for the birthday wishes!

T, I was getting tired just reading about your jobs yesterday. Don't let Jim take any more vacations like that, okay? Glad to hear the boys are doing well. Self-centered posts are just fine!

Marian, glad to hear you have some meds that are working well. It's an extra measure of well-being when something makes a difference in how you feel right off the bat.

Hi Michelle! I'm wondering where Babs is also. I hope the job is going well and that the transition isn't overwhelming her.

Deanne, I hope the rain holds off enough for the photo shoot.

Okay, on to the next thing that I've been procrastinating about. I want to get at least three of those things off my back today.



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chloehoover(z6b VA)

How wonderful, Marian, to feel pain free just goes to show that perseverance pays off when it comes to medications and/or doctors....

T lucky parents & babies to have such a wonderful GM whose happy to help out ouch, on the no sleep its amazing what memories that brings back! LOL.... And then to work like a trojan at home too hauling rocks, etc.!! You have a right to be tired!

Your area & mine are obviously in the same weirdo weather pattern rain all around us but none falling on our heads (but be careful what we wish for, uh?)..... It is truly amazing though how an area can be in a dry "bubble" where its pouring 5 to 20 miles away and parched continually at home....Theyre now saying Ernesto might bring some this way in time for the holiday weekend I wont knock that if it really happens...

But just think we had 12 inches of rain in a few days only 2 months ago and now were in a mini drought situation...Mother Nature sure is contrary!

Hope Deanne & Eden are having M. Nature cooperate for their garden tours.

Norma re the caryopteris Snow Fairy others might offer more info, but Ive got 2 plants of it as I like it so much the one in full sun stands up straight & looks great; the other one thats in moderate shade in the a.m, seems to flop more (it drapes itself over some nepeta in front) I recall that Gardenbug has a wonderful huge stand of it that I was amazed gets so tall....(am wondering if hers is in full sun ???)

V did Deanne answer your microbiata question since shes got one? It sounds like you have a great place for it & it looks great draped over a wall, the specimens Ive seen. Ive thought about getting myself but I think it does get too wide for where Id place it a never ending problem for me and the small yard/plant zoo.... That was nice of you to help the MIL out when youre really wanted to be at home!!

Sue, are you off to North Hill soon? I hope you share some photos of that terrific garden with us if you can maybe some more inspiration/re-energizing for us "mopers" (I may have to resort to only that type of inspiration if we dont get more rain here soon!).

Eden, werent you going to post some pics of your garden? Hint hint....

Well, work is a bit slow but I suspect its just waiting for Friday & then it will be gangbusters.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Cindy, photos are not allowed at the North Hill tour. It's probably because the garden owners do make somewhat of a living off books and articles about the garden. We're going on Thursday-Monique, Les, Deanne and I. It should be fun and the weather should be cleared up by then. Sorry to report but it's raining all day again here.

Boy, it's been quiet on idylls lately. I guess I can't complain since I don't have much going on either that is worth chatting about. Nick was at the vet yesterday because he has a couple of "hot spots" on the back of his neck. Now we have 10 days of antibiotics and some antiseptic spray to go through. The last time he had something like this it spread all over his back. Yuck.

Except for Marie, does anyone have any exciting plans for the upcoming long weekend? Last year I had Tom's family over for a cookout but I think I'm partied out for the time being and besides they were all just here on Saturday. Maybe I'll hit some of the specialty nurseries I haven't been to in a few months and start moving plants around for next year. Our fall CT plant swap is September 24th. Usually I'm out digging stuff the day before. Some advance prep wouldn't hurt.

OK, are you all snoring yet? No? How about I e-mail you all a copy of the monthly financial discussion I have to work on this


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all,

Well I've been sprucing things up with my raincoat on and the front yard is looking pretty nice at the moment. Now to tackle the back... It would be nice if the rain stopped for a bit. My garden on the east side of the house is a total disaster. Everything in there is covered with powdery mildew. I'm planning on cutting it all down and digging everything with mildew out of there. It's history. Even the darned peonies have mildew this year. What a mess. I need to at least get the containers on the patio cleaned up in case it is one of those that they chose. This sure would have been easier if they could have told me which one they picked. LOL

Anyway, T. sounds like you've been really, really busy. So sorry about the hornet sting. That happened to my neighbor two days ago and she got nailed in several places. She wound up with so much swelling she had to go to the doctors. Those bees and wasps get pretty aggressive this time of the year. ~~ I'd be pretty discouraged with the drought you've been dealing with. A few years ago when we had a real rain shortage I just gave up watering things after a while and left thing for survival of the fittest.

Cindy, I'm crossing my fingers for you that you get some rain out of this next system that is coming through. I know what you mean though. It has seemed that lately we get two inches of rain or no rain. Today's gentle showers are the first we've had like this for a while. Thanks for reminding me about the Microbiota question. I missed that in V's post...

