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 ? What Do I Do With Paperwhites After They Bloom?

cbest - Mo-5 - I recently read an article on care of amaryllis. Post bloom care, storage, and forcing for next year. Will this work for paper whites too.

Paula - PA/Z6 - No, paperwhites should be discarded after blooming

 ? What are Some Good Varieties/Sources of Pink Daffodils?

Carol G. (MO/Z5) - Please let me know if you have any of the "pink" daffodils. How you like them, and where you got them. I started collecting them a few years ago. Please let me know if they are yellowish, so I can avoid them. I know that most start out yellowish, but I think they should lose that color upon maturity.

I first bought Salome and planted a 20 foot row of these sickly yellowish peach and yellow edged things. I got Peaches and Cream as a free gift-but it is not as bad as Salome. This one is really a pale peach and is not bad, but was not as colored as I wanted. I also found that the yellow Tete-a-tete ended up a soft pink, rather pretty.

Then I got Strawberry Rim (a beauty, with a strong coral band), Pink Splendor (a strong pink peach), Pink Perfume (too pale and not very fragrant), Rosy Cloud (double-strong coral-gorgeous), Petit Four (weird-peachy), Rose Caprice (Salmon edge-pretty), Accent (starts out odd-ends up coral), Palmeres (peachy-but gorgeous). I have some others in now, but they seem to need 2 years to get started. I am now getting only those that are described as coral, salmon, or peach.

Andie Rathbone Mo/Zone 6A - Van Bourgondien (1-800/552-9996) lists several others you haven't tried in their wholesale catalog:

Mrs. R.O. Backhouse: Ivory white w/pink trumpet $16.00/25 Passionale: Large pink flower $17.00/25 Pink Charm: Abundant flowers $19.00/25 Romance: Pink trumpet, white overlapping perianth $18.00/25 Vintage Rose: 10" low-growing daffodil, sometimes called "Old Rose" $26.00/25

The also offer a pink collection @ a 5% savings, but you'll get some Salome in that (but also some Palmeras)

Rosemary - I saved an article from the paper last spring about daffodils. The couple in the article specialized in growing daffs and had over 200 varieties in their yard. They recommended planting pink daffodils in the shade. They said the sun would turn them yellow. I've just started planting pinks, so have taken this advice to heart. The Salomes I have (in the sun) did turn yellow last year.

Chriss Rainey - Anyone who is interested in growing daffodils should check the web site for the American Daffodil Society. They have a chat group with many interesting discussions.

Many fine catalog nurseries specialize in daffodils only. There are several in the US and others in Australia, New Zealand, England, and Ireland. By dealing with a daffodil specialist you will get the greatest variety of what you are looking for. The Am. Daffodil Soc. data bank lists over 14,000 registered cultivars. There are many many beautiful pinks to be had at very reasonable prices.

Pink is a description which has a broad connotation. It can range from palest to almost red. It pays to see a picture of a flower before you order if you haven't seen it in person. That way, you know what you are getting.

Start by writing to Grant Mitsch, P.O. Box 218, Hubbard, Oregon 97032, or fax to 503 651-2792 for a catalog of their bulbs. Mitsch bulbs are recognized and respected around the world.

Bev (Ont6b) - Carol, I love pink daffs., too. I fully agree with you about Salome. My goal is to get a soft or medium pink, with no orangey/yellow. If they come up orange or yellow, I just cut them and put them in a vase in the house. I've used Petit Four and rather liked it but it is peachy-colored. Also, I found Coquille a little too orange for my liking. I tried Bell Song ( #7 Jonquil Hybrid) but it wasn't very hardy - only got a couple of lovely little flowers and it was pretty expensive. I like Debutante and Romance. Last fall I planted 72 Romance and 36 Mrs. R.O.Backhouse (supposed to have a shell pink long trumpet and white perianth). I can hardly wait 'til spring to see them.

Boca Joe - I have been growing pinks, salmons, and peaches for years. GRANT MITSCH is the ONLY way to go. Each spring I am in awe. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Try BELLSONG, ACCENT, SENTINEL, and MILESTONE. Get the catalog and read it over. The pink seedling mix is a killer too. Grant Mitsch, P.O. Box 218, Hubbard, Oregon 97032, or fax to 503 651-2792 for a catalog of their bulbs.

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