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Coco--Before and After

Posted by hopefulauthor z5IL ( on
Thu, Mar 13, 14 at 15:46

Photo's of my little, and I mean, LITTLE guy, Coco.
Before and After a haircut.

Coco was weighed before and after..after his trim,, lol, he lost 1.9 lbs.





I know, what a difference!! lol. Toni

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RE: Coco--Before and After

Wow, that's a lot of hair! With a face like that, Coco must be, well I don't know but I can tell you love him well. Does he seem more peppy with that weight gone?

RE: Coco--Before and After

Good heavens Toni! What a difference a haircut makes!

....not that I intend to follow suit. ;)

RE: Coco--Before and After

Hey, Asleep! Glad to see you poking around in here again.

RE: Coco--Before and After

Hiya Purp!


Kind of you to say so! :)

RE: Coco--Before and After

Wonder why emails were not sent to me??? be honest, after his haircut we thought he had a nervous breakdown.
He ate very little, and refused to go outside. He feared everything.
I swear, he reminded me of Samson and Delilah.. With his hair gone, he lost, well, something in the process.

Now that's his fur has returned, somewhat, he's back to normal...except, not that spring is here, he's horny. lol.

Hey Asleep!! Yep, what a difference a day makes, too.

No, don't cut your hair. Men with long hair are sexy. Clean, but long hair...

Here's a photo of the new Coco....


Damn, Flickr changed formats again..Gotta see if the link works.

Anyway, take care...

RE: Coco--Before and After

Toni! =)

Good to see you are back from your "sabbatical" so to speak. Thought I saw a post of yours "top side" and I was like hey!...there's Toni!!

Coco looks like he's at a comfy length. Glad to hear he's past the anxiety of his traumatic encounter. Haircuts,especially those performed with something that buzzes or hums,are pretty nerve wracking.

Sayyyyyyyy...are you insinuating that I don't wash my hair,Toni? ;)

RE: Coco--Before and After

Howdy, howdy,

Back from sabbatical, lol.

I've been to the other side a few times, but it seemed no one acknowledged my comments. lol..

How have ya been? Keeping busy? Working w/plants?

Yes, Coco is comfortable, but I honestly believe he misses those bloody dreadlocks.
If only his fur remains short during summer, if we ever experience summer, the cut is well-worth the traumatic experience. For Coco and myself.

Low 40's today so at the time summer isn't an issue.

They sedated Coco, 'completely under,' before trimming. He bites when he sees scissors, let alone electric shavers and/or blades.

I sincerely believed he needed Xanax or Valium. Perhaps both, and an after-dinner antidepressant.

NO, I am not insinuating you don't wash your hair. I was talking in general.
I used to see quite a few guys w/long hair; some heads were so dirty, a few twists would produce oil. Yuck. lol.

I hope your area is warmer than IL. My Gardenia is outside, but if temps drop any colder, in it'll come.

Take care, hugs, Toni

RE: Coco--Before and After

Well Toni,'s high is supposed to be fifty two and right now it's forty three. I put out an opuntia the other day and so far it seems like it's doing alright. I keep wanting to put my spiders out(they're tough enough to take it),but withing a few days the forecast warns of temps dipping even twenty seven.

The spot where the collection will move to is pretty bright at the moment as well,but this will hopefully change a bit once the trees overhead finally leaf out. Once that happens,I'll know that it's safe for everyone to be out there.

I moved to a new place last november(same town though),and I'm pretty excited about getting things set up out there. Problem is that it was maybe early june before things were warm enough last year. In the meantime,it's just not feasible to move everyone out and then in again every night...that's just too much frikkin work! lol

Hope the gardenia is okay.

Lovely as they are and as much as I enjoyed them as a kid when mom had a sizable shrub to the side of the house,I just don't see how I could keep one in a container in minnesota. I know it CAN be done...I'm just not ready to take it on just yet. ;)

RE: Coco--Before and After


Remember I said I didn't get an email after you left a comment? Would you believe it arrived in my Inbox this morning? 3-4 days later...hmm.

Your Optunia will do fine. Optunia is fairly cold-hardy. Does well at 40F.
Spiders, no way. Too sensitive to cold.

Our local conservatory has a huge Optunia. You should see its fruits!
Anyway, the Op is in the Succulent Room...Temps are fairly cold during winter. You need a jacket to stay semi-warm.

What about light? Sunny or cloudy?

It's 48F as of 10:30, but dark as midnight. I had to turn on the light, 'mostly for my bird sake.' He dislikes darkness.'

27F??? Optunia should be okay as long as soil is totally dry, but I wouldn't risk it. Wait until nights are, at the minimum, 35F.

Which collection do you mean? Spiders? All plants?