V. I have a Microbiota and love it. It has been here for a year now and it has to be the slowest growing thing I've ever seen so unless it goes into action next year I'd say that you need not worry about it being a pruning problem. I can hardly see any new growth on mine this year. I'm thinking of replacing a couple of the shrubs around the pond with Microbiota because it seems to be staying totally in bounds. I've got a couple of what are supposed to be dwarf CHAMAECYPARIS PISIFERA that are getting too large. They don't appear to be dwarf to me. LOL anyway I think the MIcrobiota would be nice there.

OK time to go back out to play in the rain a bit more.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Well, whoever heard of ungenerous gardeners, LOL, Sue? Yes, I do know the owners' names, articles, & book, but had not realized they were so stingy re the public/photos - well, I do hope you thoroughly enjoy it anyhow -- It is in fact hard to enjoy a garden & think about taking photos too, isnt it?

Im afraid to dig anything right now - either for a swap or move things that dreadfully need moving. Deanne, Im relieved to hear you confess an area of your garden might be unsightly! (altho I should probably take photos of mine & think I could win the contest over you for "most unsightly", LOL!!! Aside from some dahlias, wild phlox, lonely platycodon, kalimeris, boltonia, caryopteris & weird late planted lilies, that's it (hmm, that's a longer list than I thought....) Maybe it's all the brown that's so depressing to me??

Re conifers -- I think that's one of the reasons I so hesitate to plant more - dwarfs are seldom dwarf in 10 years, & unlike you and Sue, I hate moving things all the time (aside from full summer being so darned hot & I can't baby the plants) - I hope & pray when I plant something, to plunk it in, and it's going to be happy in its space. I shudder to think about moving it more than once -- but others have no qualms whatsoever -- you have truly "movable plants"! Maybe that makes me less of a gardener? Or just a difference in plant philosophy or Im naturally lazy....

No, sorry no exciting plans here for the weekend -- hoping to watch rain fall -- that shows the level to which I've sunk.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is 2pm and I am in the last throws of packing for our week in Alberta for THE WEDDING. I'm soon off to the dump, then have mowing and packing still to complete. Then we are off to the printers where DH's song books will be bound. While they are doing the bindings, we will probably grab a bite of dinner somewhere. Then back to deliver the dog to the kennel with her goodies.

Off at 5 am in the morning.

Keep the home fires burning! I hope to have a few photos when I return.

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Michelle ,I did ok with the riding. Our seats recline , so I could rest when I needed to. I still need to get to the chiropractor though, so I can sleep without hurting and I really need to get back to walking and get some weight off.

One of my BILs has sleep apnea and uses a machine at night.

It is cloudy here today, so I took some pictures of my containers. and have been puttering around instead of really accomplishing anything. I need to be transplanted and dividing too.

How neat you might be on the website. Let us know if you are.

GB,Enjoy your trip. We will be thinking about you and your daughters wedding.

Nothing exciting going on here this weekend and that suits me just fine. Now if I can just remember to get DDs birthday card in the mail I will be doing good.

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I'm not good at commenting on everything that I read....but I do enjoy reading the Idylls :) I hope I don't hurt just takes me a while to get rolling.

I'm still feeling funny about "cutting in" on the Idylls.

Nothing going on here today. 3rd cloudy day in a row and I'm having a bit of a fit over not seeing some sunshine. Also, 65 degrees is a bit cruel when you're looking at a cool fall and a freezing cold winter....GIVE ME MY AUGUST, I deserve it!

I'm so short with Jake. I don't know how to get along with him. I'm very upset all the time. I know he is, too. I'm not sure how I'm gonna resolve the issues I have with his attitude. He doesn't care about anything and it's driving me nuts! Well, to be fair, he cares about stuff that is not going to amount to a hill of beans in the future :)

I have to repeat in my head "he is twelve, he is still a boy" even though he is beginning to change into a man.

I am looking into a program called "New England School of Gardening." It looks promising and you can even earn a diploma :) Lots of interesting subjects: soil, propogation, landscape design, gardening, etc. It goes through the fall, winter, spring, too! I'm going to sign up next Tues. Most of the classes are at night, but with me home during the day, I figure I can set everyone up for sucess after school/work. Once a week they can have a ready made meal :)

I'm concerned that we haven't heard from Babs, too. I hope she realizes that lots of those things she used to do can be put on hold with her new responsibilities! I used to walk in and throw together some pretty creative dinners when I was working full time. I worked school hours for a few years, too, and it wasn't much easier.

just t, you must be exhausted! I know your daughter and son-in-law must be, too! Especially with the infection - when it rains it pours, huh? What a nice service you are providing! I know your daughter will appreciate it when she's not too tired to express it :)

My mom cleaned my whole apartment (we're talking moved the fridge and stove) while I was in the hospital after delivery. I didn't find that out until this year (I knew it was clean...didn't know the lengths she had gone). She had sworn my husband to secrecy, but he figured the statute of limitations was up. I remember coming home with the new baby (Jake) to a fresh house with a vase full of flowers. My mom had to fly home to TN to be with my sister who had been in a car accident, but it was nice to come home to a clean quiet house.

Not a week later my in-laws blew me out of the water! All is forgiven, now :)

Anyway. I'm hoping for sun and a chance to be in my yard and garden after two weeks. I'd like to mow the field and cut back a few things in the garden. I still have a few things to plant, too.

