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Gas Problems

Posted by shortarse_hedgewitch Bucks UK ( on
Thu, Jul 7, 05 at 9:13

though by the time i get any useful info i will probably be better it always useful to know.

does anyone suffer from intestinal gas now and then, the last 2 days i have had a bit of a problem. it shifts but not fast enough. as a result sleep was mostly out of the question last night.

it is realy quite painful and i wondered if there was a way to treat it, or if anyone knew foods to avoid that mmight cause it.


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RE: Gas Problems

For Flatulence:

Drinking a tea made from any of the following herbs will help allay embarrassing flatulence: Aniseed; Bayberry; Bergamot leaves; leaves of any Mint; Dill seeds; Ginger root; Caraway seeds; Coriander seeds; Fennel seeds; Garlic; Ginseng root; Lavender flowers; Meadowsweet leaves or flowers; Melilot flowers; Psyllium husks; Sage leaves; Wild Yam.

Eat any of the following: Aniseed, Coriander seeds, Cumin seeds, Dill seeds Fennel seeds, Horseradish root, and Orange. Chew seeds well.

Eat dried Pawpaw or drink Pawpaw juice and Peppermint tea to relieve the pain of flatulence.

Angelica root helps to relieve flatulence and other stomach aliments.

If beans cause flatulence for you, try cooking a few slices of Potato in with the beans.

Pepper berries (Peppercorns) sprinkled over food will reduce flatulence.

For Bloating:
Drink a cup of tea made from Sage leaves or Fennel leaves or seeds.

For general Indigestion problems:
Chamomile tea is good for relieving digestive upset and has a calming effect on the body.

A few sprigs of fresh Parsley can help relieve indigestion.

Take a teaspoon of freshly grated Ginger root or 1000mg of the powder daily.

Turmeric helps stimulate digestion and prevents acid build-up. Curried foods contain turmeric. If you don't use turmeric in your cooking, take 2-3 1/2-1g capsules before meals.

Accompany meals with a glass of Mango, Pawpaw or Pineapple juice.

Eat a few Dates, or soak the Dates in a cup of hot water for several minutes and drink the liquid.

Drink a tea made from any of the following: Chicory leaves, Couch Grass leaves, Yarrow leaves.

Drink Peppermint tea, or eat a a few leaves of Peppermint.

Peel and grate a Potato and strain it through cheesecloth. Collect the juice and add an equal amount of water. Drink slowly for fast relief.

Drink Pawpaw juice, or Peppermint, Chamomile, or Red Rasperry tea to soothe the entire digestive tract.

Steep 5g dried Agrimony leaves and flowers in 150ml boiling water for 20 minutes. Sweeten with honey if desired. Take 1 cup to ease indigestion. This treatment is also good for colitis and peptic ulcers.

Do not drink while eating. Chew food thoroughly before swallowing. Eat small meals at a time. Keep a diary to find out which foods cause the problem, and avoid them. Speak to a doctor about the problem, to eliminate such conditions as Crohn's Disease etc. Digestive problems are mainly due to poor eating habits or allergies/sensitivities and the like, but if they are frequent or severe, professional, medical intervention is called for.

RE: Gas Problems

dear sweet mother of god!

that is possibly the most extensive list of possibilitiesi have seen.

thx loads, i'll bear that in mind as i like herbal teas (and i have to admit, shamefuly, i managed to forget the calming efect of mint tea on the digestive system)

RE: Gas Problems

Well, I hate to say this, but broccoli causes gas... but I have found that as with most things, if you get used to eating something it doesn't cause gas anymore. Maybe if you are a heavy meat eater and have been eating veggies lately, you might notice it. Just keep eating yer veggies and If that's the problem, it will go away.
Or I can offer you a cork! :o)

RE: Gas Problems

umm how often do you have this?

The last time i had that type of gas and nothing herbal was going to help i was prego with my last kid and had made the mistake of eating salmon. It kept me up all night.

drink more water. dehydration causes constipation which will in me cause painful gas problems until ummm said blockage is removed.

coffee. makes you regular one cup a day. doesn't matter if decaf or not. and no i have no idea why.

lay off on chamomile if your trying to get rid of the gas. My mom told me when i was trying of ways to help my daughter when she was on soy infant formula(will cause hard poopies and constipation) not to give her chamomile as it would make the poopy more painful. Though pear juice was more gentle on her.

you could eat beano after each meal.

chew slowly and quietly(big bites make you intake more air bubbles)

ok i'm out

RE: Gas Problems

I actually had to go to the Emergency Room one time because of a food combo I had eaten.

