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My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Posted by meyermike_1micha 5 ( on
Wed, Sep 12, 12 at 9:41

This what my jade looked like before I transplanted it into the gritty mix and being fertilized.


Now in 3 months time since I repotted it into the gritty mix and started regular fertilize doses with Foliage Pro, this is how well it has done. Not only has it grown double, but the colors have much much more vivid! I remember sending Al/Tapla a cutting of one of my jades and seeing how flawless and colorful his was compared to my mother plant, so I thought I would copy Al's practice of using the gritty and FP on mine, and it works! Sorry Al:-)

Josh, by the way, thanks to for having a positive affect on my jades. It was you too who told me to start fertilizing!

Not only can I water as often as I like, but I relish in the thought that I can fertilize as often as I like and leave these plants out longer than I use to in the cold.

3 months later! It has grown very fast. They are all growing at a much faster rate than before.



Follow-Up Postings:

RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Pow! The proof's in the pudding! :-D
You've done a great job with this one, Mike.....!


RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Awesome, Mike! Look at that coloration! Beautiful! :-)

Your plants always look great, though... you take excellent care of them.

RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

  • Posted by tapla z5b-6a mid-MI (My Page) on
    Wed, Sep 12, 12 at 21:31

I still have the plant you sent me, & have given away at least a dozen small starts from it, so it's well-traveled. ;-)


RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

My Jades love this Gritty Mix as well as the Foliage Pro too!

Looking great Mike..

All of my plants and trees love the mix..

Beautiful coloration on your Jades..

: )


RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Hello, Mike, Jodi, Al, and Laura! Great to see you all!

Al, if you're doing that kind of pruning....I can't wait to see the Jade that you're crafting :-)


RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

  • Posted by tapla z5b-6a mid-MI (My Page) on
    Fri, Sep 14, 12 at 2:37

When I say 'small', I mean small! ;-)


RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Lol..You are way to funny Al! Is it big enough to take a picture of with a regular camera lense, or muust one see it through a microscope? lol

Hello Josh, Al, Jodik!!!!!Jodik!!!, Laura!!!!!, Laura!!!, a new grandma by the way, CONGRATS!, and thanks so much everyone for your kind comments. They mean a lot, since it can be quite a challenge to keep plants thriving as I am trying to do all the time. So good to see you all.

It was imperative that I do what's best for this one since I had to spend an arm and a leg to get it from Germany. The certificate was the most expensive.
This plant is a rare one.
I would like to share it once it gets bigger with any of you,my long time friends.

Without you and this forum, I would not be able to post pictures like this, or grow expensive material.

Thank you


RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Did I hear someone say "a new Grandma"?! Congratulations, Laura! How wonderful! Grandkids are truly awesome! :-)

I hear ya, Mike... and when you're on a budget, you want to make sure any pricey plants you do have will survive, and thrive! That's why it's so important to know the basics. And I think we have that working for us! :-)

I'm in the process of clearing out pots... getting my window garden in order, so to speak. I've decided to scale back my collection, not to keep adding things for a while. It's all getting to be too much for me to handle. I figure I'll keep all my healthy plants in a small collection, and just say goodbye to the things I'm not having success with.

I'm just getting too old to do so much extra work! I need to remember that some things are better "in moderation"! :-)

It's a bad habit I have of collecting plants from clearance tables, or cuttings and whatnot... and before you know it, there's no room to walk around and water everything! So, I think it best to go with fewer, but healthier and more well taken care of plants, than a whole jungle that gets away from me!

Happy Growing!

RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Yes Laura is and the baby is safe and sound as well as her Daughter! I am so thrilled about this. Such a good women that always gives good karma should always be surrounded by it! ! Happy Grandma day Laura!

Hello Jodik! How have you been? I owe you my monthly call again! I am hoping you are ok. I hear you about the amount of plants.
It is so hard at times though! It's fun to get them when we want, and then to get ones we don't have, but then the problem comes after the season is over and time to bring them in. Sheesh, I have so many, every time I get them grouped together, hoping I have not forgotten one scattered about the yeard somewhere, boom, I find

I have decided to leave most of my plants out until the 40's is a consistent thing, then bring them in in stages.
First will be my succulents, then tropicals not liking temps cooler than the 60's by day, then my citrus, then camellias, then clivia, then other weirdo plants.

I wish I knew someone that liked plants as much as I do. I would give some away. I have several in mind. The only ones I will keep are my special and rare ones.
They say "lest is best", and I think I just may follow that rule.