Hope the CT crew has fun on Thursday. I visited a garden in my town on a list of nationwide gardens....could this have been the same thing? It was fun!

Time for me to find something relaxing to do. Laundry's going, dishes are washing, and kids are reading.....what to do, what to do....


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Saucy, you are the idylls. Without you we wouldn't be doing this for all these years. Don't ever feel like you're "cutting in". The garden we're visiting on Thursday is called North Hill and is in southern VT. It's a well know garden and only open a few days a year for a charity event on a first come, first serve basis. We reserved the tickets months ago. The tickets were free but it's expected to make a donation to the charity on the day of the event.

Where is Babs anyway? Busy with school, new job, household stuff more than likely. Taryn too, I assume.

Marie, relax and enjoy the wedding! I expect more than a few

Norma, we have a friend who wears a sleep apnea appliance too. He calls it a C-Pap. Don't ask me what that stands for but when he wears it regularly he feels much better. Tom snores but doesn't have sleep apnea so I'm out of luck.

Ooops, dinner is ready.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Tim has sleep apnea, and has that device, but he doesn't wear it here. I don't know if he does at home.

Saucy, I wish I knew what to say to make you feel comfortable here again. I am so glad you are back. As Sue said, you 'are' the Idylls. I am a rather late comer. It isn't a requirement for each of us to comment on everything. Do what you are comfortable with.

Do any of you grow Achimenes? Here is a pic of mine:

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Hi again. I took a few pictures today. The first is my new favorite grass. A Dewey Blue switch grass.

This last picture is a Double Moss Rose, the plant was only six inches in diamenter when I planted it. It is three feet now. It doesn't produce seeds. Anybody know how to propagate it? Its not hardy here.

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Hi everyone

We're back after a great vacation in sunny CA. The weather was superb, hot in LA but just perfect in San Diego. Despite slathering everyone in SPF 45 we're all several shades darker than when we left. I'd forgotten how intense the sun can be - I think if we still lived there between gardening and outdoor activities with the kids, I'd be as wrinkled and leathery as an old boot by now.

In LA Annie and David spent the weekend with SIL, giving DH and myself a couple of days to ourselves. We visited the LA arboretum, met friends, sipped frosted drinks by the pool and enjoyed a couple of nice dinners out. I had my first pedicure on Sunset Boulevard - even my toes went Hollywood!! DH's family are wonderful to the children and took them to Univerals Studios and 6 Flags Magic Mountain where they rode the highest, scariest roller coasters with their older cousin. They loved every second (I would have been too scared to even watch).

On Wednesday we drove down to San Diego with SIL. We lived there for a year in 95 and it was fun to be coming back again. Saucy - I was thinking of you too being based there, especially seeing so many of the big navy ships. David was 2 when we left, too young to remember anything so we enjoyed taking him to our favorite places. We spent a day at the Wild Animal Park, another at Seaworld, and went body surfing on Silver Strand beach on Coronada Island. I'd forgotten how much fun those waves are. San Diego is such a beautiful city, but development and traffic have definitely increased since we were there. We left on another perfect sunny morning, arriving back to rain and temps in the 60's. As lovely as our trip was, I realized how much more I prefer living in the East - I miss rainy days and changing seasons. The garden was lush and green when we got back, not to mention somewhat wild, the pets were all fine and Clousseau delighted to see us.

Today was David's 10th Birthday. We had a fairly low key day as we are all still jet lagged. It's funny how those 3 hours can make such a difference. We opened presents, he had a friend over to play and we made his favorite lasagne for dinner. I did a little cutting back in the garden and grocery shopped but I was really dragging. Tomorrow Annie has orientation at Middle School starting at 8 AM so we will be up bright and early then.

Hope all the Idylls are well. Babs - hows the job?!

Taryn, are you hooked up yet?

Saucy, do keep posting. Its been great having you back again.

T- what a blessing you must be to your DD and how wonderful to be holding those babies.

Deanne - you, MJ and your DD all look gorgeous. What fabulous dresses you ladies found!

Marian - in my quick skim I remember you saying your new medication has you pain free. I hope thats continuing.

Norma - beautiful pcitures. I have a moss rose that has to be cutting propagated too, I've read they are easy to root. Perhaps our cuttings queen Deanne can help.

I'll try and comment to those I've missed over the next few days. We have one more week before school starts so hopefull I can get caught up on what everyone is doing. But for now, I'm heading to bed.


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Good, late morning, Idyllers! Doing research from home this morning, then off to "annual doctor appt :-(" then to the office. Ugh.

Looking at the gardens makes me wish I could morph myself. Why is it that weeds appear faster than anything else?? LOL

Have been following the "what plants move well and what don't" with interest. This year I have three 3rd year Clethra, a 4' Hydrangea macrophylla, a 5' wide Rosa rugosa, and about 20 shrub babies that need to be moved. Will just need to get up and decide to do it one morning this week as I can't use "the ground is too dry" excuse any longer.

Saucy -- I wish I'd known you for as long as everyone else. You seem such fun and have had such an interesting life! If anyone has barged in, it's me, albeit at invitation, and I've NEVER felt so welcome in any group, cyber or live.

