difference between old and young

sam0ny4b(4b)June 6, 2008

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Just wanted to share this for comedy relief.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

I love it.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

In a few years, the styles will switch and they will be the opposite. :)

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Maybe they want to grow up to be refrigerator repair men...

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funny harry !
yes they can not be plumbers.

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So tell me, I really need to know this. It this sagging trend just a California phenomenon or is it all over? I always tell myself that we are the most awful dressers here in CA. Those big huge shorts and shirts, XXXL size for skinny guys and fat alike--are they the rage elsewhere?
Kathy, just wondering

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jim_east_coast_zn7(z7 East Coast)

This is all over the East Coast too; saw this in Harlem, NY when I worked there back in the nineties.

Funny, back in the fifties when I went into NY (I always liked to dress casual)I loved to stand on the street and just watch all the people walking to work, the men in their suits and ties with shiny shoes, hair neatly trimmed, the women with their hair neatly styled, wearing dresses (nothing is more flattering to see a skirt go back and forth as a woman walks), heels, stockings, and carrying a handbag and sometimes wearing a hat. Oh those were beautiful things to watch in those days- even today in the ads the girls- they aren't even women- have such slinky poses and look like they work on the street and the children, but since when are children children anymore- they dress and are taught to act like miniature adults.
The times they are a changing and not always for the better.

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