The only thing is that I could never have enough citrus! I am very proud of myself. Although ALL the citrus trees, and beautiful mind you have gone on sale for half off, I did not bring home even one! Yup, I have enough and the ones I have will do. If I owned a HUGE orangrie or greenhouse, or an orchard, well then, I might consider.
With LOTS of citrus and other flowering plants, it's never a boring moment surrounding me for sure:-)

And with my Jades, well, I can just stick those under lights in the basement and call it a day. So easy!

Wishing you well my friend! ! How are the Orchids? Are you ready to give them what they need to get through winter?


RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Hey, Mike!

I do love plants as much as you do... I just don't have the most favorable conditions to offer them at the moment, indoors. I wish I did. If I did, I wouldn't worry so much about collecting, but it's so dry and the heater/ac area is right across from the best lighted window. It's simply not the greatest environment conducive to good growth. Plus, that NBF infestation I had last year... or was it the year before... I forget... it kind of depressed me, losing a bunch of my bulbs like that, so... I've decided to concentrate on just caring for my favorites, and hopefully I can get them all grouped in one window, instead of spread out all over the place!

When I take my plants outside for the summer, they love it and grow well... but then they have to come back in for winter, and hauling so many pots in and out, and up and down stairs, is just getting to be too much for me physically. I hear ya, though... spring and summer are when I seem to collect more stuff, too. I did manage to refrain this season.

I've taken to only bringing a few outside... usually the ones that need it the most. Right now, I only have a few pots to bring back in, mostly larger ones.

If I had a heated greenhouse to work with, I'd be in pig heaven! :-)

In the meantime, I'm doing the best I can with what I've got. I've got one tenacious little Dendrobium that seems fairly impervious to the dry conditions, and a few other assorted small orchids that are sort of hanging in there. It's just too dry for most orchids, I think. Then, I've got an Epiphylum cacti that's just going nuts in a hanging basket, and a tiny little 2" pot of cacti I grew from seed a few years ago. They're still fairly small, so easy to care for. And the bulk of my plants are an assortment of Amaryllids and other bulbs, as you know.

I can't wait until we're finally positioned back up north by the kids... I'm sure to have better conditions elsewhere, or at least a little more room so I can keep humidity going without disturbing all the electronic and technological equipment the old man has, or constantly having hot or cold air blasting across the room.

Funny you should mention phone calls, Mike... I just put my phone on the charger, noticing the low battery warning flashing. I'm so forgetful about that! I rarely use it, so it sits in my purse or on my desk until it rings... and I always forget to plug the darn thing in!

You know you're free to call any time you like... I sometimes hesitate to call you first, unsure of your schedule. I know you're a busy guy! :-)

I will say, your citrus always look lovely, so I'm not surprised those are some of your favorites! And those orchids you have... wow! I only wish I could grow them like you do! :-)

RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Hello Everyone,

Thanks Mike!!

You are always so kind.. I am enjoying my new addition. Wish he lived close to me tho.. : )

Wanted to say a special hello to Jodi...i have been thinking about you and i hope you are doing alright. I have seen that you are moving close to your kids? How wonderful for you!! Please know that i think of you often and i hope that you feel better.. Yes, i became a Grandmaa last week. I am in love... sigh!!! He is such a wonderful bundle and im so proud of my daughter. She has been thro so much, but this is her "just rewards" I am very happy!! : )

Hi to AL, Josh too! : )

Nice to see you all!!

Love your plants Mike.. Karma is a good thing. Thank you for always sharing yours!! : ) I OWE you!! ;-)

Take care,


RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Not quite yet, Laura, but thanks! We're still trying to iron out a few things that have kept us down, but our destination is definitely closer to the kids! One of these days, we'll all be closer together. And that will make me feel better!

Truthfully, my physical ability is weakening. I'm losing weight, the pain level is high, and I've just not been feeling myself lately. I don't know if age or Lupus or my injuries are catching up with me, or if it's "all of the above". But I'm alive and fairly mobile, and a person can't ask for much more than that.

I still owe you and Mike a gift box, I think. My memory is poor, but I do still have the Plumeria growing outside, so I know you were generous to me, and Mike has been, as well. It's my turn! :-)

I just need a reminder of what you'd like, and when a convenient time to send things would be. I probably need refreshers on addresses. I'll have to email you, though... we've changed providers.

Since we had such odd weather this season, I'm kind of glad I didn't just throw boxes of plants in the mail. It was so hot, and so dry... the crops in my area were a wash. We only got rain during the latter part of summer, and it only added up to a couple of inches, I believe. I hear we can look forward to higher food prices this winter. Argh!