May not be around for a few days but will definitely check in on Saturday. All travelers, Mothers, Mothers-in-Law to be, Moms, Wives and Great Gardeners to boot are in my thoughts. (I think that covers everyone :-) And no, Sue, you can have the fun of your financial reports all for yourself. LOL


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Good morning, all!

Michelle how did DHs sleep study go? I meant to mention that thats neat about your relatives but considering how photogenic you and your family appear to be, I would not be surprised if you were all picked to be models!! Still, its exciting to have celebrities in the family I imagine!

Sue heres hoping you have good weather for your garden jaunt going that distance one would hope you at least have a great weather day for it!

Saucy how neat about the garden program! I say go for it nothing like some "learning" about stuff you love. Saucy, I look forward to "meeting" you here and learning more about you Im definitely a newbie here but have heard of you "often"!! Your reputation precedes you, LOL you better live up to it, heehee

Marian pretty plant Im not familiar with that one, but its gorgeous.

Norma I love that grass I like so many of the ones the idyllers post, but as I have confessed before, Im really wary of them reseeding or becoming 8 feet wide all of a sudden Im such a wimp - but I really like the blue tones of that one you've posted.

Mary glad to hear from you sounds like you had a delightful vacation (may I say I think youve had a really nice, fun summer w/ all the visits havent you?) but its always so great to be back in ones own bed isnt it? How did your celebrity dinner go?

After my cranky post yesterday about nothing blooming & lazy about moving plants, I managed to make a list of whats blooming outside it is actually a lot more than I really thought I had, which is encouraging. So maybe if I DO manage to move some stuff around it will look better than such a hodge podge perhaps that is the heart of my discontent. As the great gardeners here continually say, foliage & texture now if only I could find the magic mix for that.....

Well, I arrived to work w/ rain drops hitting me but I can honestly say there was not a single drop hitting the house or my yard when I left its another batch of those hit & skip weather patterns.... Im going to have to be patient & hope for the remains of Ernesto to hit here by Friday (if it hasnt dissipated by then).

Ei, Babs & Taryn where are you? Maybe some of our "mums" w/ chicks are entangled w/ the new school year, new jobs, (to say nothing of new houses....)??

Speaking of celebrities by osmosis - my boss's son got a job last December writing for the Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart & he got to be part of the staff that went there to collect their Emmy's - w/ their appearances on TV & everything -- previously my boss didnt even have cable and now he watches the Emmys & is passing around by email the video from "InTube" that features the minutes from the show with their win on it -- goes to show what a blood relative's job can do for you!! He might even sign up for cable at long last.....


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We went to town last night for a little shopping. I picked up several $1 perennials and a couple of clematis for $2.50 each. (Just when I almost had the pot ghetto empty) The best deal was a medium sized fiberglass urn for $10.00. It has a little damage but was 75% off. That will just have to be the backside.

Cindy, our area was listed as a moderate drought in July and then we got 5" in August. It is amazing how fast the garden can turn around with that much rain. Some of the plants in the veggie garden has have gotten so huge that DH is taking people out just to show them the size.
DH goes has the sleep study tonight.

Deanne, how did the garden club visit go? Did it rain? Which container won?

Marie, should be on her way.

Marian, yet another plant that I havent heard of. It is very pretty and reminds me of New Guinea Impatiens. Do you bring it in for the winter?

Norma, the Dewey Blue has a nice color to it. Your pond looks great. Id love to see more wide-angle pictures from your garden (hint, hint)

Mary, great to have you back. Belated happy birthday to David. How was your visit with your mum and nephew? It is hard when youve been gone and you come home to an overgrown garden, a mountain of wash and lots of Idyll chatter. It took me a week to catch up after we got back and I dont even have kids at home. Id love to see pictures of the LA Arboretum.

Saucy, the gardening classes sound great.


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Marian, my grandmother always grew that plant, but I never knew the name! She called it "hot water plant." I brought some home one year, but left it out too long and killed's tough to be a non-hardy plant at my house :)

I don't know about overwintering the you think it'd survive a basement winter the way geraniums do?

Thank you all so much for making me feel welcome. I really wasn't asking for your sympathy :) I feel like blushing over all the gushing.

I just wanted to express how overwhelmed I'm feeling, I guess.

I'm going to start walking long distances today. I've been walking on a track, but I'm going to try the roads. More up and down hill will be better for the muscles and to change things up a bit.

Maybe someday I'll be able to do a marathon :) I had a girlfriend who lost all her toenails after walking the Jimmy Fund walk....took a year to grow them back! That's discouraging, huh?

Okay, it's time to get going....the sun is almost out so maybe by the time I get home the grass (hayfield) will be dry enough to mow.