Congrats on the move. More room? Bigger yard?

I don't blame you..hauling plants in and out, daily IS too much friggin' work, for sure.
I don't care if you're Superman...

Depending on temp, I take out a few plants from March until...... Luckily, plant room is a few steps to the front porch..Still, only a few are taken out..
So, if temps drop too low, carrying my Gardenia back in isn't a major issue. Gardenia sure looks bad this year.

Your mom had a Gardenia shrub, outdoors, year round, in MN? Really? Or did you live elsewhere?
If your mom managed keeping a Gardenia outdoors 24/7, 365 days per year, 366 during leap year, she has the GREENEST thumb and fingers ever. lol.

Yeah, Gardenias are fussy...When I bought mine, I made sure it was grafted and at least 1' tall. I don't have any luck with smaller, bushy, seedlings/cuttings 'denias.

Mike, 'you know Mike, right?' and I purchased a variegated, 'denia collection a couple years ago, from a seller in VN, via Ebay. I think Mike tossed all three.
They were nothing but sticks. We were both disappointed.

I planned on watering Jades today, they're starting to shrivel,' but have to pass..Sunless day.

Well, enjoy your new home. Lucky, I want to move, so bad.
Be patient bringing plants out..hopefully we'll have a warmer summer than 2013. So, 5-months vacation for our greens. Again, I'm hoping.

PS, one day you must try a

RE: Coco--Before and After

Hmmm...I know a lot of mikes,but perhaps I shall assume we are talking about Iggy's daddy?...that would make sense.

My mom's 'denia was outside year round but back then the family was living in zone seven or so. Pretty sure the spot it was in was a microclimate too. I was much younger then and the memory is fuzzy at best but I DO believe it survived the winters.
As of today it is snowing...again!
Suffice it to say that I pulled my opuntia back inside. Hope it wasn't too shocked by the dusting it got.

Here's a look at the spot where my plants will end up going ...if it ever gets warm enough that is.

RE: Coco--Before and After

Asleep, lol, not Iggy's daddy...

Does Meyer Mike sound familiar?
Mike usually posts his plants on house plant and Fragrant forums..Rare, variegated Jades, Orchids, Gardenias and Citrus. Maybe you don't know him...?? lol.

Heck, z7 is still pretty chilly during winter months.
A couple years ago, posters on Fragrant forum were discussing a new Gardenia species, hardy to z5. I considered buying one or two, lol, but it was mid-winter. Since, I forgot the site addy.
Also, don't know how hardy these 'denias really are considering there are sellers who lie!!! Or really don't know.

The same with palms. I used to browse the Palm Forum. A guy who lives in Chicago, near Lake MI to boot, has the largest, nicest, healthiest palms in his back yard.
One day, I wrote him. Turns out, the palms cost, 250.00 each, shipping, 100.00 per tree. So, he didn't start the palms as 'children.'
Another guy who lives in Canada has a succulent garden.

Both guys have meters to test micro-climate. Palms and succulents were planted in warmest areas in their yards.
Still, I give them credit..especially Palm man. lol. After hearing the palm cost, I decided I don't need an outdoor palm after all.

It's snowing???!! Sheesh! That's a horse of a different color. What's the temp? Did it warm up yet?

Beautiful area. Wow..Will your plants sit in pots or in-ground?
Is the hill your property too? Whoo!, ideal for shallow succulents....
You can make wedges, like steps, to place pots. If you lived in a warmer climate, plants, 'succulents/desert ferns,' would grow within the hill.

Is growth dormant, 'perennials?' or weeds?

Oh well, I'm glad you have more space now.
BEWARE, more space means more plants..Once autumn arrives, no room in your house. lol. Believe me.

Darn, I need to stop at the grocery store, but it's going to pour. Sky is so cloudy, thundering and lightning.

Hope it warms up. I know you're aching to haul plants out. Me, too. Well, sort of. lol.

Take care, hugs. Toni

RE: Coco--Before and After

The temp was thirty two earlier,but the white stuff has since melted. Pretty sure it's just weeds back there(although I DID plop a hosta to one side,just under the window. Really wouldn't say that it's MORE space so much...not that it matters,after all,..I tend to group them anyway. Instead,I'd suggest the allotted space is "just right" as goldilocks would say.

The hosta is waking up and made it through the winter just fine(YAY),but somehow I don't see myself plugging anything else out there that I wasn't gonna turn around and dig back up when it gets cold again. The bed under my window will play host to my alocasias...all of 'em this time. Last year's experiment taught me that the alos that were kept in containers didn't do nearly as well as those "in ground" did,so this year I'm going "all in".