I'm glad your daughter is doing better... pregnancies are sometimes difficult, I know. But grandchildren are simply the best! I've so enjoyed holding each of mine as infants, caring for them, and watching them grow! Nothing could be more special! It fills the heart to near bursting! :-)

In fact, our eldest just started 1st grade! Time sure flies! We also got to see her play on a softball team over summer... that was fun! She can really whack that ball! And she ended up being the only girl on her team, too! ;-)

Well... let me get some emails going... and we'll see what else has been happening, and get those boxes going for you.

You guys take care... all of you! :-)

And as always... Happy Growing!

RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Jodik, as long as you remember who I am, then your memory is ok to me. No worries about the gift box. Just take good care of yourself and do it when all is ok:-)

Talk about odd weather...Not one clap of thunder in my town while every shared in the bounty of storm and fallen trees just a mile or two up the road all summer! Very strange. We too did not have much rain which caused a 'powdery mildew' outbreak killing all my melon plants and cukes. It attacked my azeales and I am done! lol

Time does fly and it stinks sometimes. I can remember when I was young and thought I would never have to pay bills, and then I woke up!

No problem Laura,,You deserve it! How are your jades doing anyway?
Jodik, I think I would love to send you one to, a cutting of a rare one if that is ok with you?

Many hugs to all. Oh, WAIT, wait until you see the colors on this plant now:-)


RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

hi guys, Mike,
not to butt-in, but, exactly what type of Jade is that anyway?
it has a kinda unusual, almost...exotic look to it,, :)

[some many crassula's, so few well-lit windowsills]

RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Hello, everyone!
Laura, please accept my belated congratulations! :-D

Silentsurfer, you're not butting in, and that's a great question...I know the
name is in the other Thread. I'll be right back...okay, got it!

The name is 'Maruba Nishiki' - it is thought to be a cross between a Crassula ovata obliqua
and a 'Hummel's Sunset.'


RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

hey Josh
Thanks so much, i googled the name and found the other thread,
good stuff, but wont be finding that at Lowes i guess huh!? hehe
its a really stunning plant tho (i think)
you guys succulents are really drawing me in. :)

im dividing some succulent 4-packs now (into the gritty mix), and recently mail ordered the FPro, but is this the time of year to bare-root, or fertilize?? :x

RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Hello Everyone,

Thanks Josh!! I certainly do appreciate the knid words!!

He is a cute little one and imm so happy that everyone is doing well... (Mom and baby..)

Hope all is well with you in CA!!!

Jodi... I hope you are feeling better. That is the main thought now. Please don't even give it a seond thought about sending me anything. I just want you to be happy and enjoy your little gifts that i sent you. When i send you things, it makes me happy to know you enjoy them. My enjoyments comes from knowing that it make you happy.

You do not need to send me anything except you friendship... Deal? I just enjoy you and want you and your familyy to have peace and for you to be pain free...

My little Grandson is so special.. I just cannot believe the feeling that he brings.. They will visit next week, so im really excited about that!!

Hi silentsurfer.. Love that name!! : )

That Jade of Mike's is a beauty!!

COngratulations on that beauty Mike!!!

My Jades are looking great. They love the combination of GM and FP. I also use Pro TeKt too!

You will love the Foliage Pro ..

Most of us like to bareroot into the Gritty Mix in the Spring/early summer, but i will let the "pros" answer that question for you. : )

Potting up coud be done at this time if needed.

I still fertilize all of my trees and succulents during the fall and winter, but i reduce the amount by half for the feedings.

Good Luck!!


RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Hello!!! :-)

Now is not the optimal time for re-potting, but I'd rather have the plants in a good mix for the winter
than try and limp the plants through the winter in an inferior mix. I helped a friend re-pot a Jade I gave
him the other day....he had it in a pot without drainage and the plant was shriveling fast! So we did a
re-pot and didn't think twice about it.

I plan on re-potting a few more Jades, as well. Our days are still in the 90F's, however,
and so I know that the mix will dry out and the roots will be fine. If I were in a colder clime,
I might not be so adventurous :-)

Laura is a fast-draining mix, we fertilize right on through the winter at reduced rates.


RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Laura, Mike... you guys are too sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words! I feel the exact same way, which is why I enjoy sharing the plants I have access to! To see someone plant and grow the perennials I send, and really enjoy them... that's what makes me happy, too! :-)

It's not a problem to get a couple of care packages together... especially if there's something you really want, and I can provide it for you. You've both been very kind and generous... I just want to repay that kindness. No pressure, of course... think about it, and if you decide you want some plants or divisions, I have oodles of stuff available, as you know.

We'll probably be here at least another year, while we iron out a few issues, so my spring plans include getting a better selection of cuttings rooting in the greenhouse... mainly because I want the best assortment of plant materials in reasonable sizes, so I can take them with when we do move.

