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Desirai(7B)August 22, 2014

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

1 & 2 = Physostegia virginiana - Obedient plant but not a very obedient plant at all. It will spread like mad.

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I actually don't find obedient plant so spready. I guess it depends on the conditions - mine's in fairly dry soil and not quite full sun, and it expands a bit every year, but nothing I can't control. And bees love it.

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The second one looks like some form of Cassia/Senna

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If it helps, the plant in the second set of pictures closes its leaves up at night. I just went outside and noticed it had all of its leaves folded up against its stem!

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Many tropical plants, such as cassia fasciculata and mimosa pudica, as well as some legumes, experience nyctinasty. The signaling of lower light causes the plants to "sleep".

Mimosa Pudica (aka Sensitive Plant) and many insectivorous plants also experience seismonasty, which is a movement of plant organs in response to external stimuli, such as brushing up against it, wind, or a bug triggering the closure of a dionaea muscipula's (venus fly trap) leaves.

Tomatoes, legumes, and other plants experience chemonasty, which is a buildup of gases (ethlyene, acetlyene, CO, among a few), and that causes movement of plant organs.

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