The little drawing here is a side view of the backyard(if one would call it that). The darker blue line is supposed to be my window,and the little lip that drops just past it is supposed to be the edge of the "bed" where the alos and other in-grounders will be going. Container bound stuff will get arranged along the other side of the path(which is the low point)toward the back so I'll get a good view from the window. It's gonna be awesome!

Seriously considering getting some pond liner to make a little water feature just past the bed(which will obstruct the path somewhat...likely be a hazard for people if there's a fire or something. Management here may not like that at all. Hmmmm...we shall see!

How cool that he's local! You two must have a ball hanging out! :)

RE: Coco--Before and After

Morning...I can really use, straight-up caffeine. I'm not a coffee drinker, 'prefer tea,' but the cupboard is bare. Feel like Mother Hubbard. Don't you dare say old. lol

Speaking of nursery rhymes.. The space in your garden isn't 'too small,' 'too large,' it's 'just right.'

32 degrees. Asleep, the weather is terrible. It's a little warmer here, but very dark. I'm tired of cloudy. Don't get me wrong..I enjoy t-storms, but enough is enough. Worse as a victim with SADS.

Anyway, I thought you said, 'some time ago,' you didn't have much room at the old place. So, your new yard is about the same size?

Oh, how the heck did you draw the photo?

How many plants do you have? Approximately. Do all go outside? Some? Most?

When your plants are out, they're grouped? Close without space? Really, that's interesting.

I 'try' grouping by type, but it doesn't always work out. Depends on plants that are hauled outdoors.
I'm so tired of ants. I know greens love summer vacation but insects crawl inside soil, then brought indoors...Not to mention spiders!!!

Did the previous tenants garden? Wonder who planted the Hosta.

Okay, I'm a bit confused. 'what else is new?' lol. Do you intend digging the entire lot or just the area under your window?
What type of soil is out yonder? Will you amend ground where Alocasias will be planted?

Oh God, all that work is making me more tired. lol

Yes, Alo's grow a lot taller and wider in-ground, 'depending on variety,' of course. Are your Alo's small, mid-size or tall?

I have one Alo 'African Mask' that's been in the same pot for years. It's in a ceramic pot, upstairs bathroom. I'd love planting in-ground, but can you imagine all the ants that'd hide in soil????

You wrote, your Alo's among other plants will be planted under the window...
Do you keep windows opened in summer or are you an a/c person? lol. I'm an open window type.
4 O'clocks, Mirabilis, are so fragrant. They grow tall, with, literally, hundreds of various-color, fragrant blooms. Especially after 4pm when blooms open. Perennial.
Just saying...
Comfy-cozy, sitting on the couch before opened windows, reading, while 4 o'clock fragrance permeates the air.

When you have time, please take before and after pictures. I for one would love seeing your 'awesome' garden. :) Seriously.

It is nice looking out the window, watching nature do Her thing. Aww, summer!!!

What type of water feature? A pond? Waterfall? Oh, that'd be nice..humidity increase for tropical's plus soothing sound.

Maybe you'd best speak to the manager before purchasing equipment in case he/she/they say no. Just explain Nature's importance. That outta do it. lol.

Yep, that Mike..btw, he has a pond..If you plan on adding a water source, he's the one to talk to. He has a pond with Koi and plants..Ever see his photos?

Oh, did I say Mike is nearby? Not physically. lol. He's in the eastern states, I'm mid-west. 700-900 miles apart.
Mike and I talk on the phone, mostly about plants.

If I wasn't afraid to fly, I'd love to head east..Especially around autumn. I've heard trees/plants are gorgeous that time of year.
Mike's personally met a few people from the forums. They went plant shopping. lol. There's a lot more to see in his area than here. Most nurseries, one over 100-years-old, closed their doors.

Anyway, good luck with the garden. Don't forget to snap photos. I'd love seeing pictures after completion.

Do you ever post pictures? I can't recall any at the time.

Okay, now that you've finished reading part 1, I'm certain you're bored to death. lol. Take care, hugs, Toni

RE: Coco--Before and After

When you mentioned how you and Mike made a purchase together,I thought you meant that you were actually physically present at the same location. were,..just virtually! lol

The hosta was mine,and I planted it under my window and to the right a little bit as of november of last year when I moved in...thought I said that. Oh well...It wouldn't be realistic of me to expect you to read every word I write with forensic scrutiny,now would it? ;)

The alos are all going in the garden bed under my window. The pond liner(if I ever get around to getting one)would start right at the edge of the garden bed,but the more I think about it the less likely I'll be doing this. Remains to be seen.

Do I ever post pictures?...Do the two I've posted on this thread so far count? Hmmm..color me confused! lol

just to be on the safe side though,I'd better post another one! lol's some alos...

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