In our local watering spots, barbecued chicken wings are usually accompanied by celery strips and a dip flavored by the kind of cheese that has the dark green culture in it(due to incipient Altzheimer's, can't think of what the cheese is called at the moment.)

Well, I was up one night, way after all possible sources of the above snack were closed, so I decided to improvise on the celery and dip. I had some green cheese, but had no idea what the sauce was they put it in. Sour cream seemed to have the right consistency, though, so I used that, and wolfed down about four thick, foot- long celery stalks using this creation. (I was really hungry that night.)

About an hour later, I began to experience the most extraordinary gastric pains I had ever felt in my life, rivaling even the pre-pains of childbirth. I tried to ignore them at first, but they became so bad I finally became convinced that my snack was a coincidence, and that my life was truly at risk. I rushed to the ER, and spent the rest of the night there, with my pains only gradually subsiding.

Naturally, my health insurance would not pay.


Another source of problem might be taking antibiotics or antibiotic herbs, thereby wiping out some of the usual intestinal flora, and then eating a digestively challenging meal...or eating beans cooked a certain way (I can't remember, but some ways of cooking them make them worse), or certain combos of beans in a soup can be a killer, for some reason.

RE: Gas Problems

blue cheese or gorgonzola.

the gas pains probably due to having a lactose intolerance reaction sorry. I know someone who had that and every time he ate milk products had a soda to burp with afterwords or something.

I'm sorry and i can so empathise with those painful gas bouts. they do feel like contractions.

RE: Gas Problems

Angelica and wood sage.Mush them down and steep in vodka shake up the mixture once or twice a day for 10 days, strain, drink a desert spoonful when needed

RE: Gas Problems

acidophplous and papaya will do the trick.

RE: Gas Problems

interesting, thx for all the help.

i like this forum, people are so helpfull

RE: Gas Problems

Mixing fruits and vegetables can cause extreme gas. Some foods should not be mixed. Melons should be eaten alone, as when they combine with other foods, they cause painful gas. If food is a bit off, as in meat or fish which is too old, it can be contaminated with bacteria which can cause painful intestinal gas.

There is a small hollow just below the ankle, about an inch in front of the ankle bone. Whilst in a squat positoin, feet flat on the floor, if one stimulates this acupressure point, it should help to expel gas. There is a corresponding point on the hands just below the thumb joint, the hollow between the bones. Again, this point should be used whilst in a squat position to be effective.

Gingerale can be very helpful in soothing the system and helping to expel gas. Digestive enzymes in papaya and pineapple are also very helpful. I keep a supply of dried pineapple on hand, just in case I might need it. (Cooking pineapple kills the enzymes. Canned pineapple has been cooked, and is therefore, not helpful.)

RE: Gas Problems

That tip about melons is nonsense. Millions of people all over the world eat melons as part of their regular diet along with all kinds of other food and have no problems whatever. If you personally have one, that's another story, but don't generalize!

RE: Gas Problems

Lucy, thanks for your frinedly-phrased opinions throughout various threads.

RE: Gas Problems

It varies from person to person.

Any carb that is not properly digested and absorbed can feed bacteria and be a source of gas. Some have problems with lactose or fructose. I have problems with grains. When I limit the amount of grains, all is calm. Vegetables don't seem to bother me that much, except for certain beans.

RE: Gas Problems

I didn't see anyone suggest this yet (I apologize if I missed it). But keep a food diary. Make note of what you are eating, how much and when. If there is some kind of pattern to what is irritating to your system, it should become clear. Hopefully you can modify your menu or habits and then you won't even need herbs to control the symptoms. I hope this helps!

Fata Morgana

RE: Gas Problems

Very sage advice, Fata. And, Apollog is correct in pointing out that the causes of gas vary from person to person.

One of the unhappy facts of advancing age is increased gas production. My mother has told me about this for years. I have attained an age where I am experiencing this change. Don't much like it!

RE: Gas Problems


RE: Gas Problems

First I read both "garlic and pineapple" WILL cause gas.
Then I read both "help break down the enzymes in the intestines" and helps prevent gas!Lots of contradictory info on line. I'm very confused. (Celiac & Vegan diet)
Not much left to eat! Any advice.

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