OH...before I go. I was thinking of Chelone last night and how scared I was to drive to her house in Maine and meet her for the first time. I remember my mom joked, "if you pull up to the house and there's no garden, only a compost pile, RUN!" It turned out to be a nice garden and an even nicer person :)

I think I'll write a letter to her.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Saucy, my MIL called it "Widows Tears". They grow from small tubers, and die down in the fall. I carry them over( in their pot) inside, and restart them in the spring.
I have never tried overwintering portulaca. I set the pot, that mine are growing in, in the little red barn for the winter. It always reseeds into the pot. It includes both double and single, and many differant colors. I didn't know there were kinds that didn't set seed.

Hmmmmmm, I just went to put a pan of water on the range, to heat up for a cappuccino, and found that we had no water! I had put bedding in the washer and wondered why the flow of hot water was so feeble! It has returned to a trickle. I hope it won't be followed with dirty water. I'd hate to muddy up my sheets and pillowcases. We are near the end of the line, so are one of the last to run out when it goes off. I presume they are working on the line somewhere.

My meds are messing me up today. I think some are not compatible together. I'll change the time of taking some of them. I am groggy and dizzy, and it took much too long for the pain to go away. I am very peeved with the new Doctor. I had specifically told him I can not tolerate antidepressants, and the "sleep" med he prescribed IS an antidepressant! It is Trazodone, and is "a modified cyclic antidepressant". I don't like being 'tricked' ! I quess he didn't think I would read the printout from the pharmacy.

Mary, so good to hear that you had a great vacation in California.
Your David is about 6 months older than my youngest GD.It sounds like a nice BD dispite your jet lag. My oldest DG starts Middle School this year. The 3 sisters are in 3 differant schools this year, and none are in the one that they all started out in. I try not to think of all that I have missed out on in their young lives.

Martie, I hope your annual check-up goes well. Not a procedure that I enjoy having..:-(

Cindy, I do so hope you will get a good rain from the residual effects of the hurricane. All sorts of wild flowers are appearing since our rains, but no 'tame' ones in our yard.

Norma, I like your pics. Those aren't hardy hibiscus, are they? They look like my tender ones.

I need to get out and mow. The 'lawn' has really grown up again, and going to seed! I think my meds have worn off enough for it to be safe for me to ride the mower.

Teresa, I am so sorry that you are still having drought conditions. How odd that the extreme ends of our country are cursed in the same way. Isn't your area normally rather wet? It is so good to hear the pride in your posts when you speak of the twins. What fun, but how tiring!
There have never been twins amongst my relatives, or Nolon's. Oooooo, be careful with the rocks. I hope your stings are better. I've read that ammonia will nip the sting in the bud.

Our low last night was mid 50s. I had a light blanket over my sheet, but was still chilly, so put the bedspread over all....then I was too warm. :-) The extended forecast is for highs around 80 and lows in the 50s. Wonderful!


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Marian, you sure have a lot plants I don't know.That ones blooms look like impatients, or are they more tubular?
Your right that is a tender Hibiscus. Its one I wintered over last year. It is still in the same pot and will definitely have to be repoted if I save it over again.

Cindy,I know what you mean with reseeding grasses and ones that take over. I'm hoping this one isn't a reseeder. I did notice that the clump that the nursery had planted had sprawled the last time I was there. Thats not a good sign is it?

I will have to poke around under the moss rose to see if it has rooted along the stems. We have a hot dry basement in the winter because of the wood stove. It might do fine there under some lights. I saw this plant at the nursery too. It was sitting in a bird bath and draped over the edges . Looked really neat.

Michelle, I have avoided the long shots of the garden this year since it was such a mess. Nothing finished. Not even the waterfall in the small pond. I couldn't even keep up with the weeds because of the heat and drought. Hopefully next season will be a big improvement. It does look a bit better now since I've been cleaning up.

Mary, your trip sounds like it was so much fun for the family. If you still have my email you could drop me a note. I have been curious who your DHs celebrity friend is. Your whole summer has been exciting.

Still waiting to hear how things went for Deanne and Eden.

So Martie, how many things did you get moved? LOL . Oh I bet Deanne is out digging out plants for you.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Not much time here but I'm going to try to catch up here.

The weather cooperated yesterday and it rained before they showed up and it rained just when we were finishing up walking around the gardens so everything worked out fine. I was surprised at the container they chose. It wasnt even one I was planning to enter. I had an extra photograph so I sent it along. Go figure?

So here is the winning container

Marian, that plant is really pretty. Ive seen it in greenhouses but havent bought one because I figured I have enough things to winter over already. LOL

Norma, love your photos! That blue grass is really lovely. What kind of buddleia is that?

Mary, welcome home!

Martie, when are you going to do all that plant moving around???? Im really looking forward to meeting you in person on Friday. Cant wait!

Cindy, so did that rain turn into anything measurable? ~~ I find that when Im really discouraged with how things look if I just go and do some cleanup and deadheading it improves thing immensely.

Michelle, great score on that urn! Dont you just love to get good stuff cheap???

Saucy, GREAT to see your posts again. Neat that you are going to do long distance walking. How did your first day go???

OK Ive got to get off this computer and get to bed early. Ive got to get an early start in the morning so I can meet up with Sue and Monique for the North Hill garden tour.

Nitey nite!

PS Eden, how did the tour go?

