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This forum is meant for the discussion of plants that grow from bulbs, corms or rhizomes--how to plant and care for them, recommendations for selections, sources for plants, etc.

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Where does everyone order bulbs from?
Posted by rph1234 3 hours ago
forgot to plant bulbs- now they're sprouting- what can I do?Updated 5 hours ago
Posted by dysphorea January 26, 2011 15 Comments
Gloriosa lily in zone 7bUpdated 8 hours ago
Posted by southerngardening24 last Friday 3 Comments
Snowdrops in the green...Updated 18 hours ago
Posted by scott_madison on Sunday 7 Comments
Need help germinating some old bulbs w/ picUpdated Yesterday
Posted by bradleyheathhays Yesterday 1 Comment
Help! Ranunculus drooping.Updated Yesterday
Posted by Avantika on Tuesday 4 Comments
Please identify?Updated on Wednesday
Posted by gardenbug(8b) on Tuesday 2 Comments
Transfer water vase hyacinth bulbsUpdated on Wednesday
Posted by veganinpurrsss on Wednesday 3 Comments
Are my Calla Lilies sprouting too soon?Updated on Wednesday
Posted by bcroselover(5) on Tuesday 1 Comment
Will fertilizer seep through mulch?Updated on Wednesday
Posted by Ralph Thayer(8b) on Wednesday 1 Comment
Unsure what to do with cyclamenUpdated on Tuesday
Posted by cosuperfly February 6, 2015 6 Comments
Poll: share what is blooming for you!Updated on Tuesday
Posted by posierosie_zone7a__ February 14, 2015 15 Comments
Anyone growing Dutch Iris ?Updated on Tuesday
Posted by maximus2015 on Monday 4 Comments
Crocus Bulbs in FridgeUpdated last Saturday
Posted by bahamutangel February 27, 2015 9 Comments
What to do with tulip bulbs
Posted by chickadee3a last Saturday
What is this weed bulb?Updated last Saturday
Posted by jacqueline9CA February 17, 2015 10 Comments
40% bulb sale on Van EngelenUpdated last Friday
Posted by KarenPA_6b November 18, 2014 9 Comments
Ideas on BulbsUpdated February 27, 2015
Posted by nad0nad February 22, 2015 3 Comments
Daffodil foliage emergingUpdated February 26, 2015
Posted by agardenstateof_mind August 27, 2010 5 Comments
Any small tulips which voles & squirrels won't eat?Updated February 25, 2015
Posted by Eimer September 30, 2014 14 Comments
tulips - when to stop watering? how to cut?Updated February 25, 2015
Posted by anna_beth(zone 5-6) May 1, 2007 12 Comments
Gladiolus bulbs, direct sunlightUpdated February 25, 2015
Posted by xyz10 December 12, 2014 5 Comments
what to do now, amaryllis?Updated February 25, 2015
Posted by penroy February 24, 2015 1 Comment
Bought flower bulbs last year but didn't get them planted.Updated February 23, 2015
Posted by jojowoo February 14, 2015 3 Comments
identify tulipsUpdated February 23, 2015
Posted by jessica_h February 1, 2015 4 Comments
Frozen Glad BulbsUpdated February 23, 2015
Posted by gorgar1(z6) November 13, 2014 5 Comments
Experience with Ordering from Brecks or Royal Dutch Catalogs??Updated February 23, 2015
Posted by bobk_stl September 7, 2007 8 Comments
Poll: What new flowers will be coming up next Spring?Updated February 22, 2015
Posted by posierosie_zone7a__ December 28, 2014 43 Comments
Please Help! Can I plant allium bulbs in the spring?Updated February 22, 2015
Posted by midwestplantsfan(5) January 16, 2008 6 Comments
Storing Oxalis rhizomesUpdated February 22, 2015
Posted by garystpaul(4) February 21, 2015 1 Comment
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