This season's plans didn't work out as I had hoped, what with such odd weather. I had wanted to grow a nice vegetable garden, and get the greenhouse filled with cuttings. I had wanted to do a lot more re-potting and planting. It was too hot to use the greenhouse, which I don't have shade cloth or whitewash for, and I could swear I spent most of the summer dragging soaker hoses back and forth, trying to keep the beds alive through the drought, and pulling gargantuan weeds that multiplied overnight! Whew!

I think everything is just catching up with me, and some of the more physical things I've been used to doing my whole life are getting to be too much. It's frustrating, but I have to learn to slow down, not to lift as much, to rest when I need it instead of pushing myself, and just to take better care of myself, in general. It's awful when your body betrays you, whether it's age related, or due to other factors. I can remember a time when I could throw 80 pound bales of hay around all day long without getting tired... and now, lifting my 35 pound dog is a chore, with possible consequences of easily pulled muscles!

Ah, well... what can you do? I've actually been very fortunate, so I really can't complain. I've done a lot in my life, and have an awesome family and group of friends! What could be better?! :-)

Mike, that Jade is so lovely... the colors so unusual! Succulents have never done all that well for me, but then again, at one point I didn't have the same level of knowledge, either! I have managed to keep a Hoya and some cacti alive, though I think it's probably more a case of thriving due to my neglect! ;-)

Bulbs don't really require that much care, so the cacti and Hoya fit right in. I'm very good at winter care, but I spend so much time outside working during the nicer weather that I have a tendency to neglect my houseplants, or I forget to check them for their moisture needs often enough.

Please DO butt in, silentsurfer! :-) As far as fertilizing goes, I do as Josh, Mike and Laura do... keep the fertilizer going through the winter for containerized plants, just reducing the amount by a bit as the plants take a rest.

If a plant really needed a re-pot badly, I'd do it at any time of year to save the plant. If it could wait until spring, I'd probably wait. I think it would be dependent upon the environment I had to work with, the local weather, and how badly the plant was in need of fresh medium. Since growth usually slows during winter, I think a plant that only had a snug fit could wait. But if its life were in jeopardy, I'd re-pot.

Well... it's about time to get dinner going, so... Laura, enjoy that sweet little guy as often as you can, because before you can turn around, he'll be walking and talking and starting school! It seems like only yesterday that all of my grandkids were in diapers... and now, even the youngest is getting so independent! :-)

Mike, I look forward to talking with you soon! It's been too long! I could never forget you... you and Mom bring me such joy, just being able to converse with you on the phone, and hear your enthusiasm for gardening! That excitement is contagious! :-)

Josh, enjoy that nice weather while you can! We're starting to get the occasional frost at night, and I've already brought in my tender plants for the winter. I'm hoping for a mild winter... the cold is just too much! :-)

Glad to see more folks joining the conversation, too! Mike's Jades are too pretty NOT to share through pictures! And, we're always glad to help answer questions if we can!

Hope everyone has a great evening... and as always, Happy Gardening!

RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

My goodness! What happened? I am so sorry it took me a while to come back everyone. Y ou have all been missed.

Jodik, my good friend Jodik. Hello! I know how busy you have been and through all you do, your health works against you. You have strong character and a loving spirit and you have to know how much that is appreciated. I don't know how you do it all. and yet manage such beautiful plants and people at teh same time. Bravo!

Laura....You are too YOUNG to be a grandma. We have seen the side profile of your face, and you can't be a day more than 30?

Thanks for the nice comments on my Jade! It took a lot of work to get it here. It came from across seas and I had to buy a certificate that cost more that that actual plant. Let me just say, that is it hadn't been for Al/Tapla, I would of never taken the risk to grow such a rare plant and for Al I have to thank!

Tapla/Al, thank you so much for the time you took to teach me the know how.

Jodik, the colors revert back to green once the winter and very hot days of summer stop by. I try to keep it colored up by setting it and others like it under lights. I would love a gift box from you, in our due time. By the way, i do owe you and your husband a call:-)

Josh, my Jade buddy! I will be sharing with you very soon! I think I will be trimming in a week or two once they have to come in. By the way, I did receive your call and will call you back this week sometime. It was a horrible weekend.
Thanks for helping out here and sharing what we do in our success with our normally hard to grow plants.

Silentsurfer! Please, feel free to be drawn in. Jades are amazing and a whole lot of fun!

RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Whoa! I'm getting my Jade out of regular potting soil ASAP.
Would this do?

RE: My Jades LOVE the gritty mix and Foliage Pro!

Yes, that will do, although as I noted elsewhere, the fir bark is a tad larger than I'd use - I would screen it down to a more uniform diameter, matching the other ingredients more closely.

Moisten the entire mix the day before use, then re-pot.


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