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Norma, Here is another pic I took last year of the Achimenes:

It is rather tacky, but shows the tubular aspect of the blooms better than the other. I said they grow from "tubers" but my book calls them "rhizomes". They are very small, and there are several in my container. They are in a flat container, but I set it in a hanging pot this year. I like it better.

Deanne, I found that all plant judges are not "created equal" The judges at the county fairs have huge differances in what they choose as the prettiest. How many were doing the judging of your containers? The one they chose IS very pretty, but a lot "busier" than others that you have shown us. I judged at several differance fairs,( with an assistant), and I am sure some were surprised at our choices for the Grand Champions. It is really a matter of individual taste.


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Odd to spend the night alone. Rick really is never away from home these days. At one point his job required travel but not for about the last 5 years.

Deanne, the container is fabulous as they all seem to be.

I'll leave you all with a picture of someone who's been hanging around lately. Was it Marian that said she liked to see pictures of toads and frogs?

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A speedy, orange good morning. The sunrise is making everything outside tangerine. Wish I could bottle that color to put on the walls of my kitchen ...

Need to be in the car heading north in 10 minutes. Tommorrow it'll be a pleasure a I'll be heading to meet and dig with Deanne.

Nothing much new here.

Glad everyone seems to be doing well, and will certainly check in later...


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It takes me a bit to catch on, but am I to assume that Martie is making the trek to NH to see Deanne? Have fun! Deanne is a great garden host and it's even more spectacular in person. We'll need photographic evidence of the visit, of course.

The toad/frog (how do you tell the difference?) was almost camouflaged, so that I had to look twice to see him.

Mary, I miss San Diego terribly sometimes (usually about February 15th when the snow is piled up to the window sills) and want to visit soon. It is Jake's birthplace so I could use that as an excuse :) I hear the same thing that you report, though - traffic and expansion have made it less fun to live there.

Still, 70 degrees year round is pretty enticing. I got used to the lack of green trees and geraniums that were as big as rhodies.....

I have to figure out the exact mileage of my walk yesterday...too lazy to get in the car and check it. I know it seemed to be all uphill. I made sure I walked 30 minutes away before I turned back because I usually walk an hour on the track. I didn't want to push my luck :)

Anyway, it was challenging and I'm ready to walk to another destination today. Funny how many gardeners there are in my neighborhood that you don't notice when you drive by. This could be counter productive. I could end up knocking on doors and strolling through gardens instead of pushing myself!

Time to get Sarah ready for the bus....she's balking over the whole wheat bagel this morning. Her Nonny (grandma) buys the white ones :)


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It's chilly here this morning. It's feeling more and more like autumn. That means it's time to start thinking of taking cuttings and making plans on how to overwinter all of the tropical stuff. The garden club tour of my garden went well Monday night if you didn't mind touring a garden in pouring rain and it didn't seem to bother them. They all brought umbrellas. My mom finished up her third treatment yesterday and is doing pretty well. Thanks to those that asked about her.

Michelle, cute little froggie. I'm going to hit the nurseries this weekend and see what trouble I can get into with sales too.

Deanne, beautiful container. I can see why they would pick that one. I'd like to see what the other containers in the contest looked like. My bet is that yours was far and above the most creative.

Martie, you'll have such fun with Deanne tomorrow.

T, you sure are busy with the daughters and grandchildren. Sounds like you're enjoying every minute of it though. I was surprised when we first got Bella how much taking care of her tired me out so I can understand that you're feeling a little worn out.

Cindy, you must be getting some rain now from what I'm seeing on the weather channel. Sure hope so.

Norma, love that blue switchgrass. Glad your back held up for you during your trip.

Saucy, from my experience with David, boys seem to forget they have a brain around age 12. He was so forgetful and disorganized at that age. I thought he was much easier than the girls to get through the teenage years though. They do grow up and get some sense again and become wonderful people. Just so you know.

No plans here this weekend. It's Brad's birthday tomorrow so we'll probably celebrate that in some way or another. I'm looking forward to just hanging out around the house. There's always one project or another to get involved in around here.

I've got Bella coming in a little while so need to get a couple of things done before she arrives. Have a great day. Wish I was with Sue, Les, Monique and Deanne today. Can't wait to hear all about it!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Michelle, I like frogs and toads both in pics and in 'person'...:-) That is a pretty leopard frog. I have seen a few in our yard this summer, also toads, lizards and skinks. I like them all.

It is still working on getting up to 70F. I love it!

Nolon is anxiously awaiting his trip to the Short Stop for his Birthday Hamburger. I am sure that is all he will want, plus french fries. Shirley. the owner, will probably have some cake for him.
His middle sister has already called him to wish him a happy birthday. He has 3 sisters. The other 2 had birthdays this month and we forgot to call them. :-(

Has anyone heard from Brenda? It's been a long time since she last posted.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Dont look now, but my desk is clean! What a good feeling that is. I have a much better handle on what needs to be done and feel like I can get a few things knocked out today. A major work-related announcement may be coming after the holiday. (Am I a tease?)

Deanne, I love the container that won the contest. Of course, I love all your containers! Glad that the rain cooperated yesterday. You and the CT crowd should have a great time at North Hill today. Once again, Im jealous!

Michelle, I loved that frog photo. He sure was hard to spot. I had one on the window next to the front door the other night, and Mystic was mystified by the frog.

Saucy, good job on your walking! I should really make more time in my day for walking; maybe you will be my inspiration to get my own tush moving.

Eden, wish Brad a happy Birthday from me! Just hanging around the house for a weekend is NOT a bad thing.

Marian, I was just thinking of Brenda this morning. (Okay, I drove past the pig farm this morning.) I hope all is well with her and that she drops in sometime soon. I enjoyed your goat pics and didnt notice the puppy the first time.

Time to go for now. Enjoy the day were definitely having early fall weather today and I love it.


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Tomorrow I go to Deanne's .... tomorrow I go to Deanne's.

What a whirlwind week.

The weather has started me thinking about mounding up roses a bit. It just feels odd for this time of year. Saturday and Sunday we're supposed to get what's left of Ernesto. But Monday "...sunny, High 83deg, low humidity...." Guess who's gonna play in the gardens all weekend!! Yippee!!

Must say right now Deanne: That's my favorite container, too. Everything in it is balanced. Foliage pattern and shape, height of plants, shades of color. "I get to see it in person, I get to see it in person."

Okay, all the jealousy toward Idyllunion attendees has been sung away. LOL

See you All tomorrow :-)


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Where is everybody today? I only had Bella until 4pm so I'm sitting here tonight trying to think of something I'd like to do. I may take the dog for a walk. I just finished baking peanutbutter cookies. The classics with the fork tine marks on top. I got a couple of hydrangeas little honeys in the mail today that I forgot I'd ordered. That was a nice surprise.

V, you've been so productive! It's a good feeling isn't it? Wondering what the big announcement will be...

I've wondered about Brenda too. Maybe she'll drop back in after farming season's over.

Marian, hope you and Nolon enjoyed his birthday dinner at the One Stop. Thanks for the link about it BTW.

Saucy, good for you taking the time for your walks. Neat that you get to see some gardens along the way. I always make it a point to drive by cool gardens I know of even if they're a little out of my way.

Deanne and Martie have fun tomorrow!

It's been windy and cool today. My largest brug was blown over and a couple of the top branches broke. The forecast looks like 70s for highs and 50s for lows for the next couple of weeks. Wonder if we're going to have an early winter? Hope not!

Off to walk Bud before it gets dark. He's waiting.


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Deanne , That Buddleia is Called 'White Ball', tag says its a hybrid drawf variety. I like it because it stays 3x3. zone 6-9

Your winning container has a nice mix of color and texture. Thats probably what they were looking for.

Eden, I'm happy to hear your mom is doing pretty good. I hope she continues to do well.
I imagine the ladies were so intent on looking at your garden that they didn't mind the rain at all. I'm sure I would be.

Marain, I bet Nolan enjoyed his birthday lunch. It's getting hard for me to keep up with all the birthdays in the family.

Yes V, you are a tease. I can understand though if you don't want to jinx anything. I thought of you and Ei as we drove through IL last weekend, although we were nowhere near you.

Saucy, when I worked I liked to walk on my lunch time and view all the yards in the nearby neighborhoods. I'm really missing my walking especially this time of year. I guess I need to break down and go to the chiropractor and get this hip straighten up so I can walk.

Its been cloudy here all week. The plants have all had a good rest but I think they need a little sun. I finally mowed the new grass this evening. It was really a bit to damp but it was getting so tall I was afraid it would fall over on itself. It is so nice to see the green where it has been dirt for so long.

Honey, I know you are busy, but sometime could you post a picture of your Purple Smoke tree (bush ?). I have one in the ghetto to plant but am having a hard time visualizing what it will look like.

Later Norma

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good evening all,

What an absolutely, over the top, fantastic day I had!!!!! (See Eileen, I can use exclamation points too!!!! BTW I miss you.) Anyway, the day was perfect. North Hill is an amazing garden with an unbelievable collection of trees and shrubs. We all want to go back in June and see the stream bed filled with primula. It is supposed to be wonderful. So many beautiful vistas. Sue and Monique can give you a better description of all the plants as they are more knowledgeable than I am with plant IDs. Then we had a lovely lunch in the picturesque town of Wilmington VT, went back to Burlington and stopped at this amazing deli/bakery where we indulged in decadent desserts and bought selections to take home for our dinners. (Like we needed dinner after the lunch and the dessert.) They had dinner plate sized cookies, and this chocolate mousse cake that had a lovely hint of orange in the mousse. We also sampled their carrot cake and this wonderful custard/almond concoction that was out of this world and into the next. We bought these four different desserts, found a picnic table next to a covered bridge and split them four ways so we all got to sample a bit of the different desserts. Oh yes they also offered Starbucks coffee so I had a lovely coffee to wash the decadent desserts down with so life just doesnt get better.

Michelle, I just love the frog picture! I had to look at the photo a few times before I saw him in the pic. Talk about cryptic coloration! Very neat! ~~ Have you heard any results from Ricks sleep testing yet?

HI Saucy, yes indeed Martie is coming to visit tomorrow. I just got off the phone with her and I can hardly to finally meet her in person. How cool is this forum where Ive met so many terrific people who also happen to be gardeners. ~~ Good for you with doing your walk today. An hour is a great workout.

Eden, so sorry you had rain for your garden tour but Im not surprised that the rain didnt bother them at all and they brought umbrellas and did the tour anyway. I know they had a great time. I wish Id been there. Id love to see your gardens again. ~~ Glad to hear your Mom is doing well. ~~ I was thinking of you today when I was looking at my enormous Rex begonia and trying to figure out where to put it over the winter. What do you do with yours? Do you keep them under lights? ~~ I wish youd been with us today. We had a great day. ~~ Too funny that you ordered little honeys and didnt remember youd done that. We were talking about that plant today.

Marian, I hope Nolon had a great birthday. Wish him a happy birthday for me. Did he have his birthday burger???

Norma, thanks for the ID on the buddleia. I really like that plant. ~~ BTW, you really do need to get yourself up and running so to speak so you can get back to your walking. If I dont get my exercise on a regular basis I start feeling pretty lousy.

OK Ive got to get ready for bed so I can get to the gym early and get ready for my visit from Martie! Cant wait until tomorrow.

Nitey nite everyone,

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Hi everyone

A stressful couple of days here. DH has been having periods of dizziness and feeling faint for many weeks now. His Doc started ruling out the most common suspects (inner ear etc) and moved on to an MRI just before we went to CA. This came back clear, but the dizzy/faint spells have continued and yesterday the Dr had DH admitted for a whole slew of tests. Its been a couple of days of running back and forward to the hospital and I'm feeling rather fried at the moment. I guess we might know more tomorrow.

Eden - thats great that your Mom's treatment is progessing well so far. Happy birthday to Brad.

Cindy - you're right, we've had a wonderful summer with various family members. We've also been very lucky that we've had frequent flyer tickets and Marriott points to take care of all our flights and accomdation. Hope you are enjoying a lovely long rain right now.

Michelle - how did Rick's test go? Very cool froggy. I'm a fan of all frogs and toads, the wartier the better!

Marian - another thing I wanted to ask you about - you mentioned a hot air balloon ride. It sounds very cool - is that a possibility?

Hope Martie and Deanne have fun tomorrow.

Saucy - good for you for getting into an exercise routine. Its something I'm looking forward to setting up when we're back in the school routine. The summer is always piecemeal, with gardening abd swimming providing daily if not aerobic exercise.

V - enjoy your weekend with your DD and DS. It must b fun to get to hear about the first couple of weeks at school.

Deanne - that is a gorgeous container - congratulations on winning the competition. I might have missed it, but did you give your Color Theory talk already?

Looking forward to hearing about the North Hill gardens.

Babs - just give us a quick thumbs up if the job is going well;0)

Well, just posting this has allowed me to unwind a little. Thinking about all the friends here adn wondering what they are doing is a great diversion.

have a good evening everyone - especially those I missed.


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Oh Mary, I hope this is nothing serious. I know it is stressful not knowing. I'm sending good vibes. Norma

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Deanne is right, we had the perfect day. I did screw up the directions a bit so we went on an half hour tour of southern VT that was not entirely necessary but we got to see the If you ever get a chance to visit the garden at North Hill in Readsboro, VT, it's well worth the trip. Seven acres of cultvated gardens just filled with vistas of ingeniously placed woody plants with streams and fieldstone paths crisscrossing through the whole property. For a zone 5 garden there were an amazing amount of tender and tropical plants. The woodies were mixed with an array of hardy groundcovers and reseeders no doubt to keep maintenance at a minimum. Unfortunately they didn't allow cameras or else Deanne would no doubt be treating you to one of her famous photo journals. No surprise that we also made food part of the

Martie and Deanne have fun tomorrow at your lunch/garden tour. Martie you only think that is your favorite container of Deanne's. Wait until you see them all in person. I wish I could join you but I have to go to work.

Deanne, Monique and I still think Monday will be the best day weatherwise for a Labor Day get together. How about dinner here and dessert at Monique's? Tom wants to do surf and turf on the grill with swordfish and filets. I'll get some fresh corn on the cob from one of the local farmstands and make a big veggie saute. If Doug smokes that salmon, he's As usual, any other local idyllers are welcome to join us-just let me know so I make sure I have enough food.

Eden, I'm so glad your mom is doing well. A rainy garden showing? What's so unusual about that? lol At least gardeners are good sports about the kind of stuff, right?

Saucy, I'm so glad you're back with your daily reports. Since last summer I've been doing alot of walking too-on a treadmill much of the time but outside whenever I get the chance and have the time. I also got serious again about weight training and I took up Pilates. What a difference in this 46 year old

Happy Birthday to Nolon. Tom will be 60 in January. I'm trying to decide if I want to have a party to mark the milestone or not.

OK, I'm beat and it's getting close to bedtime. Too much fun can be tiring.


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Sue, Your description of North Hill Gardens paints a pretty picture in my mind. Wish I could have been there